Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Q&A #251

Too funny about you and Frank taking Spanish class together in college and you doing better than him !! Haha!
What degree did you both end up getting? I'm assuming not Spanish degree ?:) 

LOL, no... can you major in Spanish?! Frank was a music major and ran out of money to go during his senior year (partially because he switched majors half way through college and had to start over) SO he joined the Army and they paid off his loans. He would still like to go back and finish up someday (obviously not to the same college because that was in California and we'll never live there again), but they have to stop deploying him first. ;) I went to college for a year and a half. My declared major was elementary education with a minor in music. Instead I got my "Ring by Spring" (which is our college motto... Ring by Spring or your money back! LOL) and earned my Mrs. Degree ;). We got married the day after midterm finals of my sophomore year. Our reasoning at the time was that all our friends would still be in town before going home for the holidays... However, planning a wedding and studying for finals at the same time is a DUMB idea. I don't recommend it. Just sayin'. LOL So the plan was that I would take a semester off and work after we got married... 6 weeks later I found out I was pregnant with Kassidy and thus ended my college career. I like being a mom better anyway! ;) 

Keeghan looks different lately, not sure what it is exactly. Could he be losing the baby cheeks?!?! Noooo! And Kassidy looks so tall and slender and teenagerish all of a sudden. 
I think that's part of it... he is slimming down mostly because he's in a picky food stage and won't eat hardly ANYTHING so with it goes away his baby cheeks! *sigh* Repeat after me... "It's just a phase... it's just a phase..." LOL The other part is because he JUST got a haircut so his hair was much shorter than normal and I think that makes him look older. And well... then there's the fact that he's growing up. But we won't acknowledge that just yet. ;o) And yes, just two more weeks and Kass will be officially a teenager. Scary. LOL 

Aww what an amazing party and reason! Kennedy was definitely born with a dancing gene!! That girl can dance! Renee you look like you lost weight ? 
Actually I've gained! LOL I gained this pesky 15 pounds while on vacation in California thanks to In-N-Out and the million other calories I ate and I can't seem to get it back off. It's driving me insane!! For someone who's on the go and rarely has time to eat, you'd think this wouldn't be a problem! LOL But thank you!! :o) 

I love this post. :) Kennedy is adorable! :)
I have a question - hopefully it's not offensive - I certainly don't mean it that way...
Would you "take Down Syndrome" away from Kellsey? If you could "take" one diagnosis from her - which would it be? (Not that any diagnosis she has is "bad" - I hope you know what I mean!)

Not offensive at all. I would not take Down syndrome away from Kellsey. BUT. ;o) With Kellsey, Down syndrome is not her primary diagnosis, at least in my mind. Yes, she has Down syndrome. Obviously. But, the "things" that keep her from functioning in life have nothing to do with Down syndrome. They have to do with CIPA, with Autism, with RAD... would I take those away? YES. Would that change who she is? YEP it would. Is that a double standard? Maybe. But dang. The RAD sucks. There is NOTHING good about RAD. Not one single good thing. It keeps her from connecting and bonding on any deep level with ANYONE. It makes her push away and run from anyone who tries to get close to her. It makes her act out and push away anyone who tries to break past the barrier that she has worked so hard to put up. As my mom said the other day, "I never know if I'm going to get hugged or hit and kicked." The CIPA makes it so she can overheat, self injure, it's dangerous and scary. Taking that away wouldn't change HER, it would just make her life easier and safer. The Autism (which hasn't been officially diagnosed but her ped assures me she has and I agree with)... that would change her. I would take it away. Maybe with it would go her sensory issues, her apraxia and so many other things that cause her frustration and hinder her from doing what she wants to do. Maybe it would unlock her little brain. Maybe not. I don't know. If I could only take ONE away, I'd choose the RAD, hands down. I hate it. Not fair for one little girl to have so much to deal with. :( 

I hope this doesnt come across rude, Im just wondering do you consider kellsey your daughter with DS to? You talk so highly of kennedy, my heart just wonders do you see the good in little kellsey
Well yes of course, but Kellsey's not HERE right now. And honestly, she's having a really hard time... still. (And I'm not talking about developmentally because I HAVE talked about that before... she has AMAZING gross and fine motor skills and can literally run circles around Kennedy). As I stated above, I don't consider Down syndrome to be Kellsey's primary diagnosis... yes she has it, but there's SO much else on her plate that is... not more "important" but more... I don't know... affecting? Maybe they need a RAD awareness month. But seriously, it seems that no matter WHAT I say lately, I'm either too positive or too negative... I show too much good or too much bad. Nevermind that it's what is REAL for us at this moment in time. I don't know what the future holds for Kellsey. My heart hurts every day for her. We spend every day trying to figure out what she needs, how to help her, how to help those working with her who are worn out and frustrated. And the truth is, we have no idea what to do. It's a hard thing to see people who are working with your child ONLY see and say the negative all the time. To only get negative reports home every day. To know that MOST of her school day is spent in time out because they can't control her or keep her from injuring other children. So no, I don't talk about her all the time, but sometimes it's because I don't know what to say. Sometimes it's to protect my family from rude comments from people who have NO idea what reality is for us. Right now we need to focus on HER and her needs, and until we figure it all out, so there aren't 500 "hands in the pot", we are just... quiet. I hope you can try to understand or at least try to respect that for now. 

SO AWESOME! I am glad that even though they are a little crazy on the show they were able to make Kennedy's night. Who is Allie? And I see that Brooke and Paige weren't there... does that mean they're not on the show this year?! 
Allie is a new dancer on the team. She is really sweet. I have NO idea about her mom. I saw her, but I don't even know her name. In fact, Kennedy was the one that reminded me of Allie's name! haha She's much better with names than I am. Brooke and Paige were not there which is a bummer because I really like them! LOL I didn't ask if that was a permanent thing or just for the night but from what I've read it was Brooke's homecoming that weekend... and no one who "knows" will say anything online. I guess it makes for more drama! LOL 

Oh, and since the camera's were there, maybe you'll be on the show! Gahhh, could you imagine?
Well, I did have to sign a photo release, so it's possible, but hopefully I will stay OUT of the picture! haha I know Kenn would love it though! ;) 

 Just wondering if your dr had ever mentioned that hormones could be the cause of her headaches. We had been told that at one time when Taylor was having lots of headaches. I know that Kennedy dealing with hormone issues isn't something you really want to think about just yet :) 
No, they haven't really said much of ANYTHING yet. Her ped did say that he didn't expect the CT to show much of anything, which is ok with me. :) Someone else mentioned hormones too and that's about the time that my migraines started. I'm really hoping the girls don't inherit those from me because they suck!! 


Sewconsult said...

I laughed at the question as to majoring in Spanish. Yes! Our older daughter has a double major in English and Spanish from Belmont University (Nashville for those who are not from TN). She laughs at my Southern dialect when I order from Las Palmas! I had 3 yrs of Spanish in high school. First year from a Cuban refugee, 2nd year was the students teaching a Chilean professor who came to the states to take classes at APSU. 3rd yr, I actually learned some. 4th year was going to be a split 3&4th yr class. Dropped it before 2nd yr. Wasn't wasting another yr with that lady!

Lacey said...

Has Allie been on tv yet? I haven't seen her at all! I hope she didn't replace Paige and Brooke!

Amanda said...

I think the difference with taking RAD away is that it isn't something that she was just born with, but rather something that was caused in her. I completely understand taking that away if you could. :(

Emma Stormy said...

Renee....I just wanted to, again, encourage you when it seems that no matter what you say, what you talk about, what you do that someone isn't happy. I know all too well first hand how it feels to be in that position. It happens to me constantly. I now use you once again as my inspiration....because dang if it can happen to you, why wouldn't it happen to me?! And you handle it with such grace...and I rarely ever do. You keep on saying, doing, talking about as YOU see fit and anyone with the negative comments who can't realize that they have no business making such comments deserve to simply be ignored. They don't deserve the time or energy it costs you to deal with what they say, to reply to them, etc. You are such an amazing person! Hang in there! Unfortunately this happens to everyone! I know that sometimes when you are down and tired and have so much on your plate that that doesn't help, but just remember that there are those of us that understand and are lifting you up in prayer always! Love you!

Vivielle said...

I am sorry that people find a way to always be negative. Please know that your entire family is in my prayers. Hoping and praying that someday Kellsey gets to come out from the shadow of RAD.

Thinker said...

If Kennedy does have Celiacs and her CT is fine, the Celiacs could be causing her headaches.

I have Celiacs and gluten gives me horrible migraines: as does dairy, any artificial sweetener, soy and nitrates/nitrites.

I hope you get your answers.

Deb said...

I think you are brave to answer questions and have us peak into your life regarding Kellsey. Good luck, it must be devastating for all of you, her included to be going through this. You are an amazing mother!

McCammons said...

I think you are doing great with answering and talking about Kellsey. I don't know what you are going through but us as parents shouldn't judge others unless we do know> I have a child with bad ADHD and people don't understand that either. It's frustrating when they think because I am so strict that it's because I want to be that way, it's because if I don't then he doesn't have a routine to follow and that messes everything and everyone up. Hugs to you and your whole family ! Many prayers. Thank you for being so open, honest and such an inspiration. All your children are awesome

kntsmom said...

Thank you for your open and honest posts on here. I love getting to know your family through your blog posts. I am so sorry that people still choose to be negative. My mom used to tell me that people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. I think they are just intimidated by your honesty and what a great mom you are. How much longer on the Deployment doughnut? Have not seen it in a while. (hugs)

Alice Fraggle said...

Thank you for asking my question! I thought that you'd say RAD. :) I can understand that makes her life the MOST difficult - so I'd probably chose that too.
I understand why you don't talk about Kellsey much - it must be hard for you all. Someone will always disagree with how much, or little you share, but you know what you're doing. I was just curious about Kellsey because I know that the Ds is no big deal, but her other diagnoses make things difficult. I'm sure compared to the RAD, Autism and CIPA the Ds is nothing!
Thanks again.
Take care!

Jennifer said...

Colorado looks amazing!! I remember many many road trips to Colorado, now I see why my parents always wanted to return. The mountains in the background...awwwe beautiful sight. I CANNOT imagine how hard of a time your are going through with Kellsey. For now, I will continue to keep you, Kellsey and your family in my prayers. I will continue to pray for Kellsey's earthly healing. Peace be with you all.