Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Giveaway Winner and Long Update!!

I am SO sorry it has taken me so long to get this out... we have been running busy around here... we've had lots of doctor appointments and school stuff. Kameron had his honor choir concert last week and it was fabulous!! Choirs from all over our school district performed and they were all SO good! Kameron decided that he doesn't want to go to our home school for middle school next year, he wants to go to one that stresses the fine arts, and after hearing their choir, I'm in agreement. They blew me away!! I love that Kam is finding his path and making decisions about his future. He definitely knows what he wants. :) This week he will be performing in The Sound of Music with a community theater. They've been working hard since August and I know their hard work will pay off big time! After that he will have a little down time and then auditions will start for the 4th and 5th grade school play which is a HUGE deal. He's more than excited about it and hoping for a big role this year. I will be taking part behind the scenes as well helping everyone stay organized.

Miss Kennedy has her first dance convention this weekend - all Hip Hop all the time! This is her favorite kind of dance so she will be in her element. This is not a competition, it's just a convention, so master teachers come in and help the kids fine tune their skills and of course they have a GREAT time. She's super excited! She will be doing another pageant next month, not really to compete, but just for practice on her modeling skills. In fact, she can't win anything since she's already a title holder, but the more practice she has before State in May, the better.

Medically, we are still waiting to get her into the eosinophil clinic in Denver. I'm trying hard not to get frustrated. She also had a referral to the endocrinology clinic because at her last hemonc checkup her TSH was high. That was taking forever too. They finally called me today and said her TSH wasn't high (which I know for a fact is not true) and said she needs to see neuro-oncology... but they couldn't tell me WHY. It really freaked me out. How are they going to tell me she needs to see a specialist like that and not tell me WHY she needs to see them?! So I called the number they gave me and they looked at her records and confirmed that her TSH is indeed high but couldn't see a need for Kennedy to see them so they are trying to get to the bottom of it. *sigh* Tomorrow she has an appointment with ENT because she failed her hearing test at her well child check a couple months ago. My guess is her ear tubes either fell out or are clogged and she will need new ones for the 10th or 11th time. Whatever! That's the least of my worries!

Kassidy is on a little break from soccer. She had a great season!! She played goalie for the first time ever and did a fabulous job!! She played with a new team this year and her coach was very encouraging and really helped her shine. :) He's looking forward to her coming back in the Spring and being a shut out goalie! I won't lie, her being in the goal makes me slightly nervous, but her confidence and love of the game has gone up 1,000% so I just clench my teeth and go with it! haha I'm excited that Frank will be home for her Spring season to watch her play. Soccer is something they bond over and he loves to go out and practice with her and take her to the Air Force soccer games. :)

Keeghan is doing well in Kindergarten, his teacher and I are working together to make sure he has a successful year. He is such a smart kid but he's also SO stubborn!!! He's finally figuring out that life is much easier if he just talks to us instead of crying about everything. (Imagine that!) He's not doing any activities right now, he tried soccer and dance but he really needs to focus on school this year and we told him he could try something again when he turns six. He is saying he might like to try drama classes like Kameron, we'll see! Whatever he does, he has to stick with it! In the meantime, he is enjoying learning how to read, counting to 200 (which he demonstrates for us over and over and over) and making lots of new friends.

Kellsey is still struggling to find her place in school. It's been a very hard adjustment for her. My mom and her teacher are trying to find the best plan to help her be successful, but the school staff are growing increasingly frustrated. Even in a class of 6 children, she is easily overstimulated and overwhelmed when things don't go her way. Medically she is doing really well. Her aspiration has gotten much better! She is drinking thickened liquids now and has been successful with that. She can't hold the cup on her own or she gets too much, but if someone holds the cup for her to control how fast she drinks, she's been doing ok with it. She does still have her g-tube but hopefully in the future that will be able to be removed. She had a follow up sleep study a couple weeks ago and results are pending on that... different sleep labs have said completely different things regarding her apnea so I'll be curious to see what they say... We've heard everything from "she's totally fine" to "she needs to be on c-pap". Who knows what to believe! Her heart has been cleared for another year, so that's great news! :) Eventually she will still have to have surgery, but the longer we can put it off, the better. She currently weighs 42 pounds (which is more than Kennedy and Keeghan!) and is in size 5 clothing (same size as Kennedy and Keeghan) so she's growing just great!!

As for me, I've been having some GI issues and am going in for a scope on Tuesday. They think I am having esophogeal spasms (??) or possibly an ulcer (which would be a huge shock, right?! LOL). I am a little nervous because I've never been to this GI doctor before... I will meet him (or her... I don't even know) for the first time on Tuesday and they'll be doing the scope under general anesthesia right in the doctor's office. Maybe that's common practice but I've never heard of that before! Whatever the case, I hope they know what they're doing! I'd rather be in a hospital or at least a surgery center!

I have been enjoying doing PTA stuff (and you know, being a taxi driver for the kids! ;)). We just got done with a lovely ceremony for our Veterans at the school and next up is our Family Dance in January. I'm the chairperson for it so I'm excited to get it going. Our theme is Red Carpet and I have so many fun ideas!! It's such a fun night!!!

Frank is doing well and ready to come home!! I think he's over this deployment! LOL We're on the countdown and can't wait!!!! We are starting to hear redeployment dates and plans and stuff so that's very exciting! I can't share those of course because of OSPEC but as soon as he's back on US soil, you'll know! :) Hopefully he will get a nice LONG break this time... at least we're praying this is the case!!

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Monicas Mom Musings said...

So this different middle school that Kam wants to go to how do you get into it? Is it a lottery? Does he have to have certain grades? Get accepted? How does that work? The reason I'm asking is because tonight actually we are going to tour a magnet school for Kaitlyn. Of course we're no where near CO and every place is different. But I so want her to go to this school already and I haven't even seen it. It does much more with the arts which is where her interests lie, but they do it on a lottery and someone was telling me that there's only something like 1000 spots with like 5000 applications. So it's truly luck of the draw. However, I talked to the principal of the school we're going to tonight and he made it sound like they take certain kids from each town. So there's a certain number of students they allow from each district so you're really only competing with the kids from your district. I don't think a whole lot of people consider this as an option. I am so done dealing with this middle school that Natalie is in though. I'm even considering pulling Natalie out just to homeschool her for the rest of the year. It's bad. And I can't have them doing the crap they have been doing to Natalie this year to Kaitlyn. Not with her IEP and I can't be fighting with them over all of this stuff. I just want away. Kaitlyn isn't so sure yet because of missing her friends, but I think she might change her mind once she actually sees this school tonight. At least that's what I hope.

Debbie in PA said...

Ohhhh, my sister has esophageal spasms and they are so painful and scary. She's taken some medication in the past and it's worked - but they tell her it is definitely a stress thing. If that's what it is, let me know if you want to chat with her.

Anne B. said...

WHEW!! Lots of news from the Garcia household! Thanks for keeping us up to date as much as you do. Prayers all around for every need and concern. And for maybe a few more hours in the day! LOL! (((BIG HUGS)))!!!!

Mama2Kayden said...

How exciting about Kam and the new arts school! Love how he knows exactly what he wants so early in life! Have you thought about getting him an agent for doing some commercials or tv work ? Seems he would be a natural!
Sorry to hear Kellsey is still having difficultly with school. I hope it gets better for her. Your mom must have the patience of a saint!
I was wondering if you and the kids are able to Skype with Frank while he is deployed, or maybe talk on the phone? And if so, how often do they allow for that communication time? Not sure how that works in the military, but I know I would go nuts not being able to talk to my hubby for a year! I'm so glad your deployment donut is almost filled in! I know you can't wait to finally have your hubby home! Are you planning on surprising the kids again with his surprise arrival?

McCammons said...

I am so glad to hear the kis are doing great!
As for the GI exam you are having, I have had about 3 of them,under general, and it's all normal. It's very fast and it makes it less painful. I tried local and it was a huge no go. Hugs and prayers