Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! I hope you enjoyed your holiday with your loved ones. The kids and I had a nice, low key day. We ate lots of food, watched movies all day and never got out of our jammies. :) The kids vetoed the idea of turkey so we went non-traditional this year and had ribs, baked beans, mashed potatoes, corn, salad, biscuits and mocha mud pie for dessert. Definitely not what the pilgrims and Indians ate, but it was yummy and the kids were all happy! Keeghan reminded me this morning that we were supposed to make mint juleps as well (non-alcoholic of course!) and we forgot! I have all the stuff so we'll have to do it today or tomorrow.

I had my endoscopy on Tuesday and it went well. A friend from my community group drove me since it was under general anesthesia, so I was very thankful for that! I laid around most of Tuesday afternoon but by evening I was back to normal. :) The doctor confirmed that it is esophogeal spasms that I'm having so he started me on a new prescription. I've only taken it a couple times, but so far it does seem to be helping.

Kennedy had her first dance convention of the season over the weekend - Monsters of HipHop. She had a blast!! HipHop is one of her favorites (maybe second to jazz) so two full days of it was like heaven for her. She hung in there pretty well, but by Sunday afternoon she was beat!

Kass and Kam are going to have their birthday pictures done later today. :) I am sure they will turn out great!! Carmen always does an awesome job... she even took Kass shopping to pick out a new outfit (fit for a teenager) since everything I suggested was "not her style". ;) She's still figuring out what her style IS, but the outfit she came home with is perfect for her and maybe even a little... girly! (Don't tell Kass! haha) I will share them as soon as they're back, of course!

Speaking of Kassidy, she has a science project due in a couple weeks. (Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE school projects? @@) She has to build a model of a cell. My suggestion was to buy this one from amazon, but she said that would be cheating. *sigh* Probably. LOL So she's been looking up ideas on the internet of how to make one. They all sound messy and complicated (and kind of expensive!). But at least some are edible, so I guess that's a plus, huh? haha

OH! If you're Christmas shopping this weekend and have some hard to buy for people on your list who have everything, might I suggest a calendar from the Colorado Springs Down Syndrome Association? They are $15, and every month you (or your loved ones) will get to see a new beautiful face or two on their wall! The month of July is my favorite... not sure why! ;) You can buy the calendar here. You can see a sample of all the pages on their facebook page. They are amazing! All photography done by JCM Photography.

Anyway, that's about all that's going on here... Frank is still just hanging out in Afghanistan, itching to come home... speaking of which... 
I'm loving all that green!!! :)

OK I guess that's it! If you're braving the Black Friday crowds today, stay safe!! ;) 


Notsopc said...

Went shopping today with my daughter.. This is the 12th year in a row.. (used to get snow globes from JCP but they didn't give one this year, she's kept them all) ANYWAY...... IT"S almost SLL GREEN!!!!!! Hope it goes so fast for you..

fablesis said...

We had to make a cell. We got a cheap pizza. The pepperonis were a part, then we added different shaped noodles and beans for the rest of the parts. A key was made and taped to the inside of the box top. Easy, and it got a good grade!

Anne B. said...

Glad your esophagus seems to be less spastic! Prayers answered! Love your Thanksgiving meal....we also strayed from the traditional this year and had chicken marsala! Easy and delicious! Love the shot of Kennedy doing her hip-hop! It's definitely in her blood! Can't wait to see the pics of Kass and Kam...I know they will be fabulous...the subjects are the key *wink*. I have no idea how I would create a cell - maybe stuff inside a jello mold? And HOORAY FOR GREEN for Frank!!!! ((((BIG HUGS))))!!!!

kristi said...

85% done..woo hoo!

Becky said...

I had to make a cell in jr high. I made it out of cake with candy on top. Easy :)

Lynn said...

I didn't know there was medicine for the spasms. I have them every know and fun at all! Hope this takes care of yours!!!!!!!!!!
What amazing words of Scripture! Know that I'm praying!
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sasass said...

I had to make a 3D model of a cell when I was in junior high. I made a round cake and then I used different candies for the parts. It was actually really easy and a fun project I did with my mom. Other people made Lego ones or just out of Styrofoam. I think everyone gets an A as long as they try and follow the directions!

Lynn said...

Life can seem so overwhelming at times. God can seem so very far away. He's always there, especially when the times are the hardest! Praying!
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