Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Q&A #252

Maybe the headaches are related to whatever she's allergic to? 
Possibly... IF she's allergic to something... since her skin tests are negative, I guess that remains to be seen. We'll see if the clinic in Denver wants to do more extensive allergy testing or what. Her headaches are doing much better lately, actually!

How long do these headaches last? Less than 2 hours? Are they concentrated over one part of her head?
I first started getting cluster headaches when I was 11 and CTs, MRIs, no journalling patterns etc. all was clear. Eventually, I was diagnosed with cluster headaches and was put on Topamax (there are other meds if this one doesn't work) as a long term preventative and was given Imitrex as a abortive when I got the headaches. Since being on the Topamax (7 years) I have only had 2 cluster periods.
If cluster headaches haven't been explored yet, it might be an avenue to explore.
They were... She would mostly hold the back of her head. I'm on Topamax for migraines so I guess that would be an easy solution, however, it totally killed my appetite for the first several weeks and that could be really scary for her with her blood sugar issues. We'd have to watch her closely. 

Assuming you've tried journaling everything Kennedy eats, does, is exposed to, etc? There has to be something you might be able to pinpoint! Hope you can pin down what foods she's allergic to, too! She has to be miserable!
No, I haven't actually because I really wasn't expecting them to come back and say "food allergies". I figured it was just her colitis flaring up again. She eats the widest range of food of all my kids so it's going to be hard if we have to pinpoint what's causing the issues on our own. Hopefully allergy testing will be able to tell. 

Any news? I have been praying hard for you guys! 
Not yet... :( Still waiting for the call from the Eosinophilia Clinic to schedule her appt. The GI clinic here in town told me to be patient, so I'm trying to be patient... but that's not my strongest area. Shocker, I know! LOL 

Those of us with severe allergies to scents and perfumes will run from bathrooms with this, just like we run from tp that is scented. You know how some kids have severe nut allergies? Well, ditto for some of us to fragrances and scents. Real scents are not bad, you know- I am a huge Gardner and flower fan! 
I didn't even know they made scented TP! LOL I doubt many public places would use these in their bathrooms. It's pretty expensive. I think it's more geared for home use. Speaking of which!! I totally forgot to pick a winner for the giveaway! Someone needs to keep me in check on those things! LOL I will do that later today. :) 

That is awesome! And I couldn't help but notice on the picture where Chloe is bent down, that her jacket is embroidered with the word, "Chole" :D 
HA! I never even noticed that! Too funny!

Has Allie been on tv yet? I haven't seen her at all! I hope she didn't replace Paige and Brooke! 
No not yet, the new season is supposed to start in 2013 sometime.

 I am in love with the view of the mountains that you have each and every day that you look outside! It's beautiful!
I love it too!! Every morning when I drive the kids to school I stop at the end of our street and look at the mountains for a second. They're so pretty!! I always get sad when they're fogged in and I can't see them, but that doesn't happen too often... only when it's snowing or raining up there. ;) 

So cute! I can't believe Kass still wanted to trick or treat with you! We lost Emily last year! 
So far she's good with hanging with us. I think she likes seeing Kenn and Keeghan get all excited. ;) We'll see what happens next year. haha

Renee, who told our 1999 babies they could go growing up on us like this?
I know! I swear they were just starting Kindergarten! LOL 

PS--you've got a lot of birthdays in a row. You must either be exhausted or flying high from all the sugar involved!! :) 
A little of both! LOL We have SO much cake here it's ridiculous! LOL 

How is your mom doing with her 
Ahhh it's been rough. School is overwhelming, over-stimulating and she's pretty much out of control right now. My mom and her teacher are working to try to come up with a good plan to help her, but everyone is really frustrated and exhausted. This is why I ended up pulling her out of 3 different preschools... because without the right structure and routine, she just can't cope and ends up injuring herself and/or others and destroying things. I'm not sure she'll ever be able to succeed in a typical school setting. *sigh*
How much longer on the Deployment doughnut? Have not seen it in a while. (hugs) 
We are getting there!! Not too much longer!! It's the home stretch now, thank the Lord! Been a very long year! :) 


Monicas Mom Musings said...

Natalie still loves Trick or Treating. All these younger siblings keep our big ones young I think ;). Seriously, that's my theory. Last week for Alyssa's therapy we went to the Imagination Museum (a children's museum here geared towards the little ones like they say up to 12, but it's really for little little ones). I purposely scheduled that with Alyssa's therapist so CJ could come too when he was going to be out of school. Well, Natalie had a half day that day and when I told her that she could stay home she got all upset and said she wanted to go too. And she was right there doing everything along side her little brother and sister. She kind of gets the best of both worlds. She gets to be more grown up and do more things that are age appropriate, but she still gets to be a little kid and say well I was just doing this for my little brother and sister. She bought a book for her brother at her book fair and everyone was asking why'd you buy that book it's a little kid book. She said it's for my brother. And really she did give it to him, but she couldn't wait to read it to him either. Don't let these kids fool you, they love this stuff, but they need an excuse like a younger sibling to make it all socially acceptable for them to do ;).

Julie said...

My son started having migraines and migraine induced seizures at 5. They put him on a low dose of Propanolol to prevent them and it helped tremendously!!

Anne B. said...

The donut is looking awesome!!! GREEN is def your color!!! LOL!!! (((HUGS)))!!!