Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Q&A #253

Meanwhile, how are Kennedy's headaches?
They have actually gotten A LOT better. She hasn't complained of a headache in well over 2 weeks... no complaints at school and no waking up at night with them. We haven't done anything differently, so who knows? I'm glad we're on the down swing though! Now we just need to get the other stuff figured out! 

 Did anyone mention doing blood work for suspected allergies?
No but I'm wondering if that is what the clinic in Denver will do... they haven't even called to schedule her appointment yet. I finally called back to her GI clinic here and they were surprised to hear that so they are supposed to be following up and getting back to me. Hopefully soon. 

So this different middle school that Kam wants to go to how do you get into it? Is it a lottery? Does he have to have certain grades? Get accepted? How does that work?
I'm not exactly sure yet. LOL I know that our entire district has the option to "choice". We have our neighborhood schools where our kids are assigned to go, but we can choice into any school in our district for whatever reason. A lot of kids do this for sports or for their IB programs or whatever. Not everyone gets their choice, but kids who live in the district get to choose first before kids who live out of the district. There are exceptions to the rule, for example, there is a school here that is ONLY 4th grade and it's basically ALL outside (even in the winter!) and you have to apply to get in. I've heard it's amazing but it sounds like torture to me! haha Then again, I don't like being outside and I don't like being cold! I have some friends whose kids go to this school that Kam wants to go to (and more importantly are part of the fine arts program) so I'm hoping they can walk me through the process. His two best friends may try to go there too so hopefully the 3 of them will end up there together. :) 

How exciting about Kam and the new arts school! Love how he knows exactly what he wants so early in life! Have you thought about getting him an agent for doing some commercials or tv work ? Seems he would be a natural!
He would probably love to do that if we could find the right place. I'm not sure we're living in the right area for stuff like that. He talks all the time about moving to California and working for Disney when he grows up... I tell him he would be GREAT at it but living in California isn't all it's cracked up to be and that he should work for Disney in Florida! haha

I was wondering if you and the kids are able to Skype with Frank while he is deployed, or maybe talk on the phone? And if so, how often do they allow for that communication time? Not sure how that works in the military, but I know I would go nuts not being able to talk to my hubby for a year! I'm so glad your deployment donut is almost filled in! I know you can't wait to finally have your hubby home! Are you planning on surprising the kids again with his surprise arrival?
Oh yes! Communication this time is actually MUCH better than it was when he was deployed last time. (He's in a different part of Afghanistan this time.) The kids skype with Frank every Sunday afternoon after church. It's kind of a standing date unless we just have a million things going on. I think we've only missed maybe 3 or 4 in the last year. It gives all of them something to look forward to. He will get on skype with them for important dates too like birthdays and stuff. He calls maybe once a week, sometimes more, depending on his work schedule, but he can send text messages to my phone from his computer so we communicate almost daily that way so he knows what's going on here and vice versa... and of course there's always Facebook. ;) I'm not sure what we'll do with his arrival... it will depend on when he comes in etc I guess.

How did it go last night?
She has come to my bed only once since that night, however on Thanksgiving break, the kids spent a few nights camping out on the living room floor... one of their favorite things to do... so that could be why. We'll see how this week goes. ;) 

She got fired. I got a good lesson for Emily about stupid pranks. 
I read that... the girl who took the picture got fired too. It is a good lesson... even though she pulled the picture off her FB page, it's still out there floating around cyberspace and will probably resurface for years to come and eventually end up on snopes. All because she was trying to be funny. @@ 

Kids today must watch their step, but SO must our 4 star generals!!!!
True and true. However, Lindsey Stone is in her 30's, most definitely NOT a kid. Not that it would be any better if she were 18, and I don't know where the magic line is when one should "know better", but since she's in my age group, common sense says, "DUH! Don't disrespect our military!" As for Petraeus... something tells me he will be suffering for his mistakes for a long time as well... 

I had to make a 3D model of a cell when I was in junior high. I made a round cake and then I used different candies for the parts. It was actually really easy and a fun project I did with my mom. Other people made Lego ones or just out of Styrofoam. I think everyone gets an A as long as they try and follow the directions! 
She ended up using a sponge and paint and toothpicks and ribbon thanks to a FB friend who sent me a picture of her son's. It worked well I thought. However, she turned it in on Monday and brought it right back home because all the parts have to be 3D too... so we're back to the drawing board. There is no A for effort in this school. @@

I didn't know there was medicine for the spasms. I have them every know and fun at all! Hope this takes care of yours!!!!!!!!!!
I didn't either, but it does seem to be helping a bit... at least it's cutting down on the spasms. 


Elizabeth said...

I get seasonal migraines that occur almost everyday for about 6-8 weeks and then disappear once the season passes. My worst times are April-May and October-November. The doctor said that it's related to my allergies (almost every type of mold known to man - both indoor/outdoor; hay; and feathers). I know you said you had her tested for allergies, but maybe it's something similar? Did they test for seasonal allergies, not just food? I'm so sorry for Kennedy, since I know what a hardship it is to function (and sleep) during those weeks every year. Good luck!

Emily said...

I know this is pretty far off, but there is the Disney College Program in Florida where college students work at Disney for a semester. That sounds perfect for him!

Emily said...

I have to say I agree with the no A for effort policy. There's no A for effort in the real world(or college).

Emma Stormy said...

When Dave went on his first deployment (1987?) we had almost NO communication. We had to number our letters so that we would know if we were missing a letting. Phone calls were almost nonexistent....and if Dave called the connection was so so bad. How far we have come since this, thank goodness!!!

The Thomsons said...

My son made his cell out of a half of a basketball. We glued it to a board for stability and supported it with some styrofoam on the outside edges. He glued items inside such as hairbows, foam balls, etc to represent the different parts of the cell. Then - Just before he went to school, we filled it with hand soap (clear of course) and placed the miscellaneous floating piece into the gel/soap.

found lots of items on clearance at Michaels/Walmart to use as cell parts.

Lynn said...

Made it in here twice! Any way you could use the "camping out" theme in her room?
Do you have to take the meds all the time for the spasms or just when they hit?
Know that I'm here praying!!!
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