Sunday, December 30, 2012

Q&A #254

In " Kennedy getting excited for the train to GO!", Kenn looks SO much like her brothers, especially Kam. 
I think it's the wide-eyed look of excitement! Kameron does that look well! ;) 

You went on a train without me? Who did Kass sleep on, lol? 
LOL There was no sleeping on this train... WAY too much going on! ;) Next time you come we can go on this one, but there's no mountain top at the end. ;) 

Do you have to take the meds all the time for the spasms or just when they hit?
Every day, but my doctor just gave me a new med so hopefully I can switch from 2-3 times a day to once a day. I just haven't tried the new one yet. I'm always scared of side effects from new meds so I try to start them when I know I don't have anything going on... and that hasn't happened recently! LOL 

I know this is pretty far off, but there is the Disney College Program in Florida where college students work at Disney for a semester. That sounds perfect for him! 
Kam would LOVE that! I wonder if the parks in CA have the same program? Not only is it a little closer to home, but the crazy boy is determined to live in California. I keep telling him he better get a REALLY good job! hahaha

 I know you said you had her tested for allergies, but maybe it's something similar? Did they test for seasonal allergies, not just food? I'm so sorry for Kennedy, since I know what a hardship it is to function (and sleep) during those weeks every year. Good luck! 
They did test her for seasonal stuff and she tested negative, but I'm wondering if they'll retest her in Denver when we go... She has been doing SO well lately, no headaches at all! :) 

I love the way you curled Kennedy's hair!! How do you get it to look like that? So perfect!! 
Those are actually done with the straight iron! One of Kennedy's dance teachers is also a hair stylist and she taught me how to do it. It took me awhile the first couple times but it's getting easier now! Here is a tutorial I found... this is how I do it! LOL I think my flat iron is a little smaller though. 

Syd pulled Santa's beard at the Starlight party. It was legit!!
He was telling Kennedy to pull it too and she was looking at him like, "I don't think so!" hahaha He was a great Santa! 

I love Kassidy's hair at that length!
Me too!!! She has the most beautiful hair! It's SOOOOO thick and pretty, especially when she lets me style it. ;o) 

I see the pictures of Kennedy and it looks like she grew so much so when I saw the picture of her with her friend I thought wow is she really still that much shorter than her peers? Or is her friend older? Just curious. It's hard sometimes getting perspective in pictures.
See, I feel like she's grown a lot too! A year ago she was in 4T clothes and now she's in mostly 6's (some 5's). She really seems like she's grown taller to me. That being said, she is still the shortest kid in the entire second grade (and probably the oldest since we repeated Kindergarten) and Keeghan is literally 1/4 of an inch shorter than her! LOL She is 43 3/4" and Keeghan is 43 1/2 inches. Sooo she's pretty tiny, in her defense though, her friend Emily (in that picture with her) is one of the tallest girls in the class! ;) 

No more possessed smoke detectors!
And hallelujah for that! LOL 

Do you get that "one free" move?? I used it to move when my husband was out to sea and I moved on base... 
Possibly... we're actually running into some issues with this move (because nothing can ever be easy)! Everything with the new house is great but getting out of this house, even though we were told we HAD to, is becoming sticky. Grrr!!! Thank goodness for JAG!!

Yay!!!! So happy for all of you to be together again and just in time for Christmas!! How much notice are you given for when he can come home ?
I knew for about 3 weeks so it wasn't TOO hard to keep my secret because even then we didn't have an exact date... about 2 weeks in advance we got a date and then a few days before he got home we got a call from the base here saying when he would be in, which by that time I already knew. Now the tricky part is just pulling off the surprises for the kids every time! hahaha

So the donut of deployment is all green now?
Yep! All done for this round! :) 

I hate to be someone who always bugs about Kellsey, but did she have a good Christmas too? (I think she's adorable - that's why I always ask. _smirk_.) 
How many babies does Kenn have now? Does she still play with Charlie? :)

She did have a good Christmas :). She had a nice day and got some nice things. And she is adorable. ;) I will post a longer update on her soon. Ohhh Kennedy and her babies. I guess it depends on how you define "babies"... She officially only has one American Girl - Charlie. However, somehow Kassidy and Kellsey's American Girls have made it to her room too. LOL Charlie still gets played with quite a bit, especially to get her hair done and clothes changed... she doesn't go everywhere with us anymore though which is kind of sad... guess it's part of growing up! (Kellsey didn't take hers with her because she was ripping the hair out of it... in hindsight, that was a dumb move on our part, we should have bought her one with no hair. *sigh* We bought her a replacement doll who is bald that Kellsey likes much better!) Kennedy also has a couple Barbies that she's rec'd for birthday presents and such... she will play with those sometimes... and she has 2 Anne Geddes dolls that she had for years. They're really cute and well loved. Now she has her new baby, Emmy. She asked Santa for a "real" baby, and that's as REAL as it's gonna get around here! haha THEN she has her Groovy Girls. She probably has... close to 100 of those. It's a little bit crazy! LOL She has loved those dolls forever, and when she was going through chemo people asked what she liked because they wanted to send her something, so I said "Groovy Girls" and they responded! Five years later and she still plays with every single one. I should take a picture sometime. They are the most loved dolls on the planet... and they drive me crazy because despite having clothes, half of them are NAKED! hahaha 

Kass has the best of both worlds....all that cash and I'll bet she gets to enjoy the other kids' things a little bit??? 
Oh yes!!! She's been having fun playing with everyone's stuff. But she's definitely feeling "rich" right now. Good thing she has no bills to pay or she wouldn't be feeling that way! hahaha

You guys are so nice and neat when you open gifts! LOL We make a mess, but we do have trash bags and pick up as we go--or try to. But we're all scattered around the room! LOL
We TRY to pick up as we go because otherwise there's a HUGE mess after and we're wading through wrapping paper to make sure we don't throw away any presents by mistake! LOL Once all the boxes are opened though, my house looks like a tornado hit! *sigh* ;o) 

Where is Miss Kellsey? I must have missed an update or something?
Yes you missed an update. ;) Here is the last big one I did... 

How's Kellsey? Any updates by chance?
As I said above, I will post a longer update later... Kellsey is still really, really struggling daily to find her place in the world. School is just too overwhelming and not routined enough to keep her from injuring herself and others (mostly others these days). We are all working hard with the help of friends to get Kellsey therapy and to a point where she can be settled and happy. I feel like we've been striving for this for years now. Sometimes I feel like it will never happen and other times I see glimmers of hope. Anyway, I can't delve into it too much right now, but please just be praying that things will improve for her... RAD sucks. :( 


Monicas Mom Musings said...

Huh, I can't imagine what in the world could be holding you up in the house you're currently in. Are they holding you hostage, lol? I'm sure you'll share what you can when you can ;).

I always say Natalie is pretty lucky having all these younger siblings even if she doesn't realize it. Getting to stay little through her siblings. It's probably about all she likes about them most days though, hehehe.

I do hope someone can get through to Kellsey. How small is her class? I wonder if it still needs to be smaller for her to get the routine and attention she needs.

Emily said...

Yep, the Disney College Program is in California too! You can be a character in a show, merchandise, waiter, etc. He should definitely look in to it when the time comes!

Holly Aytes said...

We have sp,e friends whose daughter has auditioned twice for a disney princes role in FL but never been picked (we have heard the girls roles are harder to get as there are so many people applying). This friend is going to be living in vancouver for 4 months starting in april. She will be attending a film school there. I am not sure if I could let me child go off to Canada...CA and FL sound much better. Will continue to pray that things get better for Kellsey....I can't imagine how hard that must be for y'all. Glad Frank got home for Christmas...what a great surprise!

Alice Fraggle said...

Thank you for answering my questions (again!). Thank you for the update on Kellsey. I'm sure it is SO HARD for you all, and so I want you to know that I know you're doing your best and that I'm rooting for you. :) I'm sure that you get lots of rude comments about how you're "handling" Kellsey, so I wanted you to know that there is someone on your side. :) Everyone would handle your circumstances differently, but you are doing the best YOU can, and that should be enough for everyone. I'm sure it's hard to have your daughter so far away, but you're doing it because it's what's best for Kellsey. That takes courage, and guts, and love. *I* know you all love her, and miss her, but want what is best for her. (Not that I'm anyone important - just a reader who enjoys your blog, but I'd bet it helps to know that *someone* is on your side.) Anyway - take care and have a safe and HAPPY New Years!

The Munck Family said...

I continue to follow your blog, and think of you and your family often...I just don't comment often. I guess I lurk, and then I share with my family of your happenings :)

I do want you to know "We" pray for all of you, and for all that's happening with Miss Kellsey. May the Lord give you answers and peace, and I hope that you keep up the strength to do as the Lord leads...not listening to the world and it's views of you. Your Kellsey's family and have walked this hard road, a road nobody else has been on! Praying 2013 is your year for answers and direction..and much peace in Him!

My love to you Renee,