Sunday, September 30, 2012

September is Over...

But the fight continues.

Thank you to all of you who supported us through Childhood Cancer Awareness Month... whether you went to eat at Chili's, donated to your favorite charity, registered to be a bone marrow donor, or donated blood or platelets, you helped make a difference in the life of a child fighting cancer.

Just because September is over, thousands of children continue to battle cancer every day. 46 new children will be diagnosed tomorrow and 7 children who have fought long and hard will die. It's an every day, life long battle. It will always be our battle. We are forever a cancer family and this will forever be our fight until a cure is found.

These are the faces of childhood cancer...

And please let us never forget the families whose children are no longer here on earth... after the cards and flowers stop... after the casseroles go away... those are the times when the families need us most... to tell them we remember. We remember their children. We remember they lived. We remember they fought. We remember they were here... and their legacy lives on in all of us. Because we remember, they are never truly gone.
September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month... for their sake, let's be aware all year long. 
PS. Thank you, Mimi for the beautiful videos!! 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Our Chili's Night...

So, how was your Chili's night?! I strayed from my normal meal and tried the shrimp tacos. They were delicious, but I burned my face off. Just sayin'. LOL We had a great time at Chili's coloring peppers, eating and hanging out with good friends! I think we had a party of 23 there this year!! Awesome!! Thank you to my wonderful small group for joining us and supporting St. Jude's and Chili's and kids fighting cancer all over the country. I appreciate it more than you know. Thank you to all of YOU out there who went to Chili's and ate there or got take out or whatever too!! Every dollar makes a difference!! Donations for 2012 are over $4,000,000!!!! That is AMAZING!!!! 

Here are some pictures from our night and of course, Kennedy's yearly pepper gallery! Thank you to everyone who made her a pepper! She loves to look at them! One day I'm going to print them all from the last several years and make her a pepper book! haha

Our Chili's Party :) 

Waiting waiting waiting for food... 

 She's so crazy! hahaha

 Sweet little guy

 So. Many. BOYS! 

He's plotting something. LOL 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Miracle Party 2012

Saturday night was the annual Miracle Party here in Colorado. What is a Miracle Party? It's one night every year that families who have a child who have battled cancer can come together and party. It's a night to forget about cancer. It's a night to celebrate. It's a night to not talk about needles and chemo and biopsies and diagnosis... but to dance and play games and eat and laugh and yes, maybe shed a few tears. It's a night to go GOLD. I'm so glad we live here and can be part of this magical night!! :) Thank you so much Stacy for all your hard work putting this night together for our kids!! You are amazing!!!

 Going on a train ride before the doors open

 Keeghan found some cheerleaders

 And so did Kennedy ;)

 Making bandanas

 He's a snake!

 A great, white shark

 A kitty cat... pink of course!

 A snake for the snake

 Time to dance...

 Let's boogie!

 She's learning to square dance and loving every second!


 Dancing with Stacy

 My little cowboy :) 

 My girls :o) 

 My big cowboy! 

 Posing with a hawk. In hindsight, they were a little TOO close to that freaky bird! LOL 

Kennedy and Kennedy! Cancer survivors!!! 

 Going on a limo ride! 

I love my goofy kids! LOL