Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Q&A #253

Meanwhile, how are Kennedy's headaches?
They have actually gotten A LOT better. She hasn't complained of a headache in well over 2 weeks... no complaints at school and no waking up at night with them. We haven't done anything differently, so who knows? I'm glad we're on the down swing though! Now we just need to get the other stuff figured out! 

 Did anyone mention doing blood work for suspected allergies?
No but I'm wondering if that is what the clinic in Denver will do... they haven't even called to schedule her appointment yet. I finally called back to her GI clinic here and they were surprised to hear that so they are supposed to be following up and getting back to me. Hopefully soon. 

So this different middle school that Kam wants to go to how do you get into it? Is it a lottery? Does he have to have certain grades? Get accepted? How does that work?
I'm not exactly sure yet. LOL I know that our entire district has the option to "choice". We have our neighborhood schools where our kids are assigned to go, but we can choice into any school in our district for whatever reason. A lot of kids do this for sports or for their IB programs or whatever. Not everyone gets their choice, but kids who live in the district get to choose first before kids who live out of the district. There are exceptions to the rule, for example, there is a school here that is ONLY 4th grade and it's basically ALL outside (even in the winter!) and you have to apply to get in. I've heard it's amazing but it sounds like torture to me! haha Then again, I don't like being outside and I don't like being cold! I have some friends whose kids go to this school that Kam wants to go to (and more importantly are part of the fine arts program) so I'm hoping they can walk me through the process. His two best friends may try to go there too so hopefully the 3 of them will end up there together. :) 

How exciting about Kam and the new arts school! Love how he knows exactly what he wants so early in life! Have you thought about getting him an agent for doing some commercials or tv work ? Seems he would be a natural!
He would probably love to do that if we could find the right place. I'm not sure we're living in the right area for stuff like that. He talks all the time about moving to California and working for Disney when he grows up... I tell him he would be GREAT at it but living in California isn't all it's cracked up to be and that he should work for Disney in Florida! haha

I was wondering if you and the kids are able to Skype with Frank while he is deployed, or maybe talk on the phone? And if so, how often do they allow for that communication time? Not sure how that works in the military, but I know I would go nuts not being able to talk to my hubby for a year! I'm so glad your deployment donut is almost filled in! I know you can't wait to finally have your hubby home! Are you planning on surprising the kids again with his surprise arrival?
Oh yes! Communication this time is actually MUCH better than it was when he was deployed last time. (He's in a different part of Afghanistan this time.) The kids skype with Frank every Sunday afternoon after church. It's kind of a standing date unless we just have a million things going on. I think we've only missed maybe 3 or 4 in the last year. It gives all of them something to look forward to. He will get on skype with them for important dates too like birthdays and stuff. He calls maybe once a week, sometimes more, depending on his work schedule, but he can send text messages to my phone from his computer so we communicate almost daily that way so he knows what's going on here and vice versa... and of course there's always Facebook. ;) I'm not sure what we'll do with his arrival... it will depend on when he comes in etc I guess.

How did it go last night?
She has come to my bed only once since that night, however on Thanksgiving break, the kids spent a few nights camping out on the living room floor... one of their favorite things to do... so that could be why. We'll see how this week goes. ;) 

She got fired. I got a good lesson for Emily about stupid pranks. 
I read that... the girl who took the picture got fired too. It is a good lesson... even though she pulled the picture off her FB page, it's still out there floating around cyberspace and will probably resurface for years to come and eventually end up on snopes. All because she was trying to be funny. @@ 

Kids today must watch their step, but SO must our 4 star generals!!!!
True and true. However, Lindsey Stone is in her 30's, most definitely NOT a kid. Not that it would be any better if she were 18, and I don't know where the magic line is when one should "know better", but since she's in my age group, common sense says, "DUH! Don't disrespect our military!" As for Petraeus... something tells me he will be suffering for his mistakes for a long time as well... 

I had to make a 3D model of a cell when I was in junior high. I made a round cake and then I used different candies for the parts. It was actually really easy and a fun project I did with my mom. Other people made Lego ones or just out of Styrofoam. I think everyone gets an A as long as they try and follow the directions! 
She ended up using a sponge and paint and toothpicks and ribbon thanks to a FB friend who sent me a picture of her son's. It worked well I thought. However, she turned it in on Monday and brought it right back home because all the parts have to be 3D too... so we're back to the drawing board. There is no A for effort in this school. @@

I didn't know there was medicine for the spasms. I have them every know and fun at all! Hope this takes care of yours!!!!!!!!!!
I didn't either, but it does seem to be helping a bit... at least it's cutting down on the spasms. 

Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! I hope you enjoyed your holiday with your loved ones. The kids and I had a nice, low key day. We ate lots of food, watched movies all day and never got out of our jammies. :) The kids vetoed the idea of turkey so we went non-traditional this year and had ribs, baked beans, mashed potatoes, corn, salad, biscuits and mocha mud pie for dessert. Definitely not what the pilgrims and Indians ate, but it was yummy and the kids were all happy! Keeghan reminded me this morning that we were supposed to make mint juleps as well (non-alcoholic of course!) and we forgot! I have all the stuff so we'll have to do it today or tomorrow.

I had my endoscopy on Tuesday and it went well. A friend from my community group drove me since it was under general anesthesia, so I was very thankful for that! I laid around most of Tuesday afternoon but by evening I was back to normal. :) The doctor confirmed that it is esophogeal spasms that I'm having so he started me on a new prescription. I've only taken it a couple times, but so far it does seem to be helping.

Kennedy had her first dance convention of the season over the weekend - Monsters of HipHop. She had a blast!! HipHop is one of her favorites (maybe second to jazz) so two full days of it was like heaven for her. She hung in there pretty well, but by Sunday afternoon she was beat!

Kass and Kam are going to have their birthday pictures done later today. :) I am sure they will turn out great!! Carmen always does an awesome job... she even took Kass shopping to pick out a new outfit (fit for a teenager) since everything I suggested was "not her style". ;) She's still figuring out what her style IS, but the outfit she came home with is perfect for her and maybe even a little... girly! (Don't tell Kass! haha) I will share them as soon as they're back, of course!

Speaking of Kassidy, she has a science project due in a couple weeks. (Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE school projects? @@) She has to build a model of a cell. My suggestion was to buy this one from amazon, but she said that would be cheating. *sigh* Probably. LOL So she's been looking up ideas on the internet of how to make one. They all sound messy and complicated (and kind of expensive!). But at least some are edible, so I guess that's a plus, huh? haha

OH! If you're Christmas shopping this weekend and have some hard to buy for people on your list who have everything, might I suggest a calendar from the Colorado Springs Down Syndrome Association? They are $15, and every month you (or your loved ones) will get to see a new beautiful face or two on their wall! The month of July is my favorite... not sure why! ;) You can buy the calendar here. You can see a sample of all the pages on their facebook page. They are amazing! All photography done by JCM Photography.

Anyway, that's about all that's going on here... Frank is still just hanging out in Afghanistan, itching to come home... speaking of which... 
I'm loving all that green!!! :)

OK I guess that's it! If you're braving the Black Friday crowds today, stay safe!! ;) 

Monday, November 19, 2012

When a Picture Goes Viral

Social networking is a funny thing. Nothing is ever really private. You can post a picture on your Facebook page for your "friends" (and I put that in quotations because if you're like me, you only really KNOW a small fraction of those people in real life) and those friends can then "share" that picture on their page, in groups they are part of, via email, text message, twitter, instagram or 500 other ways. Heck, if someone is feeling really ambitious they can even print out said picture and save it forever. If your picture is good enough, or bad enough, it can literally be spread around the globe in a matter of hours.

Most of us will never have a picture that goes viral. We'll never have our 15 minutes of fame. In many ways, that's a good thing. Especially when it comes to people like Lindsey Stone. She went to Arlington National Cemetery recently with some coworkers and clients. While at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, where silence and respect is requested for our fallen Soldiers, Lindsey thought it would be funny to pose for a picture being... well... the opposite of that.

Her friends called her out on it (what are friends on FB for, anyway?) and she brushed it off saying...

And then... the picture went viral. Quickly.

Because she was at Arlington with her coworkers and on the clock, and because Lindsey tightened down her privacy settings on her facebook page (understandably! I'd run and hide too!), people flocked to her company's facebook page and they let their opinions be heard. Thousands of opinions... fire her, beat her, shoot her, make her apologize, and on and on and on. Some were heartfelt from Soldiers, Veterans, spouses and parents of fallen military members. Others were just... Americans... disgusted by Lindsey's blatant lack of respect for men and women who have died for our country. 

About an hour ago, her company issued a very blanket statement regarding Lindsey's picture saying that her photo in no way reflects the opinions of their staff... but Lindsey (AND her friend who took the photo) ARE staff so that doesn't really make sense, does it? In the meantime, I'm sure their lawyers are hard at work typing up some very legal apology that will be released tomorrow morning... and the comments keep pouring in... almost 1,000 in the last hour alone. 

Lindsey Stone got her 15 minutes of fame. I don't think that was her intention, but it happened thanks to the wonders of social networking and technology. Sadly for her, it wasn't a GOOD 15 minutes, and it's not over yet. I will not post her photo here as I want to keep this blog G rated, but if you haven't seen it and you really want to, Facebook or Google will get you there. 

Think before you post pictures online... think before you TAKE pictures. Think before you choose to disrespect our Soldiers. The good Lord gave you a brain for a reason. Use it! 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fire Alarms and Bedtime Snuggles

I laid my head down on my pillow. It had been a long day. After what seemed like only seconds, I heard a little whisper.

"Mama, I sleep with you?"

I peeked my eyes open and saw a sweet little face standing just inches away from mine.

"Why, Kennedy?" I questioned.

"I'm scared of the fire alarm."

I thought about my answer. We went through this same routine at least once a week. That fire alarm was not going to hurt her. The other 11 fire alarms in our house weren't going to hurt her either. I had two choices. I could guide her back to her room, show her the pretty fire alarm that I decorated in pink and purple heart stickers in an effort to show her it was not at all threatening, then make her stay in her bed and listen to her cry about her alarm for the next several minutes... or I could pull her into my bed and we could both go to sleep quickly. I chose the latter. "Come on," I said, reaching out to help her as she climbed onto my bed.

"Thank you, mama." Kennedy sighed with relief, "Thank you."

"Just this one time," I warned, even though we both knew that wasn't really the truth.

Kennedy snuggled her body against mine and rested her head on my chest. I could feel her heart beating. "I love you, mama." She said.

I yawned as we settled in to sleep. "I love you too, baby. A million..."

I could feel her smile as she replied, "Trillion..."

"Billion." I responded.

We both drifted off into a deep, fire alarm free sleep.

Today I will add another purple heart sticker to her fire alarm. Or Not.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Giveaway Winner and Long Update!!

I am SO sorry it has taken me so long to get this out... we have been running busy around here... we've had lots of doctor appointments and school stuff. Kameron had his honor choir concert last week and it was fabulous!! Choirs from all over our school district performed and they were all SO good! Kameron decided that he doesn't want to go to our home school for middle school next year, he wants to go to one that stresses the fine arts, and after hearing their choir, I'm in agreement. They blew me away!! I love that Kam is finding his path and making decisions about his future. He definitely knows what he wants. :) This week he will be performing in The Sound of Music with a community theater. They've been working hard since August and I know their hard work will pay off big time! After that he will have a little down time and then auditions will start for the 4th and 5th grade school play which is a HUGE deal. He's more than excited about it and hoping for a big role this year. I will be taking part behind the scenes as well helping everyone stay organized.

Miss Kennedy has her first dance convention this weekend - all Hip Hop all the time! This is her favorite kind of dance so she will be in her element. This is not a competition, it's just a convention, so master teachers come in and help the kids fine tune their skills and of course they have a GREAT time. She's super excited! She will be doing another pageant next month, not really to compete, but just for practice on her modeling skills. In fact, she can't win anything since she's already a title holder, but the more practice she has before State in May, the better.

Medically, we are still waiting to get her into the eosinophil clinic in Denver. I'm trying hard not to get frustrated. She also had a referral to the endocrinology clinic because at her last hemonc checkup her TSH was high. That was taking forever too. They finally called me today and said her TSH wasn't high (which I know for a fact is not true) and said she needs to see neuro-oncology... but they couldn't tell me WHY. It really freaked me out. How are they going to tell me she needs to see a specialist like that and not tell me WHY she needs to see them?! So I called the number they gave me and they looked at her records and confirmed that her TSH is indeed high but couldn't see a need for Kennedy to see them so they are trying to get to the bottom of it. *sigh* Tomorrow she has an appointment with ENT because she failed her hearing test at her well child check a couple months ago. My guess is her ear tubes either fell out or are clogged and she will need new ones for the 10th or 11th time. Whatever! That's the least of my worries!

Kassidy is on a little break from soccer. She had a great season!! She played goalie for the first time ever and did a fabulous job!! She played with a new team this year and her coach was very encouraging and really helped her shine. :) He's looking forward to her coming back in the Spring and being a shut out goalie! I won't lie, her being in the goal makes me slightly nervous, but her confidence and love of the game has gone up 1,000% so I just clench my teeth and go with it! haha I'm excited that Frank will be home for her Spring season to watch her play. Soccer is something they bond over and he loves to go out and practice with her and take her to the Air Force soccer games. :)

Keeghan is doing well in Kindergarten, his teacher and I are working together to make sure he has a successful year. He is such a smart kid but he's also SO stubborn!!! He's finally figuring out that life is much easier if he just talks to us instead of crying about everything. (Imagine that!) He's not doing any activities right now, he tried soccer and dance but he really needs to focus on school this year and we told him he could try something again when he turns six. He is saying he might like to try drama classes like Kameron, we'll see! Whatever he does, he has to stick with it! In the meantime, he is enjoying learning how to read, counting to 200 (which he demonstrates for us over and over and over) and making lots of new friends.

Kellsey is still struggling to find her place in school. It's been a very hard adjustment for her. My mom and her teacher are trying to find the best plan to help her be successful, but the school staff are growing increasingly frustrated. Even in a class of 6 children, she is easily overstimulated and overwhelmed when things don't go her way. Medically she is doing really well. Her aspiration has gotten much better! She is drinking thickened liquids now and has been successful with that. She can't hold the cup on her own or she gets too much, but if someone holds the cup for her to control how fast she drinks, she's been doing ok with it. She does still have her g-tube but hopefully in the future that will be able to be removed. She had a follow up sleep study a couple weeks ago and results are pending on that... different sleep labs have said completely different things regarding her apnea so I'll be curious to see what they say... We've heard everything from "she's totally fine" to "she needs to be on c-pap". Who knows what to believe! Her heart has been cleared for another year, so that's great news! :) Eventually she will still have to have surgery, but the longer we can put it off, the better. She currently weighs 42 pounds (which is more than Kennedy and Keeghan!) and is in size 5 clothing (same size as Kennedy and Keeghan) so she's growing just great!!

As for me, I've been having some GI issues and am going in for a scope on Tuesday. They think I am having esophogeal spasms (??) or possibly an ulcer (which would be a huge shock, right?! LOL). I am a little nervous because I've never been to this GI doctor before... I will meet him (or her... I don't even know) for the first time on Tuesday and they'll be doing the scope under general anesthesia right in the doctor's office. Maybe that's common practice but I've never heard of that before! Whatever the case, I hope they know what they're doing! I'd rather be in a hospital or at least a surgery center!

I have been enjoying doing PTA stuff (and you know, being a taxi driver for the kids! ;)). We just got done with a lovely ceremony for our Veterans at the school and next up is our Family Dance in January. I'm the chairperson for it so I'm excited to get it going. Our theme is Red Carpet and I have so many fun ideas!! It's such a fun night!!!

Frank is doing well and ready to come home!! I think he's over this deployment! LOL We're on the countdown and can't wait!!!! We are starting to hear redeployment dates and plans and stuff so that's very exciting! I can't share those of course because of OSPEC but as soon as he's back on US soil, you'll know! :) Hopefully he will get a nice LONG break this time... at least we're praying this is the case!!

OK winner winner chicken dinner!! (as my friend Jen says!)

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway LAST MONTH! (SO sorry!!)

Here is the winner for the ReJuvenescence Scented Toilet Paper Rolls...

I used and it chose #22! And the winner is:

DysFUNctional Mom said...
Tweeted it! =)

Congratulations!!! Please email me at with your address and I'll pass it along so they can get your gift pack out to you! :)

OK That's it! Thanks if you made it this far!!! 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cinderella Pageant

So there's a story here. :) Several months ago, I found out about a pageant for girls with special needs coming to Colorado. Every girl would get a crown and a chance to be on stage and look beautiful. Kennedy's been asking for a LONG time to be in pageants (thanks to Toddlers & Tiaras! haha) so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity... no competition, just a fun day. Well, the day before the pageant, they canceled it. Bummer! Kennedy was so sad.

One of the girls at Kennedy's dance studio does pageants (which is how we found out about the special needs pageant) and they were getting ready for a prelim pageant right at the dance studio. This one was not for kids with special needs, but Emma's mom checked into it and said Kennedy was welcome to come. I told Kennedy and she was THRILLED! :) Emma helped Kennedy with her walk and what she was supposed to do... this pageant is NOT Toddlers & Tiaras! No cupcake dresses, no makeup, just natural little girls (and big girls!). Kennedy was excited to change into different outfits and see all the other girls' clothes (some of which she wanted to take home! haha) and she had a great time!! Here are some pictures...

Doing her talent... her dance solo... 

Casual Wear :) 

Beauty :)

Collective Judging... 

The only outfit I didn't get a picture of was her interview outfit. She had to go talk to the judges behind closed doors... I have NO idea what she said in there, but I'm sure she kept them entertained! haha

She won the photogenic award for her division :) 

And then she won the overall for the Mini Miss division!! I was so surprised, and Kennedy was SO excited!!! Here she is posing with the 2012 Queens of each age division. They won the state pageant last year. 

So now, in May, Kennedy (the new Mini Miss Cinderella for Colorado Springs) will go to the state Cinderella pageant. :) It was such a fun day!! She smiled until she fell asleep. :) Don't worry though, I won't become a crazy pageant mom! Promise! ;o) 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Picture Catch Up!

I've been taking a lot of pictures in the last couple weeks and finally decided maybe I should get some edited and posted! :) I'll do them over the next couple days. Here's the first set, enjoy.

The winners of the costume party for the Starlight Foundation :)

And Ms. Sydney was a winner too! She's a smarty pants... get it?! :) 

 Kameron's school cupcakes
 Yum! ;) 

Kameron's birthday dinner

 Sweet girls! (Uhh... and Kokonut. He's a boy! LOL) 

 Kassidy's birthday cake

 Blowing out the candles

 Apparently the birthday girl is not allowed to use her fork or her hands. LOL She has fun friends!
 Kameron's cupcakes for his party... are you sensing a theme yet?! 

Opening presents... 

 Kassidy's birthday dinner

More tomorrow!

Just Like You - Down Syndrome

Please take the time to watch this video, especially if you don't have a child with Down syndrome. Please share it with your kids and friends. This video shows inclusion, acceptance, and it might teach you a couple things about Down syndrome that you didn't already know. Kennedy has lots of friends with and without Down syndrome. I am thankful for all of them every day! I know it's long, but once you start it, it will draw you in. :) Enjoy!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Q&A #252

Maybe the headaches are related to whatever she's allergic to? 
Possibly... IF she's allergic to something... since her skin tests are negative, I guess that remains to be seen. We'll see if the clinic in Denver wants to do more extensive allergy testing or what. Her headaches are doing much better lately, actually!

How long do these headaches last? Less than 2 hours? Are they concentrated over one part of her head?
I first started getting cluster headaches when I was 11 and CTs, MRIs, no journalling patterns etc. all was clear. Eventually, I was diagnosed with cluster headaches and was put on Topamax (there are other meds if this one doesn't work) as a long term preventative and was given Imitrex as a abortive when I got the headaches. Since being on the Topamax (7 years) I have only had 2 cluster periods.
If cluster headaches haven't been explored yet, it might be an avenue to explore.
They were... She would mostly hold the back of her head. I'm on Topamax for migraines so I guess that would be an easy solution, however, it totally killed my appetite for the first several weeks and that could be really scary for her with her blood sugar issues. We'd have to watch her closely. 

Assuming you've tried journaling everything Kennedy eats, does, is exposed to, etc? There has to be something you might be able to pinpoint! Hope you can pin down what foods she's allergic to, too! She has to be miserable!
No, I haven't actually because I really wasn't expecting them to come back and say "food allergies". I figured it was just her colitis flaring up again. She eats the widest range of food of all my kids so it's going to be hard if we have to pinpoint what's causing the issues on our own. Hopefully allergy testing will be able to tell. 

Any news? I have been praying hard for you guys! 
Not yet... :( Still waiting for the call from the Eosinophilia Clinic to schedule her appt. The GI clinic here in town told me to be patient, so I'm trying to be patient... but that's not my strongest area. Shocker, I know! LOL 

Those of us with severe allergies to scents and perfumes will run from bathrooms with this, just like we run from tp that is scented. You know how some kids have severe nut allergies? Well, ditto for some of us to fragrances and scents. Real scents are not bad, you know- I am a huge Gardner and flower fan! 
I didn't even know they made scented TP! LOL I doubt many public places would use these in their bathrooms. It's pretty expensive. I think it's more geared for home use. Speaking of which!! I totally forgot to pick a winner for the giveaway! Someone needs to keep me in check on those things! LOL I will do that later today. :) 

That is awesome! And I couldn't help but notice on the picture where Chloe is bent down, that her jacket is embroidered with the word, "Chole" :D 
HA! I never even noticed that! Too funny!

Has Allie been on tv yet? I haven't seen her at all! I hope she didn't replace Paige and Brooke! 
No not yet, the new season is supposed to start in 2013 sometime.

 I am in love with the view of the mountains that you have each and every day that you look outside! It's beautiful!
I love it too!! Every morning when I drive the kids to school I stop at the end of our street and look at the mountains for a second. They're so pretty!! I always get sad when they're fogged in and I can't see them, but that doesn't happen too often... only when it's snowing or raining up there. ;) 

So cute! I can't believe Kass still wanted to trick or treat with you! We lost Emily last year! 
So far she's good with hanging with us. I think she likes seeing Kenn and Keeghan get all excited. ;) We'll see what happens next year. haha

Renee, who told our 1999 babies they could go growing up on us like this?
I know! I swear they were just starting Kindergarten! LOL 

PS--you've got a lot of birthdays in a row. You must either be exhausted or flying high from all the sugar involved!! :) 
A little of both! LOL We have SO much cake here it's ridiculous! LOL 

How is your mom doing with her 
Ahhh it's been rough. School is overwhelming, over-stimulating and she's pretty much out of control right now. My mom and her teacher are working to try to come up with a good plan to help her, but everyone is really frustrated and exhausted. This is why I ended up pulling her out of 3 different preschools... because without the right structure and routine, she just can't cope and ends up injuring herself and/or others and destroying things. I'm not sure she'll ever be able to succeed in a typical school setting. *sigh*
How much longer on the Deployment doughnut? Have not seen it in a while. (hugs) 
We are getting there!! Not too much longer!! It's the home stretch now, thank the Lord! Been a very long year! :) 

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Dear Kassidy,
Today you turn into a teenager. This is the day that many parents dread... the teenage years can be scary... not only for parents, but for teenagers as well!! There are so many changes that are happening in your life, and these are the years when you get to decide who you are... what crowd you're going to join... and if you're going to lead or follow.

I've been joking with you for several weeks now that despite your impending birthday, you aren't "allowed" to turn 13 until I say so. Because I have that kind of power. ;) Part of me wants to keep you little forever. I want to protect you from the world and all the things out there that can hurt you. I want us to stay close. I love that you can talk to me about important things and that we can laugh together about silly things. I love that you tell me little things about your day... it makes me feel involved in your life. I love that in so many ways, you're still my little girl.

Kassidy, you are the most amazing big sister in the whole wide world. Kennedy adores you and I know that feeling is mutual. I love to watch your bond with her. It's so beautiful it makes me want to cry. I love the very different relationships you have with each of your brothers... even when they drive you crazy! ;) You are growing into such a wonderful young lady and I so appreciate all the help you give me around the house every day. I love to watch you learn more and more about the Lord and grow in your walk with Him. I love that you are seeking out time with Him and forging friendships with others who are doing the same.

And so, with that being said, welcome to the teenage years my sweet girl. I promise to nag you about your school work and your chores around the house. I promise to ask you where you're going, who you're going with, when you'll be back and then check up on you. A lot. I promise to enforce rules and curfew and I promise if you break those, there will be hell to pay. I promise to trust you, but trust is earned and if you break that trust, it will be hard to earn it back again. I promise to be here, always, to listen - without judgment. If you ever have a problem, a fight with a friend, or need my help, I am here. If you need me, I will always, always, always make time for you. Most importantly, I promise to pray for you every day as you navigate these crazy years of your life and I promise to love you unconditionally.

Happy 13th Birthday my daughter, I love you to the moon and back.


Saturday, November 3, 2012


Dear Kameron,
Today you turn 11!! This might be the craziest birthday weekend EVER. We've been going non-stop for days and that will continue for a few more days, but it's mostly fun stuff, so that's good! :) This is such an exciting year for you, Kam! You've been doing so much fun stuff in school and in drama class and in choir. I have loved watching your interests grow and change and develop. I can hardly believe this is your last year of elementary school... I have been enjoying all your "lasts" with you... last field trips, last class parties, last carnivals. I'm so thankful you still want me there for all these special days! I love spending time with you. :)

Thanks for being such a great kid, Kam! You have been such a help to me this past year while dad has been deployed. I appreciate your willingness to step in and help around the house, to play with your siblings so I can get stuff done (even if Keeghan DOES drive you crazy sometimes!) and no matter what, we can always count on you to keep us laughing! I love to hear your silly jokes and stories and see all the fun things you come up with every day.

Happy Birthday, my son!! I hope this is your best birthday weekend yet... from your school party yesterday to your birthday dinner tonight and then your birthday party with friends tomorrow, it's sure to be a fun, sugar-filled weekend!! I hope being 11 is totally awesome for you!!

I love you so much.