Monday, February 4, 2013

Poor Kam!

Yesterday morning, Kassidy and Kameron were out in our backyard playing with Kokonut. Frank and I were getting the house ready for our Super Bowl party when Kam came in the door crying. Hard. He said, "Mom, I hit my thumb with a rock." And he showed me a thumb dripping with blood. I told him to come over to the sink and started cleaning it off to see how bad it was. His nail had clearly been hit hard and blood was pouring out of it. I got it clean and put pressure on it and gave him some Motrin. After he settled down, I called my friend Kristin, who is a nurse, for advice. She said to keep an eye on it and see how it does and that he might lose the nail.

When his friends got to the house, he kind of perked up and had fun playing with them so I thought maybe it would be ok. However, it bled throughout the afternoon and night... and Kam is NOT a fan of blood so every time I changed his bandages, he had to sit down so he wouldn't pass out. Poor kid!

We found out last night that this rock (which is really more like a brick... it's part of a little wall in our backyard) had fallen and Kass and Kam were picking it up to put it back. Kass thought Kameron's hand was out of the way and dropped it back into place... on top of Kam's thumb. Ouch! Not sure Kameron will ever let Kassidy live that down! LOL

This morning I called as soon as his doctor's office opened and got him an appointment. His ped put a hole in the top of Kam's nail with this hot pen thing. It must not be used too often in that office because all the nurses came in to watch! LOL They were hoping it would relieve some of the pressure under his nail but I don't think they got as big of a result as they were hoping for. :( Kam stayed conscious though so I was happy!

After that, his ped sent us for an x-ray of his thumb, just to be sure nothing was broken, then Frank, Kameron and I went to lunch. They called while we were eating and said his thumb IS broken. :( Poor guy!! Tomorrow we have to go see an orthopedist. I'm not too sure what they're going to do, if anything, but we're seeing the same one that Kass went to when she broke her arm a couple years ago, so at least I know they're good. In the meantime, Kameron is just happy that it's his right thumb since he's left handed and he's hoping they aren't going to do anything too painful tomorrow.

I will spare you a picture of his thumb because it's not pretty, but here is Kam at lunch today... obviously he will live! ;o)

This afternoon I stopped by Kam's classroom to pick up his homework and I noticed this in the hallway. I thought it was cute so I took a picture to share. I love his imagination!! :)


Lynn said...

Hope his finger heals quickly!
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Holly Aytes said...

Oh no! Hope he gets a good report today and they don't do anything too painful!

Darlene said...

Poor Kam!!! And I'm sure Kass will here about it for the rest of her life!!!!! Hope today goes smoothly!!! Love the dragon and his imagination!!!!!!! Good Luck today!!!

Jen T. said...

That is a great picture story...seriously impressed.

Hope his thumb heals quickly!

The Sumulong 3 said...

I feel the same way Kameron does about blood.........down I go if I see it!

I hope his thumb heals quickly. And what a talented writer and artist he is, Renee!

Anne B. said...

OUCH!!! Hurts me just thinking about it! But I do love his 3 headed dragon and the story to go with it! And most kids would want the disaster on their good hand to get OUT of work. He's a good kid!! Anxiously awaiting word on today's appt! ((((HUGS)))!!!

Notsopc said...

Ouch,,, I feel his pain except mine was the big toe.. The doctor drained the blood from my toe with a unraveled paper clip.. Glad to know they have an instrument now.. Toenail fell off and grew back.. Since I missed this and saw where he went to the doctors.. Hope it heals quick..