Sunday, February 17, 2013

Q&A #256

 Hope the move goes do plan on posting some pics of the new house, right?
Oh yes we will! We are just settling in still. The kids' bedrooms are all done except for ordering decals for their walls. Kassidy and Kameron still need to decide which ones they want. The master bedroom and the garage is a ridiculous mess. I don't even want to think about it! LOL We still need to hang some pictures too but that's low on my priority list. ;) 

We did a move that way once....about 17 miles....and it worked pretty well. Although I must admit there are still boxes in the basement that have remain unpacked for 10 years. Maybe we should sell them as "surprise boxes" for $10 each???
Haha that's a great idea! I could do that with some boxes from my garage too!! LOL 

They look great. Does Kass naturally have those blonde streaks or are they dyed?
Those would be highlights! That was the first time she ever got them and I think it looks so pretty on her. :) She said it felt like someone was painting her hair! HA! 

Where is Cameron's top from? I love it!!  
Crazy 8! I love that store!! :) 

Aahhhhh.....the poor victim whose legs and feet are hanging out of K's locker in the pic....LOL! Keeghan is too funny! I hope he's right though!! Your little ones are so precious! 
Haha! Those would be Charlie's legs!! We were over at the new house today and it seems like Kennedy may be claiming Kass' closet as her new hideout! LOL She disappeared in there for like an hour! Good thing it's a walk in! ;) 

I was just wondering if you all have gotten to see your mom and Kellsey lately? I know you haven't mentioned anything about seeing each other through the holidays, and I can imagine that your mom is missing the rest of the Special K's (and you) a lot by now! :) I know you are busy, but thanks for still checking in and keeping us updated on your family.
No we haven't seen them. My mom went to see her mom (my grandma) for Christmas because her health has been shaky. 

And bacon pancakes???? Oh yum....when is the next serving....I'm there!!! (((HUGS)))! 
Come on over any time! I'm sure Frank will cook some right up for you! :) 

 Things to thInk about doing: art museum, very good activIties to engage kids in art including dress up!, zoo (the indoor Tropical Discoverybor Bird World), Downtown Aquarium ( not my fave, ESP. If you've been to those by the ocean), I have heard there is a doll hospital near downtown as well as a museum of miniatures. Enjoy! 
Thanks! That's a great list!! We went to the zoo this time but we'll have to check out the others some other time! :) 

Does she compete against kids her own age when doing a solo? 
Yes she does. Last year she was in a lower division but this year she bumped up to the juniors which is tough competition!! As long as she does her best and has a good time, I'm happy! :) 

Milk man???? You really have one? I am pretty certain we don't have any milk men here in MI... but if we do, I want one! 
We DO!! It's great!! I can't tell you how many times Frank or I have run to the store JUST for milk... now it just shows up at my door every Thursday morning. :) 

Do you guys still have a milk man?! Does he actually bring milk to your house?
Yep! And cheese, eggs, bread, chocolate milk, egg nog, butter, cookie dough and a few other things. We have a standing weekly order for 4 gallons of milk and then we can order extra stuff as needed. AND the prices are comparable to the grocery store! 

Lol on the milk man. Did you move back to the 1950s?
Yes. And I love it! LOL 

What do you mean by milk man? I dont think thats something we have in FL?
It's a company out here and they come by once a week (before we get up) and deliver all the stuff I listed above. We have a milk box on our porch and he leaves our stuff in there and then when we finish the bottles we put the empty ones back in. :) We didn't have one in TN either but all my friends use them out here and it really has been convenient!  

I have a feeling that no, the dog won't stop barking. Maybe put something in front of the bottom of the window?
We actually ended up moving him out of that room because he didn't stop! LOL He's such a good little guard dog. "Little" being the operative word. ;)

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Monicas Mom Musings said...

Okay, I missed this milk man thing, but I'm wondering is the box insulated so on hot days it doesn't spoil the milk? I would be so afraid I'd forget about it. Wouldn't be too big of a deal in the winter, but the rest of the year, especially the summer might not work out so well.