Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow Day!

Thanks to 7 inches of snow that fell in Colorado Springs last night, the kids had a snow day today... this is only our second one of the school year and definitely the most snow we've had here since we moved here, so the kids were really excited! Unfortunately, Kam's audition was postponed because of the snow so we have to watch for a new date.

Kassidy still got to go to her dentist appointment... yay! LOL She was super brave and a trooper. They used some nitrous oxide and she stayed calm and collected. I, on the other hand, got a little lightheaded when they were stitching her gum closed. *shudder* Here's a picture right after she got her braces on... she only has four brackets right now and no wire yet because they want her gum to heal first. She has to go back in 3 weeks for an adjustment and see when they're going to put the wire on her braces.

After we had some lunch the kids wanted to go play in the snow. Kass was not feeling up to going outside so she and I hung out by the fire and watched a movie. Frank went out with the other 3 and they had fun throwing snowballs and making a snowman... Kokonut went out for awhile too, but he ended up getting cold and came back in with us. Smart dog. ;) 

 What is this cold wet stuff?! 

 Right in the face! Nice shot, Kennedy!

 Don't hit me again!

 Hi mom!!

 Kameron's giving them instructions

 Silly hat!

 The boys with the snowman... Kennedy wimped out and came inside by this point

Keeghan named him Bob. LOL 

Anyway, that was our fun day (not so fun for Kass!). We're going to try to stay warm tonight and pray for another snow day tomorrow! ;) 


Anne B. said...

LOVE Kameron's hat....It would look great on Bob!!!
Poor Kass....but I'm envious of the nitrous oxide....that's the best thing EVER at the dentist!!! She looks a little "shaken" after her ordeal and I pray that she is feeling much better by morning and that she, too, can enjoy a snow day!! (((HUGS)))!!!

Becky Schafer said...

I had to have actual oral surgery to get toa tooththat was growing in pointed down towards my chin! I feel her pain! Hope she feels better soon!

Lynn said...

Nice back yard!
Praying in Seattle!
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Charla said...

I LOVE Mr. Snowman's Potato Head features. :-D