Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Little Family Update

It's been busy busy in the Garcia household! But when isn't it?? ;)

Last week Keeghan had a field trip to the fire and police departments. He was so excited he could barely sleep the night before! ;) Unfortunately, parents weren't allowed to go on this field trip so I couldn't go, but his teacher did send me a picture! 

My child in the back of a cop car... every parent's dream! LOL 

We did get to go meet them for lunch at Chic-Fil-A, which was fun and just slightly chaotic!! ;) I think that was his last field trip of the year. Kameron has one coming up soon and I threw my name in the hat to chaperone but you have to be "chosen". We'll see if I get lucky. ;) 

It was also my birthday last week. I turned 29. Again. ;) We went out to dinner and it was really nice. I love spending time with my family!! 

Kassidy started soccer practice last week and is excited to get back together with her team and her coach and get ready for the new season. Thankfully the weather appears to be warming up... but every time I wash my van it seems to snow, so who knows! ;) I think her first game is the end of March. :) 

We've gone to a few birthday parties for friends... one where Kennedy got to be a fashion model on Project Runway (or something like that!) ;) 
She won the award for "Best Diva" ... but of course! ;) 

And speaking of Diva! Check out Kennedy's new head shot! This was taken by my friend Carmen and will be used at her upcoming dance competitions and pageants. I love it! 

Last night we found out that Kameron got into the middle school that he SO badly wants to go to next year! I'm SO excited for him!! This could be a good stepping stone for him if he wants a career in media or theater or anything fine arts related. This school has so much to offer and I know he's going to have so much fun there. I asked him if I could go to school with him next year but he said I'd have to find some magical youth pill first. What?! I don't look a day over... well... anyway. I'm excited to hear about his year and be there for all his performances!! 

This morning was our elementary school's annual "Family Breakfast" which means that we had to be at school super early. *bleh* We skipped it last year... Have I mentioned that we are NOT morning people?! But this year Kameron got to serve breakfast since he's on Student Council so we bought tickets and went to eat. It was fun visiting with friends and Kennedy filled up on eggs while Keeghan filled up on bacon! HA!! Frank couldn't go unfortunately because he has "Mandatory FUN Day" at work. Yep. He HAS to go have fun. HA! I'm sure it'll be a BLAST! Or not. :/

The kids have tomorrow off school... I'm not really sure why... but I'll take it! We'll be gearing up for another competition weekend which is here in town thank goodness. Kennedy performs at 7:00 in the morning on Saturday which will be interesting. I keep joking that I'm going to give her coffee for breakfast, but you know what they say, behind every joke is a half truth. Don't judge me! (Don't worry, I don't think she'd really drink coffee... caffeine pills anyone?!... I'm KIDDING!) 

Next week we have dentist appointments for Kass and Kenn on different days, a school-wide presentation for World Down Syndrome Day, Parent Teacher Conferences to end the quarter and then more days off school to start Spring Break! Woohoo! We also have 2 college students coming over to talk to us about inclusion in the school system and what works and what *ahem* doesn't. So that should be fun! On the 24th we take off for a much needed vacation where I will take my REAL camera and take LOTS of pictures... but I mostly plan on sleeping and laying by the pool while the kids swim... and then do a whole lot of NOTHING! Yep, that sounds great! :) 

OH and before I go, Kassidy would be sad if I didn't say... 

From one non-math geek to all of you out there. ;) 


Kristin said...

I am a special education inclusion teacher that teaches 3rd grade. I have to commend you on being so in tune with both of your children's educational needs. Teaching inclusion I know it can be and is successful. I also know that not all children are always candidates for 100% inclusion during the school day. I absolutely commend you on recognizing what each one of your individual children need and realizing it's not always the same thing just because they are both considered "special needs" (I hate that phrase!). I wish that all parents were like you, it would definitely make my job a little easier. I always tell my kids... Fair means getting what you need and not everybody needs the same things to be successful. :)

Anne B. said...

LOL....non-math geek...I so hear you! Happy Pi day to the kids as well. I did hear that on the news today!Kennedy's head shot is GORGEOUS!!! Congrats to Kameron (for getting into the school) and to Kennedy (for winning the Diva contest)!!! Happy Birthday to you, awesome Mom!! Love all of these pics....a super happy post!! Glad you have a vacation in the works and some relaxing to look forward to! (((BIG HUGS)))!!!

my family said...

aww happy belated birthday, too funny Im 29 too:)