Thursday, March 7, 2013

Breakfast with my Babes

This morning, Frank came in to give me a kiss goodbye and let me know he was going to work. I kept my eyes closed tightly and puckered my lips for a kiss. My alarm had gone off a few times already and I had quickly hit the snooze button for a few more minutes of sleep. I didn't have to get up quite yet. As Frank walked out of the room, I heard Kameron talking to him in hushed tones. That wasn't unusual... Kameron is my early bird. He's often up before the sun, rattling around in his room, trying hard not to wake everyone else up. But something started nagging at my mind...

It's Thursday.... Something is happening today.

Suddenly it hit me and my eyes flew open to look at my clock just as Kameron walked into my room. At the same time we said, "Student council meeting today!"

Every other week Kameron has a student council meeting an hour before school. Until today it's always worked out that Frank has been home to take him and I haven't had to worry about it. I knew I'd have to take him today but it slipped my mind. I jumped out of bed and got into morning mode. I woke Keeghan up and promised him that if he moved quickly we'd run through a drive thru and grab some pancakes for breakfast.

I carried Kennedy from her bed to the bathroom. She whined at me. "Mama! It's NOT time yet!" She is her mother's daughter. "I know, baby," I said, "But we have to go early today. How about we go get pancakes?"  She pried open her eyes that were still shut tightly and peeked at me... "Can we go IN?" She asked. She loves to go inside restaurants. Welllllll.... I told her we would have to see.

We got everyone dressed, hair mostly combed and teeth brushed and buckled in the car in less than 30 minutes. I kissed Kassidy goodbye who walked out the door to head to her school at the same time we did and we made it to school in time to drop Kameron off for his meeting. Success!

With an hour to kill, I debated whether or not we could go in and eat somewhere or if we should stick to a drive thru. I decided that if they were a few minutes late to school, it wouldn't really matter, so we took a chance and went to Denny's.

Over chocolate chip pancakes and hot cocoa, we discussed the really important things happening in our world... like "What kind of sea creature IS Plankton and does he really own a hamburger place under the sea?" We did dot-to-dot on the menu while Kennedy tried to convince me to put whipped cream in my coffee... which I didn't do. ;)

We finished up and cleaned the chocolate and syrup off our hands and faces just in time to get on our way to school. We pulled into the car circle just as the first bell rang and the kids jumped out and ran off to class after they blew me a kiss... I came home and googled Plankton.

Just in case you were wondering, he does NOT really have a hamburger joint on the bottom of the ocean.


Rebecca said...

That was awesome.

Anne B. said...

Love this!!! What a great way to start the day!! (((HUGS)))!!!

lmworley416 said...

Glad you remembered in time!
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Heather said...

Yeah, those before-school activities... Alec had chorus once a week before it ended in January and there were a couple times I forgot... Plankton fans here, we like to sing his version of the fun song LOL. Glad to see Kennedy is better! Cute pic of her and her buddy Keeghan.

Emma Stormy said...

*Gracie always, always wants to go in!

*We love Dennys and despite having every restaurant in the world around us, we do not have a Dennys, sadly.

*This morning on the way to Gracie's softball tournament, I (likewise) 'bribed' Gracie to hurry and get ready. She want a McD's Sausage McGriddle and I told her she could have one if she got ready quickly (which she did, :-) )