Saturday, March 30, 2013

Vacation Pictures - Part 1 - Tim's Place

We are back!! Have ya missed me? Well... if you're my friend on Facebook, I know you haven't because you all went on vacation with us! ;) But for everyone else, I kind of just faded away for a bit. I actually took my computer with me because I had some PTA stuff and 5th grade graduation stuff that I wanted to be working on, but I never even turned it on... which is probably a good thing. (Remind me of that when I'm up late for the next 2 weeks getting everything done!) ;) Then I had a post scheduled by a guest blogger and realized today that it never posted... so I guess I'll post that later. Oops! 

We had a fabulous time in Las Vegas!! We had no schedule, took detours we weren't planning on, didn't know what we were doing for the day until we got up that morning, and just... relaxed. Don't get me wrong, we had fun and I am TIRED! haha But it's a different kind of tired... it's a "I had a great time with my family who I love so much that I don't even mind doing the 10 loads of laundry we created while we were gone" kind of tired. :)

I, of course, have a bunch of pictures. There are some on Facebook but those are only the ones I took with my phone and I really DID take my real camera this time so I'll post all the pictures here over the next few days and tell you about all our adventures.

On our way to Vegas we decided to take the Southern route to avoid snow in Utah... This was good planning, trust me! So as we hit New Mexico, something rang in my memory. Ohhhh yeah. Tim's Place is here!! (If you don't know about Tim's Place, be sure to go read! I'll wait!) I looked it up online and saw that they didn't serve dinner and so we would miss it. So, we talked and decided that since we were all pretty tired and already way ahead of schedule anyway, that we would spend the night in Santa Fe (the hotel there was... um... not pretty. *sigh*) and so we got to hit up Tim's Place in Albuquerque for breakfast. :)

We got to Tim's Place around 8:30 and the waitress noticed Kennedy (and my camera) almost right away. She asked if we would like to meet Tim and we said, "Uhhh YES!" So Tim came out to say hello, saw Kennedy and got a huge smile on his face. He decided to sit and chat with us. We had lots of questions for him, of course... it's not every day you get to eat breakfast with the owner of a restaurant. Tim leads a pretty exciting life! He's been to a lot of fun places like the Bahamas (which he said he would take us to someday... I plan on holding him to that! haha) and he has a girlfriend who he plans on marrying someday. He said we can come to the wedding but he'll probably have to rent out a football stadium because so many people will be coming. I believe that!

He kept telling Kennedy that she was awesome and amazing and that she can do anything she wants to do... to which she replied, "I know." :) They talked about Facebook and friends and dance and hot chocolate and coffee and their favorite foods. They talked about school, and Kennedy told him she wants to work at Claire's... or own a flower shop (which was news to me! LOL).
 Kennedy and Tim
Talking about life... 

It was a great morning for all of us. Kassidy, Kameron and Keeghan thought Tim was awesome and they had a great time hanging out with him... It was great for them to see that individuals with Down syndrome really can do anything they set their mind to. I have told them for years, but it's different seeing it in action. Tim is an amazing role model for all kids - with and without Ds. :) 

One last picture... 

And a goodbye hug :) 

We look forward to seeing Tim this Summer at the NDSC convention in Denver! I know it will be awesome! :) 

More pictures later... 


Joy said...

That's soooo awesome that Kennedy got to meet Tim! He Sounds like a great guy!!

lmworley416 said...

This is great!
Vivit! He lives! We have hope because He lives! Praying!
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impatient patient said...

what a fabulous opportunity! i love meetings like this-meetings that unite sharp minds, generous, gentle hearts, vibrant personalities, unique talents and abilities, and kindred spirits. it is such a gift for your family to know tim AND for tim to know your wonderful family. thanks for sharing this meeting with readers like me! the pictures posted are heart-warming, too.

while i know this visit to Tim's Place was about so much more than ordering and eating food, i have to ask: how was the restaurant?! what did you guys end up ordering for breakfast?

as for kennedy's recently uttered aspirations/career choice du jour, she will do well no matter what she ends up doing. she will rise to meet her potential as she has shown over and over again in her young life. that being said, kennedy might be on the right track in thinking about a career in (and being obsessed with) claire's/fashion. i think she'd make a wonderful stylist since she's a natural fashionista! plus, kennedy seems as made to model as certain garments are (made) ready-to-wear! in other words, it could be a potentially perfect fit, if that is where her heart leads her. she has some time to figure it out, though! ; )

all good wishes to you, your mister, and your specials ks this easter morning.

my family said...

oh how wonderful, can I say Im a little jealous?

Janice said...

Tears, what a beautiful story! Love Kennedy's response!

Anne B. said...

Sounds like Tim's Place made up for the hotel!! A MILLION TIMES OVER!!!! This is a precious memory and I have a feeling that Kennedy will remember it always.....all those years from now when she herself is a successful young business person!! Amazing story!! (((HUGS)))!!!
PS Glad you are back and that you were having fun! I DID miss you! :)