Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Myself Belts

Any parent who has a child with Down syndrome knows that one of their big struggles is fine motor skills. Buttoning, snapping, zipping, and hand writing many times doesn't come as easy to our kids as they do to others...

When Kassidy was little, someone told me about these awesome belts called "Myself Belts". They are made for young kids who have trouble with those fine motor skills so they can achieve independence. Kassidy loved this belt and wore it with every pair of pants whether she needed a belt or not! LOL About a year ago I found it in one of our many boxes of outgrown clothes and pulled it out for Kennedy. She was thrilled because it was pink, of course, and because she could do it herself. 

So you snap the belt around the first belt loop and then thread it through the other loops. The end has velcro so your child can "unbuckle" and "buckle" it back up themselves.

The Myself Belt comes in many different sizes and designs for boys and girls all the way up to belts for teens. They also have personalized belts which is pretty cool! There are lots of ways to make these fun! The only con is that it's not very adjustable, but they're not too expensive so when they outgrow one, you can just buy the next size up. If you buy two, you get free shipping!

Anyway, if you have a small child with special needs or not, be sure to check out Myself Belts. I promise you'll be happy with them. :)


Anne B. said...

Great idea but what I really love is the look on Kennedy's face in the first pic!! She's just so darn cute!! And by the way, I have a belt similar to that that I bought's leather but with a velcro closure. And it's for big people! LOL! (((HUGS)))!

lmworley416 said...

Definitely a great idea!
Know that you're in my thoughts and prayers!
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