Monday, April 22, 2013

Q&A #259

I'm totally going to humiliate Natalie right now, but she used to call him Bear in the Blues Clues House, lol. I guess she wanted to combine all of her favorites into one ;).
Haha! That's so cute!! Kassidy used to LOVE Blue's Clues! That was her VERY favorite show. I kind of miss it. ;) 

I'm not sure if the rest of the country is still getting daily reminders of Sandy Hook, but here in CT we are. Breaks my heart. Happy belated Birthday to sweet James. 
We are not getting daily reminders here... it stopped probably in January which is really sad. I think about it almost daily. At least every time I drop the kids off at school. I watch them walk into the building and just say a little prayer. They should be safe at school... but you just never know. :( 

I don't think I want any flavored sodas! LOL BTW, I am dying to know did you love having that table in the van between the seats? That came out on the models the year after we got ours. I have thought about how neat it would be to have for long drives (not that we go on many of those) but then wondered if I would really get much use out of it :) 
We do love having that table for long road trips! It's very convenient for the kids for eating on the road, coloring, using their laptops for watching movies and stuff like that. The only thing it's NOT useful for is every day driving because the middle seats HAVE to be facing backwards to have the table up and that's just not conducive for the quick trip to the store, know what I mean?? So it's not like we use it all the time, but when we DO use it, we really like it! 

That burger was huge! How did he even bite into it?! Looks like you guys had fun though! 
I'm not exactly sure... LOL I was so busy eating my own, smaller version of that burger, that I didn't watch him eat! haha I think he cheated and used a fork! ;) 

that is TOO cute!!!! I LOVE pink flowers Kennedy!!! What kind of plant is it??? I will drive out and be her first customer when she opens her shop for sure!!!!!! :) 
It's called a Kalanchoe... so far it's still alive and thankfully it only has to be watered once a week so it may stand a chance in our busy household! haha

been enjoying the pictures but really???? you all are smiling and I can see how high you are, almost makes me ill to think about that ride
We may have been smiling out of fear. LOL Just kidding, it really was fun!!! 

Awesome pics! I'm with Kennedy - I wouldn't be getting near the outside glass wall that high up! You're so brave to do that ride! 
We definitely discovered that Kennedy has a fear of heights on this trip. We watched some acrobats at Circus Circus and Kennedy cried the whole time because she thought the woman was going to fall to her death. I kept thinking, "You don't even know her, why are you crying?!" LOL She has such a tender heart! 

these all look so amazing and you guys had a blast, I was wondering have you guys visited Kelsey recently?
We have not. Kellsey is working hard at settling into a routine and the kids here are working hard at healing. We don't want to mess that up for any of them. 

Call me crazy, but isn't the POINT of a dorm curfew to keep you in after said time?
No, really it was just to keep the boys out of the girls dorm and the girls out of the boys dorm. We fixed that. ;)

This California friend does NOT like Cracker Barrel!!! But I'm the weird one who doesn't like In-n-out either!!! 
Ohhh Kelly LOL. At least you'll go to El Pollo Loco with me! LOL 

Wow, I never realised that Pete and Kennedy were diagnosed so close together. Tomorrow is Pete's 6th anniversary of being diagnosed with leukaemia as well, but ALL instead of AML. And unfortunately, Pete is still fighting. I don't know if you are interested in following his FB page, but it is here.
I didn't realize they were diagnosed so close together either Bridget!! I'm so sorry Pete is still fighting!! Sending all my prayer warriors to Pete's page to be praying for your brave warrior!! He can beat this!!!

oh, my. Boring?! Seriously?! Oh, Renee! You'll LOVE it. I promise! 
I just can't do it. LOL 

Same reasons I've never seen it, and won't!
See Laura, I'm not alone! ;) 

 I happened to slip on the mouse and it went over the picture of Frank, The one that says Can I be Frank... After all this time I find out that it was his blog. I would have loved to follow him during his deployment. I always just thought it was a picture.. 
Yes that is his blog! He hasn't updated it in ages! Maybe one day he'll get back to it again... He gets a little irritated with the snarky commenters and tells them what he really thinks which goes over REALLY well! haha Such are the joys of blogging! ;) 


BridgetPirie said...

Renee, you nearly made me cry by mentioning Pete. Thank you so much. I have been following Kennedy's page for so long that you guys seem sort of like super stars to me. I didn't even really think you would read my reply. It was so lovely of you to mention Pete on your post.I really didn't expect you to share Pete's FB page, but I am extremely grateful that you did. A million thank yous, and hoping that cancer is long in your past and never rears it's ugly head in your family again.
Bridget said...

Questions inspired by the questions! So- with the modifications- do you suggest them? Does the Reg Ed , the Resource teacher or the therapists? How specifically are they written in the IEP? Have you had to come up with them on your own? Accomodations vs goals- do you have many academic goals or do you focus on accomodations first and if those don’t work move on to a goal? I was told here that the math and reading taught in resource is not the same curriculum as what is being learned in Gen ed. So that if the child is pulled for math resource even during the math time in class, they aren’t getting one on one attention assisting with what they are being pulled from. They work on “resource math which come from SRA.” Which it seems would then put them at a disadvantage come testing times. I’ve also been told to be weary here about taking the option of the alternative testing because it means that then they are no longer on a regular diploma track. - Cole