Sunday, April 7, 2013

Vacation Pictures - Part 3 - Las Vegas

More, more, more pictures!!

M&M World :)

 The girls watching the 3D show


The M&M Race Car

 The only Easter Bunny the kids got to see this year. ;)

 Kam in front of the pirate ship at Treasure Island

 And Keeghan too ;)

Only in Vegas... We saw another guy who had a sign that said, "My family was killed by Ninjas... need money for karate lessons." LOL He got a chuckle out of me. ;)

 Keeghan was mesmerized by the exploding volcano!!! 


 It was totally amazing!

Dinner at Rio with our friends Kelli and Philip

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Anne B. said...

MORE FUN!!!! So makes me want to be part of a Garcia Family Vacation!!! :) (((BIG HUGS)))!!