Sunday, May 26, 2013

Graduation Day!!

Sorry it's been a little quiet around here lately. The last week of school is always busy with parties to plan, last minute homework to turn in, and other things to do. This year was especially busy because Kameron was getting ready to graduate from Elementary school!! His school puts on a GREAT day for the outgoing 5th graders and I was so excited to be a part of it. It took lots of hands from lots of moms and dads to make the day happen!!

In the morning there was a continuation/promotion/graduation ceremony (I'm still not exactly sure what it was called lol). It was really nice. They had a student from each class share their memories from their school years there and the principal shared some words then each child got a certificate. After that was a slideshow which I've been working hard on for the last couple weeks with the help of a few other moms (and Kameron!) and it went off really well!

Kameron getting his certificate

After that was a nice reception with LOTS of cake and then the kids took off to play games, sing with the karaoke machine, take pictures in front of a photo booth, and change into their new t-shirts... try finding your kid when they're all wearing the same gray t-shirt... it's not so easy! haha

Kam with his 5th grade teacher

Kam with 2 of his best friends... love these boys!!


 The photo booth ;) 

Goofy boys!

The kids paraded through the halls to say goodbye to the rest of the school and give a flower and card to a teacher who has touched their lives in a significant way. Kameron chose his 4th grade teacher... Then each of the 132 fifth graders got a helium balloon and we did a massive balloon release so they could say goodbye to their elementary school years... it was really kind of cool with the mountains in the background. :)

THEN they headed in for a lunch full of pizza and caffeine before heading back to the 5th grade pod for all you can eat popcorn and snow cones while they signed yearbooks. At the end of the day there were some tears (more from the girls than the boys) as this amazing class dispersed. They will be heading off to MANY different middle schools this fall... some in other states, most here in town... I can't wait to see what these kids do with their lives. They have been fun to get to know over the last two years and I know they will do amazing things as they grow. I am excited that Kameron will have a few great friends going with him to middle school... it's going to be an adventure!!

Happy graduation, Kam!! We're so proud of you!!


Monicas Mom Musings said...

Congrats Kam! So some of his classmates are going to his new school with him? Lucky him. Kaitlyn won't know any of her new classmates in her new school.

I'm getting so excited for all of these end of the year activities around here with technically 3 graduates ;). We still have another 4 weeks of school though, lol. Sounds like they really give your kids a nice send off.

Notsopc said...

Congratulations Kameron.. Now on to middle school.. Hope you love that school as much as you believe you will.. Will look forward to your adventures..

Lynn said...

Great photos! Congrats!
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Anne B. said...

Congratulations Kameron!! I know you are looking forward to your next school adventure!! Looks like you had a great graduation celebration to remember! Now on to an awesome summer!! (((HUGS))) from RI!