Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mother's Day Tea

This afternoon I went to a Mother's Day Tea in Kameron's classroom. It was so much fun! They served us our choice of tea, and then we got to listen to poems that they wrote for us. Some were really sweet and others were hilarious!! They've been working a lot on writing this year... in fact, each student published two books!! I just got Kameron's last week and haven't had a chance to read them yet, but I can't wait!! I love his teacher! He's done so much with his class this year. :)

Anyway, here is the card that Kam gave me and the poem he wrote. I thought it was so good! (Though a tissue warning may have been nice...) I love my little creative writer! (He did all the cross stitching on the front of the card, too... he's a boy of many talents.) ;)

By: Kameron J. Garcia

Darkness surrounds, I am filled with fright, 
But in all the horror you are my shining light.
I am happy to have you as a mom,
You're my comfort, you're the bomb!

Life can make me turn and twist, 
When I want to give up, you make me persist. 
You are my shelter in the giant storm,
In the cold hard world, you keep me warm.

You are the sun, lighting the way,
You are the sea, pushing me to bay.
I am the boat, sailing for land,
You are the wind, giving me a hand. 

You are the lioness, protecting your kids, 
You tell me what to forbid.
My sun, my moon,
Leaving, then coming soon.

You gave me food, you gave me a house,
You are my shelter, I am a mouse.
I am happy to have a parent like you,
I couldn't find a better mom from here to Timbuktu!

We have our arguments, we have some fights,
But you are still more awesome that hot air balloon flights!
Though that would be a delight!

Moms everywhere get their special day, 
But I just can't say,
How awesome you are,
You are my shining star!

Nothing could compare
To any mom from anywhere.
You make me feel great, 
Especially when you put food on my plate.

You may not be that strong,
But I still love you lifelong.
You guide when I'm lost,
You warm me from the frost.
To me you have been the best,
You're a cut above the rest!

You make me really happy,
Now I'm not going to get sappy.
But I have a few words that will blow your mind,
You are one of a kind!!

Aww!! I'm definitely keeping this card forever and ever!! :) 


Notsopc said...

What a kid.... That was super nice..

Mundane Momma said...

That's amazing! It made me cry! You are one lucky mom!

Lynn said...

Aw! Gotta wonder what he's afraid of, though!
Praying in Seattle!
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Anne B. said...

So incredibly sweet, that elder son of yours!!! He really put some time into that one!! I think he's a really special son with a really special mom!! Yay Kameron!!! (((HUGS)))!!!

JoDee said...

That is so awesome. You have really great kids and very talented.