Sunday, May 12, 2013

Remembering Emilie

Today is Mother's Day... it's also Emilie Parker's 7th birthday. After the shooting at Sandy Hook hit the news, Emilie's face was the first one many of us saw. She made it very real for us and she stuck in our minds as the tragedy of that day unfolded before our eyes.

Emilie was the oldest daughter of Robbie and Alissa Parker. She had two younger sisters, Madeline and Samantha, who she loved to take care of and watch over. She is remembered for always thinking of others before herself, and helping wherever she could.

Emilie loved art and collected colorful pens so she could draw and color wherever she went. She knew that when she grew up, she wanted to open her own art gallery. With that in mind, her parents decided to help other young artists realize that dream in Emilie's memory. They created The Emilie Parker Art Connection where they fund art programs in the community and schools. You can see a some of Emilie's art work here.

In order to honor Emilie's memory today, her family is asking that you share some daisies today... you can plant them, send them, or give them to someone who would love them. If you choose to take part in this event, please take a picture and share it with Emilie's family on her facebook page. Mostly, remember the Parker family in your prayers today, especially Alissa as she spends her first Mother's Day without her Emilie.

Happy 7th Birthday, Emilie! We will never forget... 

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Anne B. said...

Happy Mother's Day Renee!!
And lots of prayers for beautiful Emilie's family, especially today, her birthday and a very difficult day for her Mommy. She surely would have been a wonderful asset to the art community anywhere she chose to be. We will always remember...