Monday, May 6, 2013

Remembering Jack

Today we remember Jack Pinto on what should have been his 7th birthday. Jack was your ultimate athlete... he is remembered for being good at almost every sport... football, baseball, basketball, wrestling, skiing, he did it all. He loved being outdoors more than just about anything.

Shortly after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary that took Jack's life, amid all the crazy news reports that poured in with details of that day, one of the stories that I remember hanging onto was the story about Jack's love of Victor Cruz, a football player for the New York Giants. I've never heard of Victor Cruz before. I can't tell you what he looks like or what position he plays, but I can tell you that when he heard about Jack Pinto, he played his next football game wearing his name on his cleats, in his memory. I know it may not seem like much, but in the middle of the horror, I think that was pretty awesome. And I hope it brought a little smile to Jack's family.

While reading about Jack today, I also learned that through his wrestling, he was also remembered in Colorado Springs by USA Wrestling. They actually went to Newtown and hosted a night in Jack's memory for his team there. Even more recently, was a groundbreaking for a new park named in Jack's memory in New Jersey as they rebuild after Hurricane Sandy. Jack's brother Ben was the project's honorary foreman and his parents, Dean and Tricia were able to speak about Jack. They were excited to have something like this to honor their son's memory and help the victims of hurricane Sandy at the same time. Jack's family does have a facebook page up in his memory if you'd like to visit and leave him birthday wishes... please remember to keep Dean, Tricia and Ben in your prayers today.

Happy 7th Birthday, Jack... We will never forget... 

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Anne B. said...

Praying that the blessings will continue for this family as they struggle to move forward without their precious boy. Thank you, Renee, for always remembering. (((HUGS)))