Thursday, June 27, 2013

California Pictures - Part 1 - The Beach

We are still in California, but I have been uploading pictures as we go so I can stay ahead of the game. :) Here are some pictures from the beach! Enjoy!!

She lost her legs!

He's like a statue! LOL 

 Crazy boy! :) 

 She loves the waves!

 Fun times!

 Dad will save them!

 More waves

 Soaked to the bones!

 Making a castle

 Such fun!!

Frozen banana for my monkey



Anne B. said...

Nice!!! I am soooo jealous looking at those beautiful beach pictures! So glad you are having lots of fun and good treats too!! (((HUGS)))!!!

Cindy said...

Where are you in California? There's no seaweed! The waves, the ice cream, it all looks amazing!!