Friday, July 5, 2013

California Pictures - Part 4 - Ds Meet Up

One of the great things about the internet (ok, Facebook) is that you have the opportunity to connect with all kinds of different people who are walking the same path you are. I, of course, have lots of friends who are from high school and college and I have friends who are family members and friends from childhood and current friends... but the majority of my friend's list is made up of people I've never met in real life. We are connected by kids with Down syndrome, kids with cancer, husbands in the military and on and on. (Note: If you approve someone to be your friend on FB and they ask you if you know them outside of FB, PLEASE say yes or FB shuts them down. Just sayin')

While we were in California we were able to get together with a BUNCH of our Facebook friends. We all met thanks to the common thread of having children with Down syndrome. Some of these kids were adopted, some biological, all super cute! :) We have met some of these families before and some were brand new, but we had a great time hanging out while Frank grilled burgers and hot dogs for us, and watched the kids play. We enjoyed seeing old friends and making new ones... I got NO pictures of Kameron on this day because he found a couple new friends around his age and off he went! Darn independent kids! LOL They had a lot of fun though. :)

(And I'm going to say right now, I can't remember half of the kids' names... sorry! LOL)

Kassidy and Reagan... 

My girl! :) 

 Enjoying the water

 Kennedy was saying, "It's COLD!" 

 Keeghan was stepping on the fountains

 Then it became a game! 

 My boy! :) 

 Landon and Keeghan - fast friends!


 I don't think Kass left her side all day!


Nevaeh and Sofia



 More new friends! :) 



 Kennedy and Lauren 

 Kennedy, Kassidy and Reagan

 Having a little girl talk with their dinner 

 I think someone stole Sofia's hot dog ;) 


What are you feeding me, mom?! 

 The Quinn Family

 Seriously, they were attached at the hip haha

 Beautiful girls!


 Arina wanted the whole bag!

 Sweet baby!!


ALL the kids!

 All the moms... yes... ALL those kids belong to just us. haha

Can't wait to do it again next year! :) 

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Cindy said...

Wow that IS a lot of kids! But how much fun was that?! Such a blessing to get everyone together. Glad you had a great time.