Monday, July 8, 2013

California Pictures - Part 5 - Baseball

Last year we decided to go to the Dodgers/Padres game in Los Angeles. This year we found out they were playing again while we were in town... this time at Petco Park in San Diego. So we decided to get tickets... I was excited because we'd get to go to the Padres stadium and Frank was hoping that the Dodgers would redeem themselves after losing last year's game. ;)

Before the game, we were able to meet up with some friends who actually live in Central California but just so happened to be in San Diego on vacation and were also going to the game! We decided to grab some lunch beforehand... and I didn't even hold it against them that they're Dodger's fans! haha

Seriously though, we were so excited to meet up with Natali and her husband Brandon... we have been bloggy/Facebook friends for several years now and they just so happen to have a 6 year old little boy named Keegan! :) The boys were SO excited to meet each other and hit it off right away. They have very similar personalities so it was fun to watch them together. :)

 Keegan and Keeghan :) 

Daddy's girl :) 

All the kids before going to the game

 Frank and me with Natali and Brandon... I was a little outnumbered in my Padres shirt! haha

Petco Park! Woohoo!

 The kids with Nonnie

 My babies

Take me out to the Ballgame! 

Beautiful girls! :) 

 Self portrait ;) 

Dodger's Fans

This year he got the RIGHT foam finger ;) 

He really was excited about this monkey... despite not smiling ;) 

Kennedy made friends with the people sitting behind us and they bought the kids cotton candy! :) 

 He loved hanging out with Nonnie! 

 Proof that LA and San Diego fans CAN get along. ;) 

 Family pic after the game... 

And just in case you're wondering... the Padres lost this year. Badly. I guess we'll have to go to the game again next year so they can get their revenge. ;) 


Amanda said...

Now now now, what about the Angels? They're also a So Cal team! And, might I add, perfect for any of the kids in your family who can't choose between mom and dad's team, since they're located right in the middle of the Padres and Dodgers? ;)

Anne B. said...

Such a beautiful family!!! Love all these pics!

Lynn said...

I love baseball! Haven't been to a game in a long time again!
Know that I'm still here praying for your!
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