Thursday, July 11, 2013

California Pictures - Part 6 - Monster's University

One of our favorite things about summertime is the premier of kid's animated movies. :) Since we were in the LA area for the premier of Monster's University, we decided to go to Hollywood to the El Capitan Theater for the full experience. My Aunt Marilyn brought my cousin's two oldest girls along as well which was fun!! :) My cousin's daughter Kylie said that going to Hollywood was on her bucket list... and they LIVE in Los Angeles County. First world problems, people! ;) Glad we were able to help her scratch that one off... too bad we can't help her scratch Paris off her list! haha

Before we went to the movie, we decided to check out the Disney soda shop next door...

Of course we had to get some ice cream... and we figured if we're going to get ice cream, we may as well do it right! ;)

15 minutes later... I think the sugar was kicking in! haha

Then it was time for the movie... The cool thing about El Capitan is that you get a show before your show! We had an organist to keep us entertained while everyone found their seats...

The kids anxiously waiting for the show... and their cousins to show up! ;)

And then after the previews they put on a great live show complete with music, cheerleaders, and of course Mike and Sully!!

The best part was that they asked for some kids to come up on the stage... guess whose hand shot up into the air?! Ohh yeah...
 This girl!

 Her job was to play the drums... 

But first she had to tell them her name... 
 And she told them her name was Cleo. Seriously. LOL No clue where that one came from. haha

But then she rocked it out!
And kept the drum sticks... even though I'm pretty sure she wasn't supposed to. Oops! 

 After the movie with Sully (Poor Mike was there too but he was too short and got covered by all the kids haha) 
Jadyn, Kassidy, Kameron, Keeghan, Kennedy and Kylie :) 

 Just the girls... cousins and friends :) 

 Playing on the musical stairs

Too bad they couldn't figure out how to make them play an actual song! haha

It was a fun night!!! Love spending time with those girls! :) 

More later.... 


Lynn said...

Wow! That was amazing!
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Anne B. said...

WHOA! Almost missed this one! I'm looking forward to seeing Monsters U and Dispcable Me 2 with some "borrowed" wee ones!! It would be SO cool to see them in Hollywood! Thanks for sharing with us! (((HUGS)))!!