Sunday, July 7, 2013

Q&A #262

Since you clearly had a heart for adoption, would you and Frank ever consider adopting another child down the road, or has this experience turned you both off to another adoption? 
At this point, while our children are still growing, no. Right now I am focusing on helping other families who have children with RAD and are hurting, in whatever capacity I can. However, we are not anti-adoption by any means. It can be a beautiful thing for many families... our family just has a lot of healing to do. 

How about an update on your mom? She's part of the special K family too. I know you have missed having her close to you!
:) She will be happy you asked. She's doing fine, she's been busy with work, taking lots of trips to Florida for that, and taking lots of trips to Michigan to see her mom. She will actually be coming to visit this week!! We are very excited to see her! 

Will you get updates on how Kellsey is doing? Do you think, in the future, when Kellsey is older, that she'll understand why she grew up with a different family? I don't know much about Kellsey's understanding in all of this, but I don't doubt that when the time comes she'll understand. 
Yes, her new family said they would stay in touch so we can watch her grow. I don't know that she will understand... or that she really even remembers us at this point. Cognitively she was/is very delayed for her age and since she doesn't communicate it's hard to tell what she knows/thinks/remembers about us... 

You can't show us a picture of the American Girl doll box and not show us the girl herself! How does Charlie feel about it? 
haha!! Sorry!! I just liked Kennedy's face in that pic ;). She got Marie-Grace (and she also got a mini one... ummm Caroline maybe?). So far Charlie has been fine with it. ;) She's still the favorite. 

Oh my word! So many cute cakes! Yum! That is so cool that the teachers let you come in with cake and celebrate their birthdays. Do the other kids' moms do that too? Our school only allows that for pre K and Kinder. They said its too distracting for the older classes and I think that stinks.
Love how you decorated for the movie party!!! Love that theme! You really put a lot of thought into your kids birthdays and I love seeing that!
Where did get that awesome birthday banner made and the celeb parking one too??

Yes most of the moms do something special... some do cookie cakes, some do donuts, some do cupcakes or cakes, it depends on what the kids want. The teachers are all great about it in elementary school. :) I would be so sad if they weren't! That was one of my favorite memories growing up too... bringing cupcakes for my class... though I think my mom baked mine. ;)
We got almost all the decorations from Oriental Trading. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that website. (AND they are bringing out a whole gold ribbon line for Childhood Cancer Awareness which is cool!) They do great packaged deals and even the goodie bags came all together! Makes party planning easy! 

Glad you all are safe and sound in Cali. I always thought with wildfires you had to stay close to keep your home's roof wet and hosed down frequently with water to keep it from burning. At least that's what I've seen them say on the news. Is your home fortunately far enough away from the fires to be able to leave it unattended? 
Well actually, anyone in the direct path of the fire was evacuated for their safety. The firefighters did their best to protect the homes that they could. We were three miles out of the evacuation zone so our home was safe. We just had a lot of smoke where we are. 

Oh my, poor Kenn with a hole in her eardrum! Hope they are able to repair it. Was she still able to get the tubes?
Kennedy did still get tubes and just had a recheck and they are in place and open (which they should be 2 weeks after surgery!). We'll see what the other ear doctor says about the hole when when we see him. There is a chance she will still need a hearing aide, so we'll see...  

Oh my goodness, Keeghan is turning into such a little man! And also turning into Kameron's mini-me!! Kennedy looks very grown up too, but for some reason, in these pictures, Keeghan stands out as being suddenly so grown up! 
I know... I think it's the haircut! It's shorter than it's ever been. He is definitely growing up. *sniff* 

Where are you in California? There's no seaweed! The waves, the ice cream, it all looks amazing!! 
We were at Balboa Beach. Keeghan actually did see some seaweed and said, "Look mom, there's a leaf in the water." I told him it was seaweed and he said, "You just don't know what I'm talking about." Obviously. HA! 

Harry who, lol?
Kassidy says it's the name of the restaurant from Monster's Inc. LOL 


Island Baby said...

Keegan looks so good with his hair cut!!! What a little man!

Emily said...

If she still needs a hearing aid, get one that matches her hair color, not her skin color. I saw a neat picture that showed the difference between a hair colored aid and a skin colored aid. The hair colored aid is much less noticeable if you are concerned about that.

Monicas Mom Musings said...

Our school has a no treats policy they just instituted this year. Not good for a mom who loves to bake.

Maria J Sanford said...

Love the new blog look! At first I wasn't sure I was at the right blog. ;)