Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Remembering Madeline

Madeline Hsu, also known as Maddy, has been one of the more elusive children from Sandy Hook Elementary School. Her picture was one of the last to show up online after that fateful day in December and her parents have been very private with their grief in the months following Madeline's death.

So here's what I know about this beautiful brown eyed girl. I know that she loved sunny, floral dresses that matched her personality. I know that she loved to read, run and dance. I know that she helped her neighbor Logan, only a year younger than her, overcome his fear of school... she was his guardian, his hero. She told him that there was nothing at school to be afraid of... I have to wonder how Logan is doing today.

I know that Maddy was a daughter and a sister who was quiet and shy but very sweet and loved dogs more than anything. I know that today is her 7th birthday and that today, like every day for almost the last 7 months, her mother Donna will wake up wondering if this is real or just a nightmare. I know that I will remember her... even without a memorial page, even without a facebook page... I will remember.

Happy 7th Birthday, Madeline! We will never forget... 

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