Monday, July 22, 2013

The North Pole

My friend Nicki and her daughter Ashlyn are staying with us for another day. They came from Michigan for the convention and decided to stay a couple extra days to hang out, so we had some time to play today! After the hectic schedule of the convention, it was nice to not really have a schedule. Kennedy slept in until 10:00 this morning and then we got ready and headed out to the North Pole which is a little amusement park here in Colorado Springs.

Before we left this morning, my friend Angie who was still in town from South Dakota texted me to ask about our zoo here in town so we invited them to go with us as well and they joined us too. The cool thing is that Kennedy, Ashlyn and Micah (Angie's son) all battled the same Leukemia right around the same time. We all followed each other's journeys, prayed for each others kids and watched them kick cancer's butt. Ashlyn actually went on to fight ALL after she beat AML so she is a double cancer survivor. It was fun to have all 3 families together today and watch all our kids bond and have fun!! 

Kennedy, Micah and Ashlyn

 Sitting on Santa's sleigh

 The kids touching the North Pole which is FREEZING... some of them may or may not have licked it too. *ahem*

 Jarek and Keeghan - they had so much fun together running around, riding rides and trying SO hard to be good! ;) 

 Lunch time!!

 Talk to the hand - Ashlyn did NOT want her picture taken! LOL 

 Aww! Ashlyn and Nicki 

 Keeghan and Kennedy talking to Santa... they had quite the conversation lol

Rides, rides, rides...

 Our whole group - such a fun day!!!


Lynn said...

Finally! Pics of your mom in here!
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Kate said...

Fun pictures! It looks like the kids had such a good time (as did the adults)! I love that Keeghan's shoes were on the wrong feet all day long. I've had kids do that, too. :)

Anne B. said...

So good to see your Mom!! Your kids are going to have the best childhood memories to share when they look back many years from now! I love that you do so much together as a family and that it seems they are forming beautiful friendships with so many others as well! Love you guys! (((HUGS)))!!

Angie said...

So happy to spend the day with all yall. Taea , Micah and Jarek also had a blast!!!
Angie Albonico

Angie said...

We had such a great day! Taea, Micah & Jarek loved hanging out w yall,,, and the north pole ! It was so nice to meet after 6 years !!! :). way to go Micah, Kennedy and Ashlynn !!