Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Buddy Walk and Dancing with the Stars

Saturday morning was the Colorado Springs Buddy Walk! We joined forces this year with the other dancers at Kemper Dance Academy who have Down syndrome and formed KDA Kuties. We had so many overlapping walkers last year that it just seemed like the logical thing to do. We had a lot of fun gathering walkers, raising money and of course walking!! Libert's Dancewear even donated a bunch of tutus so we could walk in style! ;) The boys weren't too sure about wearing the tutus until someone had the bright idea of wearing one as a hat instead and the trend caught on! haha! We love that KDA and the dance community loves our kids so much!

We were blessed once again to have a TON of support from Kennedy's school! Several of her friends and their parents came out to walk with us, her paras all came, her resource teacher and 3rd grade teacher were there and her principal came out again this year. It means so much to us that they gave up their Saturday to support and love our girl.

We had an amazing 95 walkers on our team this year! It made for a fun day, even though it was HOT! Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who came out to support us!! Until next year! ;)

After the Buddy Walk we went home and showered and then Frank and I and the girls got ready to go to a fun night in Denver to help raise money for the Adult Down Syndrome Clinic. The evening was Dancing with the Stars and we got to see the many talents of the adult dance class full of members with Down syndrome show off their moves! They were SO good!

Before the dinner and dancing, they had a silent auction. While there, Kennedy spotted an American Girl that was being auctioned off. We placed a bid and kept checking back. We got outbid so we were waiting and watching so we could place a bid last minute (classic eBay rules, people!). In the meantime, Kennedy started talking to a family there and they ended up buying her the doll outright! Kennedy was SO excited!! We were happy to find out that we were sitting at the same table with them and got to talk to them throughout the night and learn more of their story and connection to Down syndrome. They are huge supporters of the Global Down Syndrome Foundation and love people with Down syndrome. Kennedy enjoyed showing them pictures and telling them all about her dancing and her siblings and of course Kokonut. ;) They were a really neat family! I am sure we'll run into them at events in the future. :) Thank you GDSF for the tickets!! It was an evening we will never forget!! 

Anyway, here are pictures from the night... it was a lot of fun!!

 Beautiful girls... all dressed up and ready to go!

It was a long but super fun Saturday! More pictures soon! 


Angel The Alien said...

Wow, they bought her the doll? Kennedy must be really good at winning people's hearts very quickly! :)

Anne B. said...

Love the tutu-heads!!! Creative support! Kass and Kenn look so grown up in the pics of them at the dance. Where is the time going???? THanks for sharing! (((BIG HUGS)))!!!

Elizabeth Hill said...

Looks like that is a Molly (WWII) American Girl Doll... I'm 33 years old now, and Molly was my American Girl when I was a little girl. I still have her too. :-)