Thursday, August 15, 2013


Back in February, American Girl put out a call to girls across the nation to partner with their best friends and send in essays about what makes their friendship unique. Kennedy and her friend Brooklyn decided to enter the contest and waited impatiently for months for the results of the contest to come out. Sadly, they didn't win. We don't know who did win (they'll feature the winners in the American Girl Magazine in November) but we were still so proud of the girls for trying and thought we would share their essays here... they're too good to go unread ;). Love these girls!!!

Brooklyn's Essay:

Kennedy Garcia is my best friend. Even though she may have some special needs, she is just plain “special” to me.

Kennedy and I have many things in common. We both have a passion for dancing. Even though we are on different dance teams, we still cheer each other on during competitions. When we have play dates we make up dances and sing to karaoke. Every year our school has a family dance and we dance our little hearts out. Of course, Kennedy and I love to play with our American Girl dolls, combing and styling their hair, changing their clothes, and pretending they go to far away places. Kennedy has a wonderful imagination so I never know what adventures our dolls are going to experience.

Hanging out with Kennedy always makes me feel happy. She smiles and laughs a lot, even when she has to have medical testing done. She is one of the bravest people I know.

Another thing I love about my little friend is that she is brutally honest. If I am wearing something she doesn’t like she lets me know right away. I just laugh and say, “That’s my Kenn!”

I am amazed at Kennedy’s great self-esteem. Seeing her have so much confidence in herself inspires me to have more confidence in myself. She teaches me things and I teach her things. We make a great team.

Kennedy has been through so much in her eight years. She made it through spinal surgery and survived Leukemia. We recently celebrated her 5- year cancer free anniversary. We are friends through thick and thin.

I don’t see Kennedy as being different at all. She is just my funny, sweet, smart, crazy, special friend. I am so proud to call Kennedy my best friend. I know we will be friends FOREVER!

Kennedy's Essay:

Brooklyn is my very best friend! I love to go to her house for sleepovers. I bring Charlie, my American Girl doll, with me to Brooklyn’s house and we dress them up and have so much fun. Brooklyn and I are the same because we both love cute clothes, we love to go shopping, we love to dance all the time, and we love Justin Bieber! We even went to his concert once! Brooklyn and I are different because I have something called Down syndrome, and she doesn’t have it. But that doesn’t matter to me. She’s still awesome!

Brooklyn teaches me lots of cool stuff. She helps me with my reading, she does my hair for me sometimes, and she teaches me new dance moves. We like to listen to music and make up new dances for every song. We love to giggle about silly things, and we like the same shows on TV like “Shake it Up”, “Austin and Ally” and “Good Luck Charlie”.

When Brooklyn sees me at school, she gives me a big hug. We’re not in the same grade, but we see each other sometimes and I get to go to her class to read sometimes. She told all her friends they need to meet me and now they are my friends, too. That makes me happy.

I love my friend Brooklyn. We will be best friends forever!


Dawn Peacock said...

What a blessing to have such a special friend as these girls obviously do!

Anne B. said...

If only there were more of this kind of love in the world! Kennedy and Brooklyn, you are definitely winners in my book!!! So sweet! (((BIG HUGS)))!!!

Lynn said...

Can't believe they didn't win! I mean come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Angel The Alien said...

Who is judging this contest? Those two definitely should have won!
Do you read the blog My Name Is Sarah? Its by a young adult with autism. She recently posted about getting to be the bridesmaid in the wedding of the woman who has been her best friend since childhood!

~just me~ said...

How sweet.....and they should have won lol. Kennedy REALLY looks like Kass in this picture!!!