Saturday, August 3, 2013

Little Black Dots

I know, I know, I'm slacking! We have been enjoying our last few days of summer. I've been filling up my calendar with things like "Back to School" and "PTA" and "Test Days" and, and, and... and all of the sudden my iPhone calender is covered in these little dots. Sadness.

See? Every dot represents something... and that doesn't count our regular something(s) like dance and Kass' sign language classes when they start next month, and whatever after school activities the boys get involved with. Those are just... things to do. Places to go. Things I can't forget. Maybe I should schedule blogging time. LOL Thankfully some of those dots are fun things... like days OFF school (yes, already!) which means we can hopefully plan something fun and the Buddy Walk which is always so much fun!

We are also going at the end of the month up to Aspen to a concert for an early birthday present for Kass and Kam so that should be a blast! And somewhere in there, I would like to be open to having parties for the new business I started, if people are interested. :) But those parties may need to wait until September. ;)

In the meantime, we have been doing some back to school shopping, enjoying our last few lazy days of summer and preparing for the school year. It will be here so, so soon!! What about you all? Are you back to school yet? If not, do you go back soon and are you READY?? What is your number one tip for staying organized during the busy days of school/homework/sports/activities? I'd like to hear it!! 


Angel The Alien said...

Seeing those back-to-school signs and all the reminders always makes me feel sad. Summer goes SO fast, doesn't it???

kntsmom said...

Not back to school yet, we go back on the 21st of August. I am not ready because when they go to school, I have to go to work, since I am a teacher. :) I use my phone calendar, with reminders and also have a one month dry erase calendar on my fridge that I redo each month with everything going on so that everyone can see it and knows what is coming up when. For the most part it works, if we have something coming up I really want to remind the kids about I put notes in their lunchboxes as a reminder too. Good luck with back to school, I am not looking forward to it here so I cannot imagine it being even earlier than ours. :)

Lynn said...

Maybe you should schedule some time to BREATHE!
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my family said...

we start back friday, im not happy:(
love your new background...please tell me it has not been up for long(just dont tell me if it has, haha)

could you please send me that website for the state tests...turning them down. (I know you sent it to me before)thanks, enjoy the rest of your summer

WOW what random comments:)

Monicas Mom Musings said...

We don't start until the end of the month. One on the 28th and two on the 29th. I have looked at backpacks and know what I'm going to order. Tax free week is coming up I'll shop for school clothes then. As far as staying organized well talk to me next month, lol. I'm so not sure what this year will hold with 3 in 3 different schools again and one of those schools being half an hour away when there is no traffic. Needless to say I have no clue how all of this will play out.