Friday, August 9, 2013

The Sibling Bond

All of my kids have a very different relationship with each other. Kassidy and Kameron have always been very close. They share very similar interests. They love books, video games, Mindcrap (errr... Minecraft). They can disappear for hours and I'll find them watching a movie or making some creation together. They love sci-fi and action movies and they're both self-proclaimed nerds. ;) I love watching their friendship grow and hope that it continues as they travel through middle and high school together.

Kassidy and Kennedy have a great sister relationship. They love to have "sleepovers" in Kassidy's room on the weekends and Kassidy will play games with her and teaches her all kinds of cool things that big sisters should teach their little sisters. Despite their completely opposite opinions of Justin Bieber, they still love each other, and Kassidy even said she'd still go to the wedding if Kennedy ends up marrying him one day. ;) HA!

Kassidy and Keeghan have a pretty big age gap and she has definitely stepped into the big sister role with him. She is protective and can be bossy and he can be bratty and annoying. ;) Since I have a little brother with the same age distance between us, I totally get it! HA! Still there are sweet moments, however few and far between, and I cherish them when they happen. ;)

Kameron and Keeghan are classic brothers - Keeghan idolizes Kameron. He wants to do everything Kameron does and gets frustrated that he can't do it as well as Kameron... because well, Keeghan is 6 and Kameron is 11. They play, they fight, they play some more, they fight some more. Sometimes Kameron is GREAT with Keeghan and other times I have to remind him, "He's six. He looks up to you. Be patient. Be kind." They're brothers.

Kennedy and Keeghan have a friendship much like Kass and Kam. They are best friends. I have seen Kennedy in Keeghan's room playing Legos and I've seen Keeghan in Kennedy's room playing babies (but don't tell him I told you that) ;). They like the same TV shows, the same music, the same games. I love watching them together. :)

Kameron and Kennedy didn't used to have much of a relationship at all. Sure, she is his sister and he loves her. He is her brother and she loves him. That's about as far as it went. There was nothing really more there. Then, over this summer, I watched something beautiful happen. I don't even think they realized it was happening... I think it was because of some maturity on Kennedy's part and some mutual interests showing up... I've watched Kameron and Kennedy go from brother and sister to friends. And it's been amazing.

I love my kids!!


Angel The Alien said...

That is so awesome! Very cool how each of them has a unique and special relationship with each of the other ones... that will help them a lot as they grow up! I always wished for a lot of siblings, but I only have one. :(

Monicas Mom Musings said...

How lucky they all are. I often wonder if Natalie and Kaitlyn would have a different relationship if one were a boy and one were a girl because they are down right mean to each other. I keep telling them they are soooo lucky to have a sister, but the 3 year age difference and both being girls I don't know. Don't get me wrong, they have their moments of mutual agreement and enjoyment of one another, but I'm afraid those are far and few between. However CJ and Alyssa with the same 3 year age difference are really like your boy girl combos there. And well Natalie and Kaitlyn switch off with which one of the little ones they like best too, lol. I have to say of all of their relationships the one between Natalie and CJ really intrigues me. We went out to eat last night and the two of them sat at a separate table and they just had their own little thing going on. CJ was telling her some story and Natalie was listening with great interest of this story. Isn't it funny how different their relationships can be?

Laurieannie said...

what a beautiful post! I love all your kiddos. The gap between my oldest and the younger two is quite large. Almost 17 yrs and 20 years, so they have a far different sibling relationship. Micah and Reuben, however, at 12 and 9 are much like Kameron and Kennedy. There are rare moments of interaction and yes, it is beautiful and I cherish it.
Thanks for sharing your beautiful family!

Laurieannie said...

what a lovely post, I love your kiddos! The gap between my oldest and the younger two is quite large, almost 17 years and 20 years, so her relationship with her siblings is atypical. Micah and Reuben, however, at 12 and 9 are much like Kameron and Kennedy. There are rare moments of a true relationship, it is beautiful and I cherish those times! Thanks for sharing your family with us.

Shari Funkhouser said...

I only wish my boys would get along, not fight and argue all the time and act like friends. I mean they are never nice to one another. Curtis is a big portion of this due to his problems. It affects everybody a lot including my kids' relationships.

Anne B. said...

Thanks for sharing about these relationships! It's really beautiful that your kids are so close to one another and that each relationship brings something special to their lives! Good job, Mom and Dad, for nurturing this kind of sibling love and friendship! They are indeed Special K's!!! (((HUGS)))!!!
PS - I laughed at the Barq's and the Fanta Orange. Looks just like my fridge on any given day!

Lynn said...

Oh this is wonderful! So interesting to see how family dynamics can change!
Praying in Seattle!
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BridgetPirie said...

Wow, reading that post sure makes me wish I had more kids. All your kids are wonderful.