Saturday, September 14, 2013

High Trails

Every year the 6th graders all across our school district take off for 4 days on a camping adventure in the woods with their teachers, counselors and new friends for a time of growing, learning and bonding. Each school takes a different week and it rotates through the different schools throughout the Fall.

On Tuesday, Kameron and his team left for High Trails. He packed up his snow boots and winter coat (which was weird considering it was 90 degrees here at the time) and I dropped him off bright and early so he could make the 2 hour trek to the campsite.

Armed with a camera, I reminded him to take lots of pictures (after I reminded him to brush his teeth, take a shower and all that other motherly stuff I'm required to do) ;). And then I didn't hear a WORD from him for 4 days. They had no cell phones and honestly, probably didn't think too much about calling us. ;) 

On Friday, Frank picked him up in the middle of a sea of weary 6th graders and Kameron was excited to tell us all about his adventures... buffet lunches, sleeping in cabins, 6am hikes, and his souvenir block of wood... I'm still not quite sure I understand the fascination of that one... but ok! LOL I asked him, "Did you take lots of pictures?" He said he DID! Awesome pictures! "It was so pretty there, mom!!"  

I plugged in the camera today expecting to see pictures of him and his friends being goofy kids, fun times in the cabin, and too close shots of boys faces. Instead, I got this: 

Kameron has always appreciated nature... I guess he likes it more than I originally thought. :) I'm glad he had such a great time, and glad he's back because I missed him like CRAZY!!! He's growing up way too fast!!


Ann said...

How scary to let your young son go on a camping trip alone. Even scarier is the fact that as a teacher I would be terrified to be in charge of a group of young kids on a camping trip. Glad all went well and he enjoyed it. He is right, it is beautiful!

Notsopc said...

Tell him those are absolutely beautiful pictures. I think the Rock on was my favorite and I like the windows ones.. All were so good.. he really does have a knack for that.. And yes, four days and not hearing a peep.. Wow.. Glad all went home and he had a great time. How neat that the school district does that..

Tamar SB said...

Our 6th graders do a similar trip! We call it Teva which is hebrew for nature and it's a big bonding and exploration trip.

He's got an amazing eye!!

Lynn said...

These are amazing!
Know that you're always in my thoughts and prayers!
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Anne B. said...

Wonderful pics!! And what an amazing experience for the kids! Glad YOU survived it and have your precious *young man* back home! Been worried about you and the horrific flooding. Was away since Friday without internet and was relieved to see a post from you when I got home! Praying for all in the way of the many floods in Colorado as well as other parts of the country. (((BIG HUGS)))!!