Monday, September 2, 2013

Jason Mraz and Aspen

So it seems that every few years we take Kass and Kam on an "early birthday adventure". It's not really planned, but it has kind of worked out that way. Back in 2009, we took them to see the Jonas Brothers in Nashville. That concert was a BLAST! Two years before that we took them to Little Rock to see the High School Musical Live Show which was also really fun! This year we found out that Jason Mraz was coming to town... kind of. He actually was playing at a Jazz Festival in Aspen. SO we made plans, booked a hotel for one night and we waited and waited for this weekend to get here!

Friday morning we headed out to Aspen... it's a really beautiful drive! Unfortunately when we got there it was raining. And it kept raining. Grace Potter played before Jason Mraz went on and it poured!! The kids and I ran for cover while Frank saved our spots. So. Much. Rain. Yet people stayed and danced in the rain. Crazy people.

Thankfully, once it was time for Jason to play, the rain let up. We dried off (mostly) and were able to enjoy the concert. :) The kids all had a great time and we were thankful for a hotel room close by to crash in that night. The next morning we got up and explored Aspen and Snowmass... then we headed back towards home and stopped in Breckenridge where we decided we might just want to stay forever! Cutest town ever! We hung out there... in the rain (are you sensing a theme yet?) ate dinner and then headed home. I love Colorado, so beautiful!!

Some crazy facts from our trip:
I didn't take out my real camera even one time. Not one non-iPhone picture. (Refer back to pouring rain comments.)
Keeghan spotted every firehouse we passed by and tried to get patches for his collection. He got one... and lots of little red plastic fireman hats. LOL
Kameron was excited to celebrate National Bacon Day while we were there. Sadly, he only had bacon on his pizza. We had bad timing for breakfast.
Kassidy didn't plug her ears for the concert - if you know her, this is HUGE. LOL
Kennedy bought a new purse. Shocker, I know. ;)

Here are some iPhone pictures from our trip. :)

Waiting for the concert to start... and getting WET! 

Jason Mraz!

Aspen Fire Department

Tell me these are not the most colorful firetrucks you have ever seen! Keeghan was in firetruck heaven! :)

 More firetrucks and us taking a gondola ride

 Pictures from around town :)

Celebrating National Bacon Day for dinner... and a silly pic of Kenn and Keeghan

That's all for now :). September as you probably know, is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month! Like last year I will be featuring stories of other kids here on my blog all month. If you would like to submit your child's story, please let me know!! :)


my family said...

what fun!! (minus the rain)
Love, love love the fire trucks:)

Angel The Alien said...

Aspen has wicked cool fire trucks! I never got to stay in Breckenridge but I drove through it a few times when I lived in Colorado... definitely an adorable town! I'd love to live there too!

Lynn said...

Why didn't you dance in the rain?! 'round these parts if you don't learn to do everything in the rain you'll never do anything! Got pretty much soaked to the skin the other day when I went walking. And I lived to tell the tale!
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