Sunday, September 15, 2013

Olivia's Story

Olivia is a beautiful four year old little girl with Down syndrome. We first noticed that something wasn't right with her on Easter weekend 2012. She didn't want to eat much, was running a low grade fever and only wanted to be in mama's arms. She seemed to whimpering from pain quite a bit. We thought she was teething as her fingers were always in her mouth. I finally had a blood test done about a week later (the symptoms were on again off again) when I noticed that Olivia did NOT want to walk, and this is a girl that LOVES to walk!!! When we got the results of the blood test we learned that it was leukemia. She has ALL Leukemia.

This type of cancer is treated on an outpatient basis, but may require a few short hospital stays depending on how well she responds to the chemotherapy. The treatment lasts for two years and two months. She currently has 10 months left of treatment and will finish on June 29, 2014! She has done very well with her treatments and has not had any hospital stays...thankfully! Olivia has been one of the lucky few who has done well with chemo treatments and we have not been back in the hospital for fevers or infections. Having said that hasn't been an easy road. The chemo treatments have made her more delayed. She used to be only about one year behind and now she is two years behind and three years behind in her speech. The steroids make her very cranky and she will cry for no reason! She often times doesn't know what she wants and grinds her teeth terribly. It is difficult to watch. The first thirty days of treatment were the worst! She was irritable and inconsolable. I can't wait until she is off treatment and can really blossom and not be affected by chemo. In addition, I am too scared to put her in preschool because I don't want her to get sick and then she could end up in the hospital. She is so ready for school too.... Cancer sucks...

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia


Anne B. said...

Praying for this cute little munchkin!! (((HUGS)))!!!

Jo's Corner said...

Such a Dolly-Girl!! Sweet as can be. I will pray for you, Sweetie.