Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Q&A #263

Now now now, what about the Angels? They're also a So Cal team! And, might I add, perfect for any of the kids in your family who can't choose between mom and dad's team, since they're located right in the middle of the Padres and Dodgers? ;) 
I have no idea who these Angels are that you speak of. ;) Actually my grandmother is an Angels fan... makes for interesting dynamics when we go visit! haha

You could take that little Delanie home with you an change the D to a K Kalanie and no one would know she wasn't yours talk about famiy resembalance! CUTE!
I tried to bring her home with us but for some reason they wanted to keep her. I can't imagine why! ;) 

I went back through the pics to see how many times Kennedy changed her clothes. I'm guessing it was more than once a day! DIVA. LOL.
Ahem. It's entirely possible she did. ;) She does like her clothes, after all. ;)  

love your new background...please tell me it has not been up for long(just dont tell me if it has, haha)
It has not been up long. :) A friend did it for me recently. I love it too!! :) 

Who is judging this contest? Those two definitely should have won! 
Do you read the blog My Name Is Sarah? Its by a young adult with autism. She recently posted about getting to be the bridesmaid in the wedding of the woman who has been her best friend since childhood! 

I'm sure there were thousands of entries! I'll be curious to see who won though! :) I DO read that blog! We love Sarah!!! She actually has Down syndrome, like Kennedy. I loved those pictures of her as a bridesmaid and was telling Brooklyn and her mom about it. Brooklyn said, "OH Kennedy is definitely going to be in my wedding!" LOL Can't wait for that day! :) 

Sounds like a really great first week of school! It is interesting that they (or you) get to pick a school... when I was a kid we just had to go to whichever school was closest, which was really unfortunate for me. Your kids are all beautiful by the way!
I love that our district has the "choice" option. Each school in our district is so different and offers so many specialized programs and options. I like that we're not trapped to our home school, especially since each child IS so different and they can go where there needs can best be met. The only hard part is the transportation aspect. Gives me a headache! :P It's getting better though. :) 

Why didn't you dance in the rain?! 'round these parts if you don't learn to do everything in the rain you'll never do anything! Got pretty much soaked to the skin the other day when I went walking. And I lived to tell the tale!
HA! It was way too cold of a rain for that. We ran and hid. Our blood must be too thin or something. ;) (Says the Coloradoans! ;))

How can Pete's journey be followed? Is there a blog or caring bridge site? Please post how to follow Pete's journey. Praying for Pete and all the cancer kids!!
Good question, and I should  have included this info in my Editor's Notes. Any of these kids who have a page, I will link to their page on their name under their last picture where it has their diagnosis and whether they are a fighter, survivor or angel. For quick reference though, you can find Pete's page here. Thank you for praying for him! He's a special little guy! 


Lynn said...

I love when I get in here! I've walked in pretty cold rain before, but...that's walking! That's not sitting in it...with kids! So I'll let you slide on this one.
Praying in Seattle!
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Angel The Alien said...

I wrote the comment about the blog My Name Is Sarah... I know she has Down syndrome, so I have no idea why I wrote autism. Sometimes my hands do the typing while my brain is off in some other room looking for Dr. Pepper or something.