Thursday, September 12, 2013

Remembering Benjamin

Today we remember Benjamin Wheeler on his 7th birthday... his first in heaven. Benjamin was described as a kid in overdrive... he didn't walk anywhere... he ran! He loved to show love to his family by blowing them kisses and saying, "Catch it and put it on your heart." He loved bacon and eggs and looked forward to going to his grandparent's house so his grandmother would cook him his favorite breakfast.

Ben's parents, David and Francine, and his brother Nate are doing everything they can to help keep Benjamin's memory alive. With the help of their church they started Ben's Lighthouse in honor of Ben's love of lighthouses. Its purpose is to help the children of Newtown through community building, workshops and service.  If you would like to donate to Ben's Lighthouse in his memory, you can do so here.

Ben's family knew he was meant to do great things in his life. Now, since that chance was taken from him last December at Sandy Hook Elementary School, they are hoping he can still do great things through his death.

Happy 7th Birthday, Benjamin!! We will never forget... 


Anne B. said...

A heartFULL of kisses to your family Benjamin!! No, we will never forget and your light will continue to shine!! (((HUGS)))!!!

Jo's Corner said...

Happy Birthday, Ben! Eat some birthday cake with Jesus! Love You!