Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Remembering Daniel

Today is Daniel Barden's 7th Birthday. Like the other kids from his class at Sandy Hook Elementary, Daniel was so well loved and so cherished by his parents, Mark and Jackie, and by his older siblings, James and Natalie.

Daniel was an energetic child who loved music, especially the drums, and loved to swim and play soccer. He often thought of others... you could many times find him holding the door open for adults, helping his teacher in class, and looking out for his classmates. In kindergarten he befriended another student with special needs who couldn't speak knowing that even though she couldn't speak to him that she could understand him... the next year they were placed in the same class. He seemed to have a deep understanding beyond his years.

In Daniel's memory, his family and friends have set up a website and Facebook page called What Would Daniel Do to encourage others to display the same kindness and compassion towards others that Daniel did. On this website, you can read more about Daniel, buy bracelets in his memory and donate to his fund. They are hoping that his memory will live on forever in the kindness of others.

Happy 7th Birthday, Daniel! We will never forget... 

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Anne B. said...

Such a precious and special boy!! His story really touched my heart! I love the way he already knew so many important things about life. Happy Birthday Daniel! Your family has so much to be proud of!! (((HUGS)))!!!