Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sierra's Story

Sierra's Story

Sierra Kesler was a beautiful girl with Down Syndrome. I guess every mom thinks her daughter is beautiful but it wasn't just cause she was my little girl..she was beautiful...inside and out. I hate talking about her in the past tense because she lives on in my heart but unfortunately she passed away when she relapsed on May 3, 2008. Sierra was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on December 28, 2005, she battled for almost 3 years was in remission for 2 weeks and unfortunately passed away from a fungal infection in her lung just 2 months into treatment to get her ready for a bone marrow transplant. Cancer robbed her of her childhood and her life. To say I hate cancer is an understatement..I wish it would rot in the pit of hell where it belongs.

This is how her cancer journey begins...Just before Christmas vacation in 2005...Sierra was complaining that her arm hurt. I thought she might have slept on it wrong and she thought a classmate of her's Sebastian did it. I thought ok...maybe Sebastian pulled her arm hard. I sent her to school and I was told to come get her that she had a fever. I ended up making a doctor's appointment for a Saturday (the next day) to nip whatever she was getting in the bud quick so she won't be sick for Christmas (little did I know what we were in for).

Well the doctor said she didn't have strep but prescribed an antibiotic and she wanted to get an x-ray of her arm that was still bothering her. X-ray came out good (of course) and we started her on her med.

Sierra was not getting better...she was getting worse. I ended up back at the doctor's office and the doctor ordered a blood test stat. Well it didn't come back stat...unfortunately. In the meantime..they would be closed for Christmas so if Sierra got worse...I was to go to the emergency room. On Christmas Day...I ended up in the emergency room because now not only was the slight fevers not going away...she was not walking and when she did..she was in pain!! The hospital in Brandon misdiagnosed her..instead of a blood test..they decided to x-ray her feet and tell me she had plantar faciitis (I know I spelled that wrong). So...more Motrin (which when a child has leukemia...Motrin is bad because of the platelets and the risk for hemorrhaging)...but we had no clue what she more Motrin it was.

I called the doctor's office on the 27th of December as soon as they opened. The doctor told me to come in she got the lab results and wanted to discuss them with me. By now I was carrying Sierra..everywhere. The results showed the possibility of Leukemia (a bone marrow aspiration will show a definite diagnosis). She told me to go back to the emergency room to get a blood test done immediately. Thank pastor's wife Robin Harper worked at the hospital and got us in quickly. The doctor came in with the same results but he did not think it was leukemia but was talking with the doctors at St. Joe's Children's Hospital who told him to bring Sierra in by ambulance. I was numb...I couldn't believe it could possibly be cancer but my gut told me..this was happening. The 28th they did a bone marrow aspiration and the diagnosis was Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia...the nightmare began...

Sierra kept insisting Sebastian did it...poor Sebastian...I told her no baby Sebastian didn't do it...

To have to bury your so full of love, laughter and life..hurts more than words can describe. My only comfort..cancer can't hurt her again and one day I will be reuinited with her forever.

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
February 11, 1999 - May 3, 2008


Shari Funkhouser said...

I hate cancer and it's so not fair! These poor babies and their families do not deserve this fight! :(

Angel The Alien said...

What a beautiful little girl! I love the pic of her with the flowers in her hair.

Kim @ Kim and Mikey said...

Cancer Sucks! Prayers for the family of this beautiful little girl who was taken far to soon.