Thursday, October 31, 2013

Remembering Chase

I know today is Halloween and I will share pictures of my kiddos later. Tonight I want to post about this sweet boy - Chase Kowalski. Beyond Trick-or-Treating for Halloween, Chase should have been celebrating his 8th birthday today with his family and friends. Instead his parents are remembering him as he spends his first birthday in Heaven.

Chase was a little boy with lots of energy! He jumped out of bed every morning, raced to mark a day off his calendar with a big X and get on with the day's activities. Chase was very athletic and loved to ride motorcycles, play baseball, swim and run. In Chase's memory, his parents Stephen and Rebecca are trying to raise enough money to build a community center for the kids in Newtown called Chase's Place. His mom says the idea for Chase's Place actually came from Chase before he died in December at Sandy Hook. They vow that their sweet son will never be forgotten, and I am sure that is true.

For more information about Chase's Place, you can visit their website or their Facebook page. Hopefully one day soon, we'll see Chase's dream become a reality.

Happy 8th Birthday, Chase!! We will never forget... 

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Anne B. said...

I can't help but be inspired by this young boy's spunk!! I love what his family is doing in the midst of their grief. They bring so much hope to their community! Happy Birthday Chase! You can be proud of your legacy and we will never forget! (((HUGS)))!!