Saturday, November 23, 2013

Remembering Noah

Yesterday was Noah Pozner's 7th birthday. Like so many others I have posted about over the last year, he spent this birthday in Heaven alongside his friends and classmates from Sandy Hook Elementary.

Noah was the youngest victim of that day... his twin sister Arielle was in the first grade classroom next door, and thankfully she survived. Noah also had two other sisters, Danielle and Sophia, a brother, Michael and his parents, Lenny and Veronique.

Noah's mother remembers her youngest son as a rambunctious little man who loved video games, the colors blue and white, and reading books. He had great aspirations for his future. He wanted to be a doctor, a soldier or a manager of a factory that makes tacos - his favorite food. Noah will always be remembered by his family and through stories from his grandmother Farine who writes about him so beautifully on her blog. He was and is so loved and cherished by all who knew him.

Happy 7th Birthday Noah, we will never forget... 

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