Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Remembering Josephine

Today is Josephine Gay's 8th birthday. She is the last of the Sandy Hook angels to have their birthday in heaven this year. Last year, she celebrated her birthday just days before she was killed with her classmates at school... an anniversary that is just around the corner. She never even got to her party that was to be held the day after the shootings. She was so excited! The invitations had been passed out, the cupcakes with purple frosting, (Joey's favorite color) had been ordered. Instead, her parents Bob and Michele were left to plan her funeral.

Joey had Autism and didn't speak, but her parents said she brought a special light and understanding to all who knew her. Her sisters, Maria and Sophia, learned a lot about kids with special needs and have a heart for kids who may need a little extra help. Every night Michele says a special prayer over her two oldest girls and prays that Joey is watching over them.

In addition to many ongoing efforts by Bob and Michele, Joey's Fund  has been set up in Joey's memory to help other kids with special needs get the adaptive equipment they need to thrive. If you'd like to remember Joey on her birthday, this would be a great way to do so.

Happy 8th Birthday, Joey... We will never forget... 

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Anne B. said...

Joey's Fund...what a beautiful way to help other children in Joey's memory! As the sad anniversary of Newtown is fast approaching it is with joy that we remember all of these beautiful children and adults who now dance with Jesus and continue to shine brightly in this world. We continue grieving with those they have left behind them. Prayers for Joey's precious family and all of the others as we remember. Happy Birthday Joey and no, we will NEVER forget. (((HUGS)))!!