Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kennedy's Medical Update

Kennedy and I are home from Denver. We got in yesterday afternoon, spent some time with the kids and then of course we headed off to dance class! LOL It was a good distraction after a crazy couple days. I didn't get the news I was expecting at either doctor's office this week. I shed a few tears of frustration and sadness and now I'm better and ready to take the next steps, whatever those are.

We had Kennedy's GI appointment on Tuesday... this appointment was made for Kennedy in October after they did her upper endoscopy and colonoscopy. The results of those tests showed that her intestines were covered in excessive white blood cells called eosinophils which lead to allergy testing and a referral to this Eosinophil Clinic in Denver. Unfortunately there was a super long wait while all her results were forwarded to them and they could read them and then make her appointment. We took the first one available of course and waited anxiously while Kennedy continued to have awful stomach issues.

So, we got there on Tuesday and the doctor came in and told us that she does NOT have excessive eosinophils in her intestines, that they were in fact in normal range. They have known this for awhile from reading her reports. So I asked why we were there since I guessed he would not be able to help Kennedy. He agreed that this was not his area of expertise and we needed to go BACK to her GI in Colorado Springs... who doesn't know what's wrong with her. I asked why THEY thought she had excessive eosinophils and he said that sometimes they read the report wrong. So, WHY were we there? WHY did he not call her other GI and say, "No, this isn't it, move on to something/someone else to try to figure it out."? We have wasted months, while Kennedy's issues continue to get worse, when we could have been looking at other reasons for her stomach pain and diarrhea. *sigh* He did give me a prescription for an oral steroid to try but admitted it was a shot in the dark. I guess we will try it and see. In the meantime, I have to call her GI here and see what we're supposed to do next. Definitely frustrating. :(

Yesterday Kennedy had a follow up visit with ENT to get a hearing test done and check on her ears after her tubes were placed. She had her ear tubes replaced because they fell out and she failed her hearing test again in December. The good news is that her ear tubes are still in... it hasn't even been a month so they better be! haha The bad news is that she still failed her hearing test in her left ear. Her right ear is ok. The audiologist mentioned that maybe it's time to talk about a hearing aide for that ear. I admit, I was a little flustered by this. Usually she gets tubes in, passes her hearing test and she's good until her tube falls out and fluid builds up. She said it's very likely that the ear tubes have damaged her ear drum and the hearing loss is more permanent now. When we saw the ENT, she looked in her ears, said they looked great and said to come back in 5 months and that was it! I said, "HUH?!" LOL I asked her about the hearing loss and she hadn't even looked at her sheet yet. She too thought it was so unusual since Kennedy really does well with tubes so she didn't want to rush into a hearing aide quite yet. Whew! So now we go back in 3 months for another hearing test to see how she does. I may even ask for a sedated ABR (hearing test while she's asleep to measure the ear drum accurately) to make sure we are getting the right results. In the meantime, if you all could be praying that she passes her next test, I would appreciate it!! I'm well aware that with Down syndrome comes tiny ear canals (and hers are TINY!) and sometimes hearing issues. I also know that the chemo she was on has side effects like hearing loss. If a hearing aide is needed, we'll adapt and deal, but I don't want to cross that bridge until we absolutely have to.

Anyway, that was a lot, and I'm not going to dwell on it. LOL I will update again after I talk to her GI and figure out where to go from here. My next post will be happier, promise! :)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hello from Denver

Kennedy and I are relaxing in our hotel room in Denver right now. We drove up yesterday morning for KDA's first competition of the season. Yesterday, Kennedy's hip hop group performed and did great!! They got a high gold award and first place for their division. After awards, Kennedy and I checked in at our hotel, changed into jammies, crawled into bed, watched some tv and crashed early. It was the end to a very long week so sleep was GOOD!

Today we got up, ate breakfast and headed back to competition where Kennedy did her solo. :) She did a pretty good job. She forgot a couple parts but she kept on dancing and improvised well. :) She got a gold medal and 2nd place in her division. She's competing with the juniors this year instead of the minis because of her age so it's going to be a tough competition season for her. As long as she has fun and does her best, I'm not too worried! ;)

The KDA kids rocked the stage! I loved watching a lot of the numbers I hadn't seen before. There's still a lot I missed but I'm sure by the end of the season we will see them all. :)

Kennedy and I went to lunch with some friends and now we are back at the hotel again. Kennedy has two doctors appointments here in Denver on Tuesday and Wednesday morning (at two different children's hospitals!) so my mom offered to just put us up here until Wednesday so we didn't have to drive back and forth all week. We are so thankful!

Frank is on daddy duty with the other kids. They are having fun! They went bowling and played arcade games last night and I heard they went out for ice cream today. :) Frank will get the boys to school the next 3 days (Kassidy walks) and finish cleaning out our old house during the day. Almost done!! We just have some junk... Errrr stuff... left in our garage.

Tuesday Kennedy goes to the eosinophil clinic which we've been waiting for since September or so. This is the special GI doc who deals with kids who have problems with excessive eosinophils. Hopefully he will have some ideas on how to help her. Wednesday we go back to ENT for a recheck from getting her ear tubes placed. Hopefully she will pass her hearing test this time.

Tomorrow we are going to find something fun to do here in Denver. I was thinking about the zoo but I don't want to freeze! LOL I will look things up later. We plan on going out for some dessert in a little bit and then heading to bed early again. Ahhh I love sleep! Thankfully Kennedy does too! Haha

Anyway, that's all that's going on here! Hope you all are well.

Ps. I'm attaching pics here but I have no idea how or where they're going to show up in the post! LOL Silly app is not user friendly!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Still Here!

I think I disappeared for awhile! ;) We have been busy moving and setting up our new house. We still have a lot of little annoying things at our old house that we need to move over here, but for the most part everything is done. The kids' rooms are almost all set up... Frank put their beds together today so now we just need to get organized... especially with Kameron's room! He needs shelves or something for storage. We're working on it! The kids are loving the movie room and even Kokonut is settling in well... though he can see out our front window now and barks at everything that passes by! He'll get over that, right?! ;) Kennedy has found her new "locker" to store all her treasures... unfortunately, it's in Kassidy's closet. LOL Thankfully Kassidy has a HUGE walk in closet so maybe she'll share. :)

Our cable guy came today and hooked everything up and we changed our milk man over yesterday... I think the only thing we haven't done yet is trash service... mostly because we are hoping to still throw things away at the old house. We still have boxes in our garage that we never unpacked from Tennessee. I know, I know. LOL

Anyway, I am off... we're headed over to the other house to clean things out. Again. *sigh*

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kennedy's Locker

Yesterday we were talking about the things that we will miss from this house AND the things that are better at our new house. The biggest thing that Kennedy will miss from this house is her "locker". Kennedy's locker is actually an opening in our stone wall in our living room. I think I'm supposed to use it for books or a plant or something. However, when we moved in here, Kennedy claimed it as hers. She climbed in there one day and hid herself away. Now she uses it mostly for her stuff. It holds clothes, toys, purses, makeup, all her favorite treasures go in her "locker".

See her locker down there??

See? All her treasures. LOL We make her clean it out about once a week... it doesn't last long. HA!

So, as we were talking about this yesterday, Keeghan piped up and said, "Well, maybe the new house will have something different to blow Kennedy's mind and she won't care about her locker anymore!"

HA! Maybe so... though I don't know where he learned the phrase "blow her mind". ;o)

I'm sure Kennedy will find another hide away in our new house. For now she is asking for a Justin Bieber locker. I told her they don't make those. If they do, I don't want to know about it. ;o)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kass and Kam's Birthday Pictures!

Here are a few of Kassidy and Kameron's birthday pictures from November!! I will post more when I buy the CD! They are all GREAT!! :) Thanks so much Carmen!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Moving (Part 2)

So today we are getting the keys to our new house later today. This is a good thing! We are ready to start moving stuff over to our new house and spend the next couple weeks getting settled.


We haven't packed one box.

We haven't taken one picture off the wall.

We haven't... well... done much of anything. LOL

In my head though, this will be our easiest move EVER.

Our plan is to move one room at a time, starting with the kids' bedrooms, leaving only their beds and enough clothes here to last a week. Then we'll take their stuff and immediately go set it up in the new house so there are no boxes all over for months. After that's done, we'll move from room to room and start moving everything over that we don't NEED here... of course for now we just have my van and Frank's suburban, so it will have to fit in there. We'll take pictures off our wall here and go hang them up there. THEN when everything else is set up, we'll get a moving truck for the day and move all the furniture and the rest of our stuff and we'll set it up in our already arranged new house.

We're going to be organized. No living out of a million boxes. No searching for things for months. This should work, right?! I'm not going to go crazy right?



Saturday, January 12, 2013

Q&A #255

Huh, I can't imagine what in the world could be holding you up in the house you're currently in. Are they holding you hostage, lol? I'm sure you'll share what you can when you can ;). 
Yes! LOL It's a big old mess. I'll go into when I can... like, when we've moved and don't have to think about it anymore!  

I'm very behind and I'll keep reading, but have you all been able to move yet?
We get the keys to our house this weekend and will start moving. I haven't packed a darn thing. LOL 

I'm sure that you get tons of unsolicited advice. But, I thought I would share our story with you. If so many Momma's hadn't told me their story, I don't know where we would be now...
My son had the same issue. We had to have him sedated, and have an ABR test, because we thought he was deaf when he was a baby. After 3 years, countless ear infections, and ear tube surgeries. I figured out that he was allergic to milk. He did not test positive on any allergy test at the Drs office, but I kept reading about dairy allergies/intolerances causing fluid buildup. We took out every trace of dairy, and he has had one problem with fluid in almost 4 years. And, that was after a diet "infraction". 

Hmm, I actually have not heard of that before. Kennedy doesn't actually get ear infections though... they never hurt or anything. She just has fluid built up in there any time her tubes fall out and then her hearing goes down. Her ENT said it's because her ear canals are so tiny, which is common with Ds. I will ask her ENT about this... she's going back for a recheck on the 30th. Thanks!!

Prayers for Kenn! Is there another more permanent ear draining procedure they can do since hers keep falling out? Hope all goes smoothly !! 
I asked about that and apparently we are already doing the most "permanent" thing for her. I guess there's nothing more right now. They are going to start having her come in to get her ears cleaned out every few months (IF she can tolerate it... I have heard it's uncomfortable) and they're hoping that will help. We'll see! 

Each of my daughter's first 3 sets of tubes lasted about a year, then we had the T-tubes put in and they have lasted almost 3. Are you going to try those this time around? 
Yes, this is actually her 3rd or 4th set of t-tubes. The regular tubes (pe tubes??) would fall out within a month or so! It was nuts! These ones last about a year on average. *sigh* I've heard so many stories of kids who actually had to have theirs removed because they never fell out! Not the case here!

The fact that Kennedy's ear tubes have fallen out for about the upteenth time is that another Kennedy medical anomaly or is this relatively common with the tubes? I have heard that they fall out, but every set? Just wondering what is it about Kennedy that makes them fall out or if this does happen a lot why they aren't coming up with a more permanent solution. 
I think it depends on the kid. As I mentioned above, Kennedy has REALLY tiny ear canals. The ENT said they're about the size of a 2 year old's instead of an 8 year old, so that, combined with the fluid could be pushing them out. Also, we know her body does NOT like foreign objects in it. When she was going through chemo and had her Hickman lines, they kept falling out too because her skin would just break down around them. Her doctor there said she broke the record for the number of lines she had to have put in in only 6 months! Then when she got her halo, her skin broke down around the pins too and caused all kinds of issues. So who knows, maybe the same thing is happening inside her ears with the tubes? Hard to know for sure since we can't see in there. Our ped can't even see in there with his otoscope because her canals are so small. 

why isn't Kennedy a special case with her hypoglycemia? It seems like that should matter. :(
Well, I think in this case there was just a LOT of miscommunication. I didn't get her surgery time until 2 days before her surgery. When I mentioned I was worried about her blood sugar, the nurse who called told me that the anesthesiologist would be calling me the next day and to mention it to them... they never called. So when I got to the hospital I mentioned it again. Our nurse there tried to contact anesthesia to see if they were even planning to do an IV and what would be in it. They didn't answer until it was time for her to go back and they weren't go to put an IV in... which they usually don't for ear tubes. I think the fact that they don't KNOW Kennedy (that's her only specialist in that hospital) and they just looked at her chart and saw she was 8 years old, made them schedule her later... they didn't even know she had Ds until we got there. Now that I KNOW all of this, I'll push next time for an earlier surgery slot. Of course I hope "next time" won't be for a long, long time. 

If her issue with hypoglycemia is so severe, why don't they make sure that she has a constant dextrose IV? As someone who has had surgery before, this can be allowed depending on the severity.
Since they don't typically do IVs for ear tubes (she just did sedation through a mask), they didn't want to stick her unless they absolutely had to. They said if it took too long to get her back (they were like 2 hours behind schedule anyway at that point) that they could stick an IV in and get her some sugar, but I agreed to hold off as long as she was hanging in there. Like I said, next time I'll be more prepared... it was just kind of chaos this time.  

How do you guys not know who Carly Rae Jepsen is?.. She's basically shoved down our throats right along side Bieber. LOL. 
LOL I am awful with names! If my kids don't talk about them, I have no idea! Kassidy did know who she was of course and Kennedy just knows her Call Me Maybe song lol. 

Loved her face...Hey I saw the Moody Blues, third row center, and Justin Haywood was singing Nights in White Satin to me.. and only me.. So I am sure he said I love you to only Kennedy.. and 33 years later she'll still remember her heart beating just a little faster.. 
:) I have no doubt!! She has been talking about it EVERY day so far... you know, that he loves her and that she saw him "naked"! ha!!! 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Post Wrap Update...

I know a few of you have been wondering about the results of the wraps Frank and I tried from It Works the other day... we didn't float away from drinking all that water! haha That's amazing! ;) I noticed a little difference from the wraps we did when I got dressed yesterday... My jeans seemed to button a little easier and look a little smoother. We waited until this morning to measure ourselves again because we didn't want the gallons many ounces of water we were drinking to affect our measurements. We both lost about 1 1/2" around our stomach in the in last 72 hours. I think we're going to try a few more times and see what happens. I know that the wraps are sold in packs of four so you can see the dramatic results... my friend Natali lost 9 1/2" after her 4 wraps, so I'm still hopeful that it will make a huge difference!! I know others have tried it on their thighs as well, and since that's my least favorite part of my body, I'm anxious to try that too!! There are some great before and after pictures on Natali's FB group if you want to check them out. :) I definitely think if you're looking to lose inches fast, these wraps are worth it! If you become one of their loyal customers, you get a huge discount on all their products, so be sure to check into that program before you buy.

Remember that nothing out there is perfect... there are some rules that go with these wraps even... drink LOTS of water, cut down on sodas, alcohol and highly processed foods (things we should do anyway!). You don't have to cut them out completely, but everything in moderation. ;) Anyway, that's my review, take it or leave it. I may do another one later after we have done a couple more wraps. If you decide to try one for yourself, let me know how they work for you! I'll be anxious to hear! :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bieber Fever!!!

About a month ago we found out that Justin Bieber was coming to Denver. I tried really hard to find tickets for Kennedy, since she's going to marry him and everything. ;) Unfortunately everywhere I checked was sold out. Yesterday was the day of the concert and Frank decided to check Craig's List on a whim and found us good, reasonable tickets!!! So I picked Kenn up from school and told her we were going to see Justin Bieber. Excited doesn't even begin to cover her reaction. I'm pretty sure only dogs could hear her high squeal! haha

We ran home, changed clothes, did our hair, and we were ready to go... I offered Kass one last chance to go with us, but she rolled her eyes and made a gagging sound. I think that meant no. LOL As much as Kennedy LOVES Justin Bieber, Kassidy has the extreme opposite feelings for him. She didn't even appreciate my offer to bring her a souvenir t-shirt! LOL

Sassy and ready to go!! 

 This was Justin's opening act. We had no idea who she was until she sang Call Me Maybe! LOL Until then Kennedy kept saying, "What's THIS?!" hahaha

When Justin finally came out, Kennedy went into the shock and awe pose and pretty much stayed there the whole night!! I expected her to be dancing around and screaming with everyone else but she sat or stood quietly and just watched in adoration. 
A few times she turned to me and said, "That's my Justin Bieber." or "I marry him!" And when Justin told all his fans that he loved them, Kennedy was convinced he was talking ONLY to her. ;) 

Justin... a little blurry... 

He was almost right over our heads here...

 Justin took off his shirt and the girls went wild. 

And Kennedy? She did this... 

 This was the very end of the concert. She was one happy girl!! 
I think she's going to be talking about this night for a long, long time!!! :) 

Thanks Babe for finding the tickets, and thanks to the nice ticket guy who waited for me through a horrible traffic jam and didn't sell our tickets before we got there! The memories are priceless!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013


So with a new year being here, for many of us you ;), it's time to make New Year's Resolutions. I've been watching them roll in on my Facebook friend's statuses... lose weight, spend more time with family, read the Bible through in a year, save money, eat better, exercise, and on and on. I decided long ago that I'm not going to make resolutions because I just break them... usually by February 1st. LOL But I do admire everyone who makes resolutions and sticks with it!

One of the cool thing about watching everyone make their resolutions is that I get to see all their plans and I get to decide if maybe I want to try some of them too... not as a resolution of course, but... you know... as a non-resolution that just happens to coincide with January that just might improve my way of life. *ahem*

My friend Natali started posting all these before and after weight loss photos involving these wraps she was doing and that her friends were using. I finally decided I needed to ask her about them because even though I am ok with my weight, the inches around my stomach and especially my thighs, bug me. And I have to admit, the pictures she was posting were quite impressive.

So, after talking back and forth with her about the wraps I started to get a little bit excited about them and told her I'd like to try one. She told me if I'd blog about it, she'd send me and Frank one for free. Woohoo!! I'm all for blogging and definitely all for free! haha

So tonight we used our first Ultimate Body Applicator Wrap. I'm sorry to say that you don't get before and after pics because... well... this blog is G rated and I'd like to keep it that way. ;) But we did measure ourselves before we put them on and we'll measure again in 3 days... FIRST we have to drink half our body weight in water every day for the next 3 days... this shouldn't be too hard. Maybe. The wrap releases the toxins in your body and then the water flushes it away. You can wrap every 72 hours if you'd like. If you want to learn more about these wraps and see some amazing before and after pics, you can check out Natali's facebook group Thinking Thin and her website is It Works!. Go check it out and in 3 days, if we haven't drowned, I'll report back and tell you how many inches we've lost! :) I know I'm thinking thin!! ;)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Almost Over...

I can't believe the kids' Christmas break is almost over. :( We have enjoyed our lazy days, sleeping in, playing games, snuggling in bed in the morning, and being able to just pick up and go with no routine. Today we went to one of our favorite malls in Denver so the kids could do some shopping with the money they got for Christmas. Kassidy didn't find anything that caught her eye and I was very proud of her for not buying something just to buy it. We went to the American Girl store, of course! They have a new machine there where you can design matching t-shirts for you and your doll. Kennedy made one for her and Charlie that says "Dance!" on it. They are cute.

After that we headed to the Disney Store where Keeghan found some sets from Toy Story that he wanted and Kennedy found a stuffed dog from the movie Bolt. Sadly, she didn't have enough money left to buy Bolt, but Kassidy decided that if Kennedy would pay what she could, Kass would cover the rest. What a good big sister! :) The boys wanted to go to the Lego store. Kameron bought a new set from The Hobbit... it's already put together of course ;) and it's pretty cool! Keeghan was trying to find something there but couldn't make up his mind and instead found a big monkey from a kiosk outside named Tank. He's silly, but Keeghan loves him... just like ALL his other monkeys! haha While we were there, Kennedy found a unicorn that she really wanted, but alas, she was completely out of money. She shed a few tears, but she got over it. It's hard being a kid. ;)

We grabbed some lunch, walked around for a bit and then went back to the American Girl store where they were doing some free crafts and a scavenger hunt. Kennedy and Keeghan each got a poster at the end... though I'm not really sure what Keeghan's going to do with an American Girl poster! haha After that we met Frank and Kam who were already waiting in the car and headed home. It was a nice day and we had lots of laughs together. :)

Kam's Hobbit Lego set

Keeghan and his monkey Tank

Kennedy and Bolt

Tomorrow we will go to church and then get backpacks and everything ready for going back to school on Monday. I know the kids will be happy to see their friends and they're having their Christmas parties this week since they missed them because of a snow day. Kennedy will be thrilled to get back to dance class too! She has been asking almost every day. :) So we'll finish watching our last late night movie and the kids will have their last "slumber party" for a few nights and I guess we'll get ready for school. Let's count down the days to Summer break!! :)

Friday, January 4, 2013

Prayer Requests

It's been a long time since I've done one of these posts on here. I've put out a lot of prayer requests on my FB page, but with my blogging being so sporadic in the last year, I just haven't done a lot here. This has been a HARD winter for our Down syndrome community. We've lost a lot of kids to illnesses and other crazy issues. It's really scary as many of them were fine one minute and not fine the next. I know a lot of parents are struggling with fear when it comes to our little ones... myself included. We can't put our kids in a bubble, yet our desire to keep them safe is strong.

There are several kids and adults that need prayer right now and I thought it would be good to have them all in one spot. Please be lifting these families up as you feel led.

First, please remember our friend Kennedy. I mentioned her yesterday. She battled osteosarcoma 5 years ago and kicked cancer's butt. However, they had to remove several of her ribs to make sure the cancer was gone. They just replaced them with titanium ribs (it's so amazing what modern medicine can do!) but it was a MAJOR surgery and her recovery is going to be long and slow. She is up and walking the halls of Denver Children's, but she's still in quite a bit of pain and could use lots of prayers as she heals. Her mom updates her caringbridge page every couple days...

Also at Denver Children's is baby Lexi... she has Down syndrome and has been sick for about a week now. No one really knows what's wrong with her, though they've ruled a lot of things out, so that's good. They admitted her so they could run more tests and hopefully figure out how to make her better. I know that her whole family is really worried. Please be praying that the doctors figure out what's going on with her and that she gets to come home soon.

The next request is for Tori Cahill. The Cahill Family lived across the street from my cousin when I was little. I used to love going over to their house to play... everyone in the Cahill family has names that start with the letter T... even the dog. I thought, "How cool!" hahaha Anyway, Tori is 19 and was in a serious car accident on New Year's Eve in Arizona. She is in a coma and they had to remove part of her skull. They don't know what the future holds for Tori right now, but she most definitely needs our prayers. You can follow Tori's caringbridge page to see updates from her family and be praying for her.

Ethan Shpak is another sweet little one with Down syndrome. He has been so, so sick for weeks and in ICU on the ECMO machine. There were several days that the doctors' prognosis was very grim. He had an infection in his lungs and just so many things going on in his little body. His latest issue is a high fever. There have been lots of highs and lows in Ethan's story and he still has a long way to go. You can follow his story on his blog so you can know how to be praying for this little miracle.

My friend Lacey's mother is in the hospital in Utah in critical condition with menengitis. Lacey traveled there from California to be with her, but her mom is not doing well and could use a lot of prayers. Lacey is scared and not sure whether to get her kids home and back to school or stay there indefinitely... it's a tough situation. Please be praying for Lacey's mom (I think her name is Pam) and for the whole Robinson/Rugg family.

Next, please be praying for my friend Kate's family. She has two kids who are not doing well. Her son Joshua has a whole host of diagnosis', and he is terminally ill. The family has known this for quite some time, but Joshua has taken a turn for the worse lately and it's shaking everyone to their core. Just because they know what the future holds, does not make it any easier. Her daughter Bethany, who has Down syndrome, has an aggressive form of juvenile arthritis and recently had heart surgery but is still having issues with that. She has ended up in the hospital twice in the last several weeks because she is so sick and the doctors aren't quite sure how to get her better at this point. Both kids need prayer for pain relief and the whole family just needs love and prayers sent their way. You can follow each of their caringbridge pages by clicking on their names above.

Please remember the Caswell family as they continue to grieve over the loss of their beautiful Aziza. It's been a hard few weeks for my friend Janet, and I know she would appreciate your continued prayers as she struggles to find her new normal.

Last but certainly not least, please be praying for the families in Newtown, Connecticut. I know the media frenzy is going away now and things are hopefully quieting down in their town, but the children and staff of Sandy Hook are going back to school, in a new building, and I know it has to be so hard for all of them. Pray for the parents who lost their children. I know we all prayed for them on December 14th and the days right after, but please don't forget. Commit yourself to pray... I saw a challenge on Facebook to pick one family and pray for them every day. I think that's a good idea... I made a collage with all the kids' pictures and names here... please don't forget them.

I'm sure there are more, but these are the ones who are sticking out in my brain right now. If you know of others who need prayer, please feel free to leave a comment and I'll add them here later. Thanks for keeping all these people, little and big, in your prayers.

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Whew! What a day!! So, now that Kennedy is "older" she doesn't qualify for early morning surgery slots anymore. They give those to the babies who can't last without food for a long time, which makes total sense and I was VERY grateful for when Kennedy was a baby and needed to have surgery. However, with Kennedy having hypoglycemia, the later surgery times are proving to be rough on her little body. We got to the hospital around 11:00 this morning and it had been 14 hours since Kennedy had eaten. I got her out of the car and she just kind of looked at me with glassy eyes and said, "My tummy hurts." That's a sign that her blood sugar is starting to go down. We got her signed in and waited and waited and waited. They finally took her back at 1:40 and I was really a little bit concerned that her blood sugar was going to completely tank and she wouldn't be able to recover. She was pretty pale and listless by that point. Thankfully, once she woke up they immediately offered her a slushie, and then another slushie and she was able to keep them down and she perked up quickly. Whew!! Low blood sugar scares me!!

Kennedy and Emmy waiting for the doctors

Not feeling well... this was BEFORE surgery!

All done! Enjoying a slushie!

Yep... the sugar kicked in! hahaha

Anyway!!! She now has brand new ear tubes in. These are t-tubes (her 3rd or 4th set of this kind) which are supposed to stay in extra long. Unfortunately with her, they don't. We go back in 2 weeks for another hearing test and her ENT wants to TRY to do a cleaning in 3 months and see if that will prevent her tubes from falling out. She's not sure Kennedy will be able to handle it though... we'll see.

After we got out of there, we went down the street to the other Children's hospital in Denver to see our other friend Kennedy. She had major reconstructive surgery this week on her ribs and is recovering. Kennedy was excited to see her and send well wishes... even if we did have to sneak in to get to see her. ;) Please keep her in your prayers as she continues to recover. She has a long road ahead of her!

Anyway, now we are home and resting and getting ready to chow down. I'm starving!!! Hope you all have a good evening!! :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ear Tubes

What better way to start off 2013 than a little surgery? *sigh* Tomorrow, Kennedy is going to Denver to get yet another set of ear tubes put in. I don't even know what number this will be or her... 9, 10, 11? Whatever it is, it's a lot! Her last set was put in November 1, 2011. Last August she failed her hearing test and I knew her tubes must be out again. It's like a never-ending cycle. Tubes go in, she hears great, tubes fall out, fluid builds up in her ears, and she can't hear. Hearing is important! Sure enough, we went to the ENT in December and her tubes were out and her ears were full of fluid. And so, she will get new tubes. We will see how long they last this time. Maybe we'll get a full year out of them, but I'm not holding my breath!

Anyway, please keep Kenn in your prayers tomorrow that everything goes as planned. Thankfully, this is a quick easy procedure and she usually bounces back quickly. I'll update tomorrow once we are home. :) 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy New Year from Colorado!! May 2013 be a year full of the richest blessings! 

Dwell not on the past. Use it to illustrate a point, then leave it behind. Nothing really matters except what you do now in this instant of time. From this moment onward you can be an entirely different person, filled with love and understanding, ready with an outstretched hand, uplifted and positive in every thought and deed.