Thursday, February 28, 2013

What a Day!

This morning, just after I woke up, Keeghan came into my room and complained that his ear hurt. He felt a little warm and was obviously in pain, so I made plans to get him to our pediatrician after I dropped Kameron and Kennedy off at school.

Kennedy was sleeping in, as usual, so when it got to the last minute, I went to wake her up so she would still have time for breakfast. She opened her eyes and looked at me, scrunched up her face and said, "My tummy hurts." That's not completely unusual because of her GI issues, so I told her to try to go to the bathroom and maybe she would feel better. After she did that, she laid on the floor... and didn't get up. I laid her clothes out for her and told her to get going, we had to move so we could get out of the house on time... she didn't move. I looked at the clock and got a little flustered. "Come ON, Kenn! We have to get going now." She scrunched up her face again so I put her clothes on her and then called our pediatrician's office which had just opened to make Keeghan's appointment.

Kennedy ate a quick breakfast, I pulled her hair into a pony tail and we got into the car... Keeghan was wailing by this time because his ear was bothering him. We got to the school and Kameron hopped out. I turned around to tell Kennedy to get out too and she had completely folded in half in her carseat and was white as a sheet. "Are you ok, Kennedy?" I asked. She shook her head no but didn't sit up. OK then. SO I wished Kameron a good day and drove away with Kennedy still in the car.

I called our ped on the way to his office and asked if I could add Kennedy to Keeghan's appointment. They couldn't see her until an hour after Keeghan's appointment, they said. Nevertheless, I raced to the office as Keeghan cried LOUDLY and Kennedy laid silently.

By the time we got there, I carried Kennedy into the office and asked if they could just take her blood sugar while we were waiting. They looked at her and bumped her appointment up and got us right back. Her blood sugar was low... in the low 60's. The nurse went to get her ped and some apple juice. Kennedy laid on the table in the office... she was awake, but barely coherent.

We got the apple juice down her and checked her blood sugar again... she was in the mid 50's. Her ped decided she better go to the hospital and get some fluids. While he was making phone calls and getting it arranged, they checked her again and she was in the 30's. That made him call an ambulance and all chaos broke out.

I called Frank to meet me at the hospital, the nurses were awesome and offered to drive Keeghan over, thinking he wouldn't be allowed in the ambulance. Once the paramedics got there, they said Keeghan could just go with us. They got an IV into Kennedy (who didn't even fight it or flinch or really even seem to notice) and they loaded her into the ambulance.

In the middle of everything going on, our ped managed to check Keeghan out and determine he does have an ear infection. They put in some numbing drops and gave me a script for antibiotics before we jumped into the ambulance. He was absolutely thrilled to walk out and see the ambulance and a huge firetruck in the parking lot and he talked the paramedics ears off the whole way to the hospital. I think they got a kick out of him. ;)

By the time we got to the hospital, Kennedy was starting to perk up. The paramedics checked her sugar on the way and she was up to 111. Then she dropped back to the 80s at the hospital. They gave her more apple juice and some crackers and checked one more time before they hooked her up to IV sugar... then she was 263! With her having hypoglycemia, she goes low... but she's never gone high before... They drew some labs and also found that she has a lot of key tones in her blood.

Perking up and feeling better

Taking the bear's blood. All is fair in hospitals and blood draws

They finally got her sugar back down to 126 and we were able to go home. I have to check her the rest of the day and if she goes high or low again we have to go back to the ER. We follow up tomorrow with her Ped, and I'm guessing we'll go to endo as they now need to rule out diabetes. We were told many years ago when she was diagnosed with hypoglycemia that it could turn into diabetes at some point... I'm praying hard this is not that point.

She really scared everyone this morning... now she's listening to music on her iPad and asking to go to school like nothing ever happened! SO we're praying for a fluke. A crazy, Kennedy fluke. I'll update again when we know more... Thanks to everyone on FB who prayed for her this morning!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Blizzard of 2013

Since yesterday morning, Colorado Springs has been under a "Blizzard Warning". Maps on the local news stations showed that we would get anywhere from 6-14 inches of snow. That would be the most they've had since we moved here. We drove to Denver yesterday to do a little shopping and get out of the house before the "blizzard" hit. The whole way home we watched the sky... "It's coming!" we said.

Last night Kameron wanted to go have a sleepover with his two best friends and we said ok... but if the "blizzard" hit they would have to do the driving. His friends' dad is from Canada and he's used to snow. And we are... not. ;)

Kameron got safely to his friends' house (with no snow in sight) and the rest of us hunkered down for the "blizzard" as we watched the weatherman say, "It's COMING!" We went to bed expecting to wake up to snow piled high all around us. It was a little bit exciting actually.

We woke up this morning and ran to the window to find... flurries. Barely.

What. Ever.

Granted, the snow is falling steadily now. It's pretty, but it's no blizzard. Denver, on the other hand is supposed to be getting close to 9 inches of snow and several of our dancers are stuck up there for another night. Maybe THEY are getting our blizzard. Maybe I don't know what a blizzard is supposed to look like... but I'm pretty sure it's not this!

Oh well, I'm still hoping it will be enough for a snow day tomorrow... At least the weatherman can give us that... right? ;)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Remembering Charlotte

Today is Charlotte Bacon's birthday... Charlotte was only 6 1/2 years old when she went to school on December 14th and was killed in the massacre at Sandy Hook. Charlotte loved animals, taking Tae Kwon Do classes and the color pink... We want to remember and honor her today as she celebrates her 7th birthday in heaven; and remember her family and friends left behind who miss her so badly.

Her parents, Joel and Joann, and her brother Guy have established the Charlotte Bacon Act of Kindness Award in her memory. The first recipient will be announced at a ceremony sometime today.... and people all over the country are wearing pink today just for her. You can learn more about her special award and how to apply for next year at Newtown

Happy 7th Birthday, Charlotte... we will never forget. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow Day!

Thanks to 7 inches of snow that fell in Colorado Springs last night, the kids had a snow day today... this is only our second one of the school year and definitely the most snow we've had here since we moved here, so the kids were really excited! Unfortunately, Kam's audition was postponed because of the snow so we have to watch for a new date.

Kassidy still got to go to her dentist appointment... yay! LOL She was super brave and a trooper. They used some nitrous oxide and she stayed calm and collected. I, on the other hand, got a little lightheaded when they were stitching her gum closed. *shudder* Here's a picture right after she got her braces on... she only has four brackets right now and no wire yet because they want her gum to heal first. She has to go back in 3 weeks for an adjustment and see when they're going to put the wire on her braces.

After we had some lunch the kids wanted to go play in the snow. Kass was not feeling up to going outside so she and I hung out by the fire and watched a movie. Frank went out with the other 3 and they had fun throwing snowballs and making a snowman... Kokonut went out for awhile too, but he ended up getting cold and came back in with us. Smart dog. ;) 

 What is this cold wet stuff?! 

 Right in the face! Nice shot, Kennedy!

 Don't hit me again!

 Hi mom!!

 Kameron's giving them instructions

 Silly hat!

 The boys with the snowman... Kennedy wimped out and came inside by this point

Keeghan named him Bob. LOL 

Anyway, that was our fun day (not so fun for Kass!). We're going to try to stay warm tonight and pray for another snow day tomorrow! ;) 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kass and Kam

Tomorrow morning Kassidy goes in to her orthodontist to get braces on... she also has a tooth that is growing in sideways under her gum so they're going to go up and attach a little chain onto the tooth and bring it down. If that sounds unpleasant, you're on the right track!! I'm a little nervous for her and she's a little nervous for herself. She'll be taking the rest of the week off school but they said she should be feeling much better by Monday.

Tomorrow afternoon, Kameron has an audition at the middle school he wants to go to. They have an amazing fine arts program but he has to audition to get a spot. He's not sure yet if he's going to do a monologue or a song (he's a last minute kinda kid) but I'm sure that he'll do GREAT!! We went and toured the school last week and it was so exciting!! I think he's going to love it there. Heck I would have liked to go to school there!! :) We still won't know until April if he gets in or not, which is a bummer.

Anyway, please say a prayer for both of my big kids tomorrow. It's a big day for both of them!! :)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Q&A #256

 Hope the move goes do plan on posting some pics of the new house, right?
Oh yes we will! We are just settling in still. The kids' bedrooms are all done except for ordering decals for their walls. Kassidy and Kameron still need to decide which ones they want. The master bedroom and the garage is a ridiculous mess. I don't even want to think about it! LOL We still need to hang some pictures too but that's low on my priority list. ;) 

We did a move that way once....about 17 miles....and it worked pretty well. Although I must admit there are still boxes in the basement that have remain unpacked for 10 years. Maybe we should sell them as "surprise boxes" for $10 each???
Haha that's a great idea! I could do that with some boxes from my garage too!! LOL 

They look great. Does Kass naturally have those blonde streaks or are they dyed?
Those would be highlights! That was the first time she ever got them and I think it looks so pretty on her. :) She said it felt like someone was painting her hair! HA! 

Where is Cameron's top from? I love it!!  
Crazy 8! I love that store!! :) 

Aahhhhh.....the poor victim whose legs and feet are hanging out of K's locker in the pic....LOL! Keeghan is too funny! I hope he's right though!! Your little ones are so precious! 
Haha! Those would be Charlie's legs!! We were over at the new house today and it seems like Kennedy may be claiming Kass' closet as her new hideout! LOL She disappeared in there for like an hour! Good thing it's a walk in! ;) 

I was just wondering if you all have gotten to see your mom and Kellsey lately? I know you haven't mentioned anything about seeing each other through the holidays, and I can imagine that your mom is missing the rest of the Special K's (and you) a lot by now! :) I know you are busy, but thanks for still checking in and keeping us updated on your family.
No we haven't seen them. My mom went to see her mom (my grandma) for Christmas because her health has been shaky. 

And bacon pancakes???? Oh yum....when is the next serving....I'm there!!! (((HUGS)))! 
Come on over any time! I'm sure Frank will cook some right up for you! :) 

 Things to thInk about doing: art museum, very good activIties to engage kids in art including dress up!, zoo (the indoor Tropical Discoverybor Bird World), Downtown Aquarium ( not my fave, ESP. If you've been to those by the ocean), I have heard there is a doll hospital near downtown as well as a museum of miniatures. Enjoy! 
Thanks! That's a great list!! We went to the zoo this time but we'll have to check out the others some other time! :) 

Does she compete against kids her own age when doing a solo? 
Yes she does. Last year she was in a lower division but this year she bumped up to the juniors which is tough competition!! As long as she does her best and has a good time, I'm happy! :) 

Milk man???? You really have one? I am pretty certain we don't have any milk men here in MI... but if we do, I want one! 
We DO!! It's great!! I can't tell you how many times Frank or I have run to the store JUST for milk... now it just shows up at my door every Thursday morning. :) 

Do you guys still have a milk man?! Does he actually bring milk to your house?
Yep! And cheese, eggs, bread, chocolate milk, egg nog, butter, cookie dough and a few other things. We have a standing weekly order for 4 gallons of milk and then we can order extra stuff as needed. AND the prices are comparable to the grocery store! 

Lol on the milk man. Did you move back to the 1950s?
Yes. And I love it! LOL 

What do you mean by milk man? I dont think thats something we have in FL?
It's a company out here and they come by once a week (before we get up) and deliver all the stuff I listed above. We have a milk box on our porch and he leaves our stuff in there and then when we finish the bottles we put the empty ones back in. :) We didn't have one in TN either but all my friends use them out here and it really has been convenient!  

I have a feeling that no, the dog won't stop barking. Maybe put something in front of the bottom of the window?
We actually ended up moving him out of that room because he didn't stop! LOL He's such a good little guard dog. "Little" being the operative word. ;)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Mardi Gras!!

Today is Mardi Gras day at the kids' school. I'm not sure what that MEANS exactly since, you know, we're in Colorado and it's really not a big Mardi Gras celebration spot! LOL Nevertheless, it's on the kids' calendar and our friend Dora sent them all Mardi Gras t-shirts a couple days ago... just in time! :) Thanks, Dora!!! Here are a couple pictures of the kids from this morning. I had to take Kass and Kam's before Kassidy had to go to school and the light in our house was TERRIBLE! I took Kenn and Keeghan's 15 minutes later and it was totally different. Crazy! Anyway, enjoy!! 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Picture Catch Up!

We have been so ridiculously busy around here that I haven't had time to think. I have a "to-do" list that's a mile long, and we're still trying to get all the way settled into this new house. I do have a variety of pictures from different events over the last month (mostly of Kennedy because she's had the fullest calendar!) that I've been meaning to blog about but that's just not gonna happen! LOL SO here are all the pictures in one post. :) Coming up soon Kassidy will be starting soccer and Kameron's school play is getting closer and closer! :) I will post pictures of them later.

My sassy girl... she found a mirror in one of our hotel rooms in Denver and spent a lot of time there "modeling" haha 

 At the Hollywood Vibe Dance Convention in Denver

 Hanging out in Denver... she got quite a few new stuffed animals while we were there... 

 This was my second year chairing the Family Dance for the kids' elementary school... the theme was Red Carpet and it was a huge success!!! I look forward to doing it again next year! 

 Ohhh these crazy 5th graders! They made the most of their last dance! 

We went to the zoo one day while we had time to kill in Denver... we saw lots of interesting creatures. :) 

 We also stopped to see our friend Kennedy (who I didn't get any pictures of!) and my Kennedy got to play with Mersai. :) They had a great time together! 

Today Kennedy went to a birthday party for her friend Hannah from dance. Even though it was snowing out, they got to SWIM! Such a nice break for a cold week! (Obviously, the pool was indoors.) All the kids had so much fun! 

Bacon pancakes... courtesy of daddy... even Kokonut got some! ;) 

And that's it for now, but I think that caught me up for January. Sorry about the poor quality, all those pics were from my phone... I'm getting lazy with my camera! ;) I will get more pics of the other kids soon! 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Kameron Update

We went to the orthopedic doctor today and he gave me the x-rays of Kam's thumb and said he was pretty surprised that they referred him over there since there's not much they can do. The fracture is at the top of his thumb, right at the tip. The orthopedist was more worried about his thumb nail which he is pretty sure will fall off at some point. It was almost completely black today. He said that once it falls off it will take 4-6 months to grow back. Awesome.

Kameron is still in a bit of pain, but it seems to be better than it was yesterday as long as no one touches it. He even went back to school this morning before his appointment. He's a tough cookie. Anyway, here's one of the pics of Kam's xray... the arrow is pointing to the fracture... which I can barely even see... but whatever! LOL

One more adventure under our belt... hopefully the kids will stay away from the rocks in our backyard now! ;)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Poor Kam!

Yesterday morning, Kassidy and Kameron were out in our backyard playing with Kokonut. Frank and I were getting the house ready for our Super Bowl party when Kam came in the door crying. Hard. He said, "Mom, I hit my thumb with a rock." And he showed me a thumb dripping with blood. I told him to come over to the sink and started cleaning it off to see how bad it was. His nail had clearly been hit hard and blood was pouring out of it. I got it clean and put pressure on it and gave him some Motrin. After he settled down, I called my friend Kristin, who is a nurse, for advice. She said to keep an eye on it and see how it does and that he might lose the nail.

When his friends got to the house, he kind of perked up and had fun playing with them so I thought maybe it would be ok. However, it bled throughout the afternoon and night... and Kam is NOT a fan of blood so every time I changed his bandages, he had to sit down so he wouldn't pass out. Poor kid!

We found out last night that this rock (which is really more like a brick... it's part of a little wall in our backyard) had fallen and Kass and Kam were picking it up to put it back. Kass thought Kameron's hand was out of the way and dropped it back into place... on top of Kam's thumb. Ouch! Not sure Kameron will ever let Kassidy live that down! LOL

This morning I called as soon as his doctor's office opened and got him an appointment. His ped put a hole in the top of Kam's nail with this hot pen thing. It must not be used too often in that office because all the nurses came in to watch! LOL They were hoping it would relieve some of the pressure under his nail but I don't think they got as big of a result as they were hoping for. :( Kam stayed conscious though so I was happy!

After that, his ped sent us for an x-ray of his thumb, just to be sure nothing was broken, then Frank, Kameron and I went to lunch. They called while we were eating and said his thumb IS broken. :( Poor guy!! Tomorrow we have to go see an orthopedist. I'm not too sure what they're going to do, if anything, but we're seeing the same one that Kass went to when she broke her arm a couple years ago, so at least I know they're good. In the meantime, Kameron is just happy that it's his right thumb since he's left handed and he's hoping they aren't going to do anything too painful tomorrow.

I will spare you a picture of his thumb because it's not pretty, but here is Kam at lunch today... obviously he will live! ;o)

This afternoon I stopped by Kam's classroom to pick up his homework and I noticed this in the hallway. I thought it was cute so I took a picture to share. I love his imagination!! :)