Sunday, June 30, 2013

Remembering Jesse

Today we remember Jesse Lewis. It is his 7th birthday... one he should be celebrating here with his mother, Scarlett, his father Neil, and his brother, JT. Instead, this will be the first birthday that Jesse will celebrate in heaven... he is one of the 20 children who were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School just six months ago.

Jesse is remembered for his amazing smile, his willingness to always help others, and his courage and faith. He loved to go on adventures and those who knew him best called him a brave little soldier. That fact alone brings his family comfort as they think about those last moments of Jesse's life.

Jesse's mother Scarlett has set up the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Foundation in Jesse's memory... the purpose of this organization is to help children effectively deal with anger which is so crucial to our society today. To read more about Choose Love and leave a donation in Jesse's memory, please click on the link above.

Happy 7th Birthday, Jesse! We will never forget...

Saturday, June 29, 2013

California Pictures - Part 2 - Hollywood

We always love to spend time in Hollywood! This time we decided to take a trip to the Griffith Observatory. I haven't been there since the 3rd grade when I went there on a field trip and Frank and the kids had never never been there. My grandmother joined us for the day, which was fun! :)

Here are some pictures from our day...

Kennedy and Nonnie... with the Hollywood sign in the background :)

Hanging out, waiting for it to open :)

The sundial

 Lovely Los Angeles smog 

 Kennedy weighing herself on other planets :)

 With Einstein ;)

 In front of the moon

I'm thinking this is going to be an annual picture! LOL She gets so excited to find her name! ;) 

For some reason, all the "characters" in Hollywood are enthralled with Kennedy every time we go. LOL 

She wasn't too sure what to think about this guy... 

But I guess since she had his weapon, she was safe! ;)

I can't remember whose star this was... sad it got washed out by the sun!

Kermit the Frog (or Kerman as Keeghan likes to call him lol)

Nonnie and Kenn by Jeanne Cooper's star... R.I.P.

Kool Kids!


The Muppets :) 

Tim Allen


 Snow White :) 

Tom Cruise

The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

More pictures later! :) 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

California Pictures - Part 1 - The Beach

We are still in California, but I have been uploading pictures as we go so I can stay ahead of the game. :) Here are some pictures from the beach! Enjoy!!

She lost her legs!

He's like a statue! LOL 

 Crazy boy! :) 

 She loves the waves!

 Fun times!

 Dad will save them!

 More waves

 Soaked to the bones!

 Making a castle

 Such fun!!

Frozen banana for my monkey


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Kennedy and Keeghan's Birthday Portraits

Before we left home, we had our friend Carmen take Kennedy and Keeghan's birthday pictures... just a little bit late. May is so hectic with the end of school, end of dance season and trying to plan their actual birthdays we just decided to bump it to the first week of June. ;) Here are a few pics as a preview! I can't WAIT to see the rest!!

Thanks, Carmen!!!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Still Here!

Hi everyone in Bloggy land! We are still here! I'm so sorry I kind of disappeared! We had a crazy couple weeks with the fire, Kennedy's surgery, and leaving town! I have so many things to update you all on!

First, we are safe, our home is safe (though Colorado Springs is STILL smokey and since our new house has no a/c, I'm kinda glad we aren't there!) Over 500 homes were lost or damaged in the Black Forest Fire making it the worst wildfire in Colorado history. It's been devastating to watch some of our friends lose their homes and watch others be forced to evacuate not knowing if they'd have a home to return to. For the second year in a row we have been waiting to hear from those we know to make sure they are safe and for ways to help. Sadly, we know quite a few more families this year who lost homes than we did last year, so we are hoping that once we get back home we can find tangible ways to help them rebuild. Our community is strong and it's amazing to see everyone pull together once again. Families who lost their homes in the Waldo Canyon fire last year have been a great resource to those who are going through it now... just amazing.

Please continue praying for Colorado. We still have several fires burning all up and down our state. It's so very sad. We are so thankful for the firefighters and all the other EMS services who have worked so tirelessly to keep everyone safe and get these fires out as fast as possible!!

Anyway, Kennedy's surgery was on Thursday, June 13th. The plan was to put new tubes in her ears and fit her for hearing aides. However, they found a hole on the back of one of her ear drums that they weren't expecting to find... we know that hasn't been there forever because she just had this same surgery in January and it wasn't there then. SO she is now being referred to a different type of ear specialist. He will decide whether or not he wants to go forward with the hearing aides or do a different surgery to reconstruct her ear drum and see if that helps her hearing. Her ENT said she's not sure if it will or not or if he'll even want to attempt a reconstruction on an ear drum as small as hers, so we'll just have to wait and see. One thing we've learned with Kennedy over the years is to expect the unexpected! ;) I'll keep you posted as I learn more.

As for us, we are in California! This was a partially planned trip this year, but like last year, we left a little early to get away from all the smoke. As much as we love California, we're hoping that running from the smoke won't be an annual event! ;) We've been here a week now and have had fun at the beach, hanging with LOTS of friends and family, going to baseball games and other stuff. I have lots of pictures to share in the next several weeks of course. :)

Anyway, I just wanted to check in, update, and let you all know we're still around! Poor neglected blog! ;)

Until later....

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Deja vu...

Almost one year ago Colorado Springs fell victim to the Waldo Canyon Fire. It's the worst our city had seen in a long, long time. Hundreds of families lost their homes and several timeless landmarks were lost. It was devastating for so many of our friends. Our community rallied and rebuilt quickly, and with help from friends, family and strangers, the families who lost everything are moving on...

Today I was riding home with a friend from dropping my van off at the mechanic when she noticed a little plume of smoke off to the distance. We talked about it briefly and moved on to something else... By the time I got home a few minutes later, Kameron looked out our back window and said, "What's THAT?!"

So we turned on the news to see that Black Forest is on fire... This is about 10 miles from our home, not too far from where we used to live. Several of our friends live there and have been evacuated and over 400 acres have been burned so far. We also learned there are 2 other fires in our area and all 3 fires are burning out of control.

We are watching the television, Facebook and out our back window at the same time, seeing many of the same images as we're feeling the same sense of sadness and urgency as we did a year ago. Once again we're watching homes go up in flames as families are being evacuated not knowing if they'll have a home to return to. Once again it is devastating. I can't believe this is happening again. *sigh*

Please be praying for our firefighters and other EMS workers. Please be praying for all the families being evacuated. Please be praying for Colorado Springs and Fremont County... again. I love this town so much and I know that once again, we'll rebuild and come back Colorado Strong. It's just sad.

Here are some early images from 2 of the fires... it's going to be a long night ahead for Colorado.