Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year, blogland! :)

We hope you all had a safe, happy New Year's Eve! We stayed home and had a fun night with the kids - good food, fun movies and everyone stayed up until midnight!! :)

Drinking sparkling grape juice and watching the ball drop

In true New Year's fashion, we couldn't be too uneventful! Kennedy woke up on the 1st with a really red left eye. Her eyes had healed so well after surgery so it was surprising to see it red again! She complained off and on that it hurt, and then when evening hit she really started complaining and her eye developed a big bubble on it. I called the after hours service for her ophthalmologist and they said the on-call doctor would call me back. After waiting for an hour with no response, we headed over to the ER. The answering service called me back and let me know that the on-call doc wasn't answering his phone. Awesome! 

Anyway, the doctor at the ER was pretty concerned about her eye. He took a picture of it and said he wanted to get the on-call ophthalmologist to come in and look at her because he wasn't sure what to do. Unfortunately, it was the same doctor that I had tried to reach earlier. After 2 hours they finally got ahold of him and he refused to come see her, even at the urging of the ER doctor. :( SO we went home with no answers and no help. Kennedy cried the whole way home because they didn't help her and her eye hurt. Breaks my heart. 

Her ophthalmologist called me bright and early this morning to see what was going on. I filled him in and he said to bring her in as soon as she woke up. When she did wake up I noticed the bubble had popped in the night but her eye was still really red. We got ready and headed over to the office. He said she is far enough out from surgery now and was healing so well that he was pretty surprised to see her eye looking so bad. He said the bubble was a cyst and gave me eye drops for her. If they don't work, she may have to have another surgery. :/ Praying hard the drops work quickly!! 

In other news, while my mom was here for Christmas we were able to go to Breckenridge a couple hours from here to see some cool man-made ice castles! It was really neat!! Here are some pictures... 

It was really neat - and really cold! haha! 

My mom was supposed to stay with us through the New Year but sadly, my grandmother (my mom's mom) passed away on the 30th. She had been sick for awhile so it wasn't a total shock, but still hard. My mom flew to Michigan on New Year's Eve to be with her siblings and help them get things taken care of. I am thankful my grandmother is not in pain anymore.

Anyway, that's about all that's going on here... Kennedy gets to go back to dance today which makes her very happy! She's missed it so much! (I have kind of enjoyed the break though! haha)

I will blog again soon with more pictures. :)