Saturday, May 16, 2015

Happy 11th Birthday, Kennedy!

My beautiful Kennedy, today when you wake up, I can finally answer your daily question with a very excited YES! You've been asking me every morning for over 2 weeks, "Is it my birthday, now?!" Now. Today you turn 11! You've been "way close" for so long and I know you have been so anxious for this day!

This has been such a fun year for you, my girl! I have loved watching you grow physically, mentally and emotionally. I love seeing your sense of humor grow all the time and I love seeing you laugh with your friends and siblings. I'm so proud of you for finishing another year of dance (almost) and watching your growth as a dancer. You really shined on stage this year, and your hard work has paid off!

Yesterday, when we celebrated your birthday with your class, I loved standing back and listening to your classmates tell you what a good friend you are, how they love that you're always happy, that you're a great dancer and of course, that they love your sense of style. ;) You are surrounded by a great group of friends who know how special and amazing you are. Never let go of those friendships!

I can't wait until you wake up so we can spend the day together, and tonight we will be off to your birthday dinner at Olive Garden!

Happy Birthday my princess!

I love you to the moon and back!



Cindy said...

Happy Birthday Kennedy!

Jo's Corner said...

Happy "11th" Birthday, Princess Kennedy! (Where does the time go??!!) Seems like yesterday that I was following your journey on carepages. Hugs to All! _ Jo

Karen Peatt said...

happy 11th birthday kennedy

Lynn said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KENNEDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope you had the bestest birthday yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marlo said...

Happy Birthday! Gosh she is gorgeous!!

Anne B. said...

Seems like just yesterday you were a little teeny "Sincess". Now look at you! Growing up and so very lovely!!! HAPPY HAPPY (a lttle belated) 11th BIRTHDAY Kennedy!!!!