Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Happy 14th Birthday, Kameron!!!

Happy birthday, Kameron! Another year has come and gone and you are another year older and another year... uh... funnier. And yes, another year wiser too! It's so hard to believe you are in your last year of middle school. It seems like you are racing towards the finish line so fast these days. You are growing into such an awesome young man. You have learned to make a name for yourself everywhere you go... even if that name IS Bacon... and everyone who meets you can't help but remember you with a smile.

I hope you have a great year, my son. Take the time to  really enjoy your time before high school and continue to make the most of every day! The years will continue to fly by faster and faster as you get older. Slow down and always remember who you are... an awesome son, an amazing brother, a goofy kid deep down inside... Never lose your sense of humor, your quirky look on life, and especially your love of... bacon.

We love you so very, very much!
Happy Birthday!


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Anne B. said...

Happy 14th birthday Kameron!! Amazing watching you grow up over the years! Glad you have not lost your love of BACON!! Missing you guys!! Hope all of you are well! (((HUGS)))!!!