Sunday, May 1, 2016

Happy 9th Birthday, Keeghan!!!

Happy Birthday, baby boy!! Today you are 9 years old. I love the way you slowly work up to your birthday... not counting down the weeks or even days, but making plans like staying up until 3:03am so you can be awake on the minute you were born. I love that you picked your birthday dinner place because they have your favorite blue punch... and that you have no idea what you're going to eat there!

This has been such a year of growth for you, Keeghan. I have loved watching you soak up everything you are learning in school, and as always, you share every detail with us... whether we are ready to hear it or not. I love that you are so creative... whether you are writing, drawing or building with Legos, your imagination is endless.

You have worked so hard this year at karate! I get so excited to see you move up with every belt. I have also loved watching you dance this year. Your determination to learn something new and do your best is awesome. Seeing your smiles and hearing the stories about your new friends there has been so much fun!

And now we move into another year. I can never guess what that will hold for you, as you make each day as different and exciting as possible, but whatever happens, I'm ready to travel the road with you. I'm ready to learn with you and listen to your stories. I'm ready to see the new things you will try and be there to encourage you along the way. Continue to live every day to the fullest, Keeghan! Thanks for always taking us along for the ride.

I love you so much!

Happy Birthday!

Love, Mom


Adelaide Dupont said...

Happy trails and high kicks Keeghan!

I've been reading this blog for about 2/3rds of your life, I think!

Anne B. said...

Happy Birthday Keegan (better late than never)!!! I always look forward to these birthday posts!! I hope all of the Special K's are doing fabulously!!!!